Monday, May 16, 2011

Baking Class Graduation Day!

I ve 'graduated' finally:):) Got certificate from Wilton now..i will not open any bakery but the konwledge is valuable,it is a self satisfaction.Many asked whether they can come and learn from me..hee..hee wait until i get myself a sophisticated mixer,oven and if possible a new kitchen with pantry and dough counter haa..haaa.Let see the photos.

This week my sister@maklang replaced my niece(ikin) as ikin now already in Paris..wahh syiokk.

Sisters Act

Two genoise..will have chocolate ganache filling inside.

maklang looks like gurubesar.hee..hee

My beautiful genoise

The young chef showed how to put the two genoise together and ganache in the middle.

My genoise with chocolate ganache inside and covered with fresh whipped cream..macam christmas cake pulak;)

Maklang's cake

simple and nice

this one the owner called it alaskan snow:)

Take 5

My sponge..we prepared lemon curd as topping but i didn't spread ontop nanti uwan tak suka.

Finally..wahhh mokcik banggo


the class

Yummylicious genoise with ganache filling

simple and sedap chiffon

Below are pictures at Bukit Tinggi.. i am too tired to put any comments..penat baking..happy holiday everybody.


zeta said...

wahhh..dah bleh bukak bakery..hehe..
genoise..never heard before.. :p

mama..the girls potong rambut ke?

Hanis Azla said...

congratulation Zu.. wah.. dah ada cert ni tentu lagi bersemangat nak buat bermacam2 kek kan..

Salmi said...

congratsss :-)..


tahniah! dah boleh tempah kek kat MamaMiaTia ni..

4 Kay-E said...

Congratulations! Wah.. sudah graduate :)
I'm happy for u .... Kena letak dalam frame :P

I love Bukit Tinggi...

Enjoy ur day Azu!

*Seronoknye Ikin dah sampai Paris... Kali ni kirim apa pula Azu?

Maya Marisa said...

Congrattttsssss!!! To me, i bake for my own family consumption. Kalau ada extra, i would give it to the girls in my office.

Colmar tu best kan? Did u stay overnight there? Teringat dulu before we terminated our membership at Berjaya Vacation, Colmar was our last stay & we rented the 2 bedroom appt above the cafe. It was superb! 2 storey lagi tu. Cha cha was just 6 mths old. At night, ada dance show. Hhmm wonder if i still hv the photos :)

MamaTiaMia said...

hi zeta.. yeap the girls i dah potong rambut senang nak manage sikit..hee..hee:)

MamaTiaMia said...

pinabate..belum boleh terima tempahan lah..mixer pun nan ado..hee..hee

Wangwmdi said...

congratulation Zu.. wah.. dah ada cert ni tentu lagi bersemangat nak buat bermacam2 kek kan..