Sunday, June 26, 2011

Avillion - 24/6/11

Friday 24/6/11 Tia and Mia followed mama and papa to Avillion,PD, they had so much fun there.We had surprise birthday cake at 10.00 pm when the hotel knocked on our door with birthday cake for Tia Mia..Alhamdulillah the 3rd cake for was a very nice surprise..the morning before that few staffs at the cafe usik2 tia and mia then the F&B manager found out about their birthday..thank you Avillion,we had great time there! We have many pictures lets have a look!

Their first time at Avillion,before this we took them to Legend Water Chalet..Avillion is much nicer actually.

The Chalet..mama came here when they first open it..masa bujang2:)

The two checking the water.

Ready to explore.

Met Aira there..the two like Aira.aira's mommy was there to attend the office retreat with mama.

Dinner..papa ordered ostrich..hmmmm mama tak boleh telan lah but Tia liked it very much:)

We went back to our room after dinner and outing at PD 10.30pm we had "knock.knock" on the door:)

Surprise!! Birthday Cake for Tia and Mia..thank you Avillion!

We took the cake to the verandah,ligthed the candles ;)

Blow and doa girls.

Pose first.

Okay lets cut it.

Sedap tak.

A shot by Tia khadeja...mama with muka berpeluh tak sempat mandi dari entah bila tah:)

We had good nite sleep..the bed was really comfortable,the pillows were nice..and the girls bukak mata tengok air...and they slept with their floats too:)

Morning breakfast by the pool..but the girls tak selera dah..sibuk nak masuk pool

So while waiting for papa toe at we pose first okay.

Cewahhhh Tia.

Okay pose!

ishh ni nama pose apa;)

Another one.

lagi satu

A shot by Tia Khadeja

Another one.

After that we went to Avillion petting farm seronok feeding the animals there.

Tia mula2 tak nak turun sebab ada satu rabbit with moustache suka kacau dia.

Mia was having fun.

Feeding the peacock.

Tia..come lah girl..why takut:)

Finally Tia turun and enjoyed herself.

Evening had fun at the pool with aira:)

very sweet;)

Lollies time!

Ok time to go back for dinner..both will join the office dinner..behave okay.

Wahhh blissss...



Dinner time..behave ke..huishhh merajuk pulak..

If you behave we can have banana split after that.

Okay..macam tu lah darlings.

Then bila makan ice cream kenyang pulak dahhh

Ok lah dah ngantuk jom kita tidurrrr..nite,nite bye bye Avillion:)


Hanis Azla said...

bestnya.. ralit kejap tgk gambar2 kat sini.. very nice..

Drama Mama said...

nice...the girls are getting cuter by days. avillion looks cantik eh...teringin nak pergi one day nanti. :-)

zuraidah said...

hi drama mama..wahhh yr business looks good now..really like the spider theme party..congrats! yeap Avillion is nice..yr little one sure suka animal petting farm:)

Idida Aziz said...

cantiknya gaun tia mia....comel sgt bila tia mia pakai....daro dh budak konit nih...hehe...

annhuzi said...

bestnya birthday at avillion. we pun suka, baru 2 kali pegi sana.

MamaTiaMia said...

hi hanis,thanks singgah;)

idida..tu lah dah bosar budak konits:)

ann..Avillion nice kan..cuma beach tak best sangat..they said now ramai singaporean datang bila school holiday,weekdays pun penuh..dulu weekdays used to be cheap:)

suffiakmal said...

our two little models, like usual sgt adorable okay. hehe.

best la melancong. hehe

anaajai family said...

suka baca blog akak. macam bercerita depan mata :D mohon share blog ye. TQ~

anaajai family said...

suka baca blog akak. macam bercerita depan mata :D mohon share blog ye. TQ~

MamaTiaMia said...

idida..budak konit suko:)

MamaTiaMia said... pun suka Avillion..nice kan cuma pantai kurang sikit but tak payah pergi pantai pun tak pe kan:)

MamaTiaMia said...

annajai family..terimakasih..silakan:)