Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For quite sometimes i didn't have chance to snap photos using my camera..quite busy lately,thanks to instagram on the iphone i can still record some pictures.No matter how busy cooking is like a compulsory subject in a class,you can't skip it..this morning i cooked nasi goreng udang kering belacan for uwan,hotdog and bread for the girl,gulai lemak timun cina dan gulai ikan masin dgn mangga muda..so tonite i just have to add another dish to complete our dinner.

And i have some beautiful photos taken from my niece's album,she went to Melbourne during winter,the photos look fabulous.

Gorgeous picture of Kak Nur and her friend.. i like the relection of the tree in the water:)

Kak Nur in Melbourne.

Cute and sweet.

Raya picture of my niece Nur and my cucu sedara Tira ..they are all bigger than me..so long couldn't gather with all these girls..hope to see all of them oneday:)

On another note..my office is so busy preparing for Hari Celebration tomorrow..the theme is Arabian Night..that is the best part of working in Broadcasting company..everything must be meriah and full of glamour and joy:) all of them put their effort together to bring 1001 night tomorrow..so i got myself these 3 for RM10 earings:):)

They work hard polishing brass until semua blink,blink..i didn't contribute anything this year..i have nothing of Arabic theme from my house:(

The girls happily doing their work..so my department today is like kenduri kahwin..seronok:)

Some of them are really good in doing craft work..they can make tempayan emas from polystrene,treasure box from plastic..yeahhh that's the way to go girls:):)

Hope to post some great picture from tomorrow's 1001 nights:):)


Ikin said...

:) :). Lamanyaaa tak jenguk sini. Hihi. Bestnyaaaa...mood cuti ye maksu. Hihi. Enjoyy...esok snap gambar banyak2 ok. Miss u

Pssst : Tira sangat cantik ikut jejak maksu nur dia ...

Mira Marlena said...


Ada belly dancing tak? :-D Kalau ada mesti lagi havoc kan?