Sunday, April 29, 2012

Aminah went back to her Resort!

Salam All:)

Dedicated to Tia Khadeja and Mia Ayesha ;

Saturday; i made a meaningful trip to my kampung with my emak@uwan.Deep inside my heart it was so meaningful,when i closed my heart i travelled few months back,i can see her with hundreds of wires in the ICU. My heart sank at that time,tears non stop falling down my cheeks at almost every time looking at her- we know how much a fragile body of 89 years old can take the pain.Ya Allah it was so hard at that time,the saddest moment seeing her laying down in ICU.I thought i would never be given this second chance. I prayed so hard and only Allah Swt knows what was inside my heart.
Then i remember the conversation i made with my brother@Pashik inside the ICU waiting room- my brother said as human when the hardship comes we easily succumbs to Allah,we easily insaf,we easily make promises but maintaining it is not easy he said.So true; sometimes  over the time when everything is okay and back to normal we tend to forget,we tend to be swayed away,we tend to be complacent, ..i prayed to Allah Swt may I always be insaf,may i strive my best to love my mom from time to time,may i be more patient, may i not forget the promises i made in my Allah Swt already knows even before we open our mouth..He is Our Creator,Maha Pengasih Dan Penyanyang.Ya Allah Alhamdullillah,Thank You so much for whatever you have given me..balik kampung seems to be simple, nothing extraordinary  but... not everybody have the chance and not everybody can really feel the happiness.And happiness is one thing that  money can't stretch,you strive, you pretend...but if the happiness does not exist deep inside your will be like sitting in the rain and not getting wet.So sisters and friends may we always check our roots as that is "the way to go back to happiness".

In the car Tia Mia can't hardly sleep,they keep asking me "have we arrived at Kuala Pilah our World yet?"-so meaningful to them too as they see the kampung as "our world".They have travelled few places overseas but they can 'connect' with kampung really well,they can feel it.

The house,the kitchen is stilled the same,my brother,uwan and my maid reached there first as we travelled in separate cars,Tia Mia had to attend morning classes first.The house is clean as we have people to come at clean it from time to time.

Going back kampung is like going back to 'self catering farm:):)- you have to stop by at the town and get stocks for your stay.

While uwan house has basic things like soap,shampoo,toothbrush,salt,sugar,pepper but we always buy new set every time we go back..part of the fun.

Good breakaway for Heni too..when we go back kampung i always allow her to travel to and fro with my brother so that she can have 'little escapade' as my brother will always take uwan and her for 'satay' and little shopping along the way.

Serambi Uwan..masih macam selalu..sangat rindu dan selesa dapat duduk di sini.

We change all the bedsheets and pillow covers.

Well maintained compound..thank you to the indonesian people that stays in the kampung.And our neighbor kak ambit took care of uwan flower pots.

Uwan favorite rocking chair.

Emak..we thank Allah so much for the opportunity given kan..thank you so much...Uwan was so happy, full of energy and refused anybody to help her climb the hill.

These are the happy duo that brings happiness to everybody too..Alhamdulillah..tu sibuk nak ketuk semut tu.

Rumah Uwan on a hill facing a river and a porche or lamborghini will pass by but cows and goats will flock on the bridge and stop by at the field to nibble the grass..i found it to be so peaceful:)

Dinner;  i cooked simple dishes..budak dua orang ni pun sangat selera makan.

Ayam goreng kicap,tumis air timun air,gulai terung kampung,goreng ikan masin dan sambal bilis..sangat sedap bila cuaca pun sejuk2.

I had to hold back my tears while praying...Allah Maha Besar kan..this is the serambi and arwah my father used to pray at the same spot as my brother was standing.

We had a peaceful night, we have TV at the kitchen and living room but we decided to just sit outside and breath the fresh air..lagi pun bukan selalu Tia Mia dapat peluang ni:)

So we sat with buah longan for a long time outside..uwan had a good time too.

We buat cerita dongeng etc etc...and didn't realise the time passed by.

Good night...cengkerik,katak semua berbunyi..

No body think about the laptop,handphone or anything it was just us and nature.

And it was bulan mengambang di kampung Uwan but my iPhone cannot really capture it.

Time to go to brother switched on the lip lap lights to the girls delight.

Good night princess and sleep tight:)

These two tidur lena di kampung uwan..sejuk kot..sampai kena kejutkan.

Happy to the max;) menghirup udara segar.

I am truly happy that i can bring them balik kampung with Uwan...they love it very much and that makes more meaningful:)

After breakfast at home we went to pekan Ahad..ayoyo who is that man with the biggest colorful bag in pekan ahad?

And who is this senior citizen yang tak nak kena pimpin,jalan laju dan sibuk nak tolong orang bawak barang?

It is always seronok to go shopping barang pasar at pekan ahad.

I bought these extra large udang galah sungai..really besar,sama besar with my arm and priced at RM60 per kg,i bought 9 ekor at RM75..stilled cheap if compared to makan yang dah masak kat kedai.

Ni daun2 yang dah siap untuk masak daun kayu i bought untuk bawak balik KL.

I bought telur itik too.

Sembilang salai and daun gelugor dah siap di hiris.

After pekan ahad we took the girls to "toy r us' at Kuala Pilah, this is the same spot where i used to buy my toys when i was small.

Then we stopped for the famous cendol.

sedap ke adik??

sangat bermakna bagi uwan jugak..dulu2 dia kan selalu pergi pasar sendiri dan minum cendol di sini..kedai ni pulak macam preserve in time..macam tu lah rupanya sejak dulu until today.

After Kuala Pilah trip we balik rumah..i am going to cook this sayur..mesti ramai tak kenal kan..ini namanya 'tangkis' dia hidup terapung kat air macam kangkung..sedap gulai lemak..dia ada distinctive smell.

And i cooked udang galah too..sangat sedap dan fresh..otak,isi semua manis.

Huhhh tangan2 mengerjakan udang:):)

Uishhh pashik..bosarnya udang pashikkkkk:) Thank You Acik..he always join us bila balik kampung,get things ready for Uwan,went to the max to please the girls.Mulut garang a bit pashik ni but he got a very good heart....Pashik has beautiful life,he is fortunate to have wonderful daughters but they are big and married now..and Pashik likes to be meriah2 and i know he is very happy with kasih sayang from Tia Mia:) .The beauty of kasih sayang is ;it made you feel special.So i masak benda2 yang mengembira kan insan2 yang special..because me pun type yang 'dry' jugak..i don't really say sweet meleleh things but i show people  my love through my cooking,caring  etc etc.

Happy,puas hati girls dapat balik kampung..kiss2 to you girls and to the papa that drove us back kampung:)

If any of you wonder what is written in the frame hanged at the sink at uwan's house? This is what it says:):) I hanged it about 16 years back or more..masa tu masing2 kecik lagi suka sepah rumah,tak tolong uwan kemas especially basuh pinggan.Sebab i always kesian with my mom i ended up washing all dishes,i sakit pinggang and sakit i tulis ni..hee...heee.

So bye bye my home sweet home..we shall comeback take care now..

Lastly may all of us be blessed by Allah special doa to a family member yang mendapat ujian dari Allah Swt now..kita hanya merancang tapi Allah Swt yang tentukan..sebagai manusia kita tidak dapat meneka apa pun yang akan berlaku dan kenapa ianya berlaku..Allah ada jawapan pada segalanya dan kita perlu membaca dengan hati untuk mengetahuinya. I know that this person is strong and has good heart,may Allah Swt permudahkan segalanya buat dia. 

Love the people around you..dont wait till the last minutes,you might not have that chance is like a boomerang what you throw is what you get back...SubhanAllah.

Note: Akan cuba menjawab2 soalan2 readers kemudian ya.


Anonymous said...

Salam. So happy to read your post. Banyak hari I tunggu. Hehehe. Terasa sejuk kampung, terasa kegembiraan Uwan. Semoga rahmat dan barakah Allah sentiasa untuk you, Sis. :)

-Maryam Siddra-

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu..
seronoknya balik kampung, dgn suasana yg nyaman, berkumpul dgn keluarga dan dpt ke pasar beli bahan segar2. sedap nampak udang galah tu yum yumm :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Zu, bestnyaaaa dpt balik kampung uwan :)))) lauk pauk yg you masak tu nampak sodap la sangat...i miss my arwah nenek's masak lomak...


Elena said...

Kak Zu...

i misssssssss Pokan Ahad and kolopilah cendol very muchhhhhhhhhh bila akak buat entry nih.Miss all the daun kayu utk masak lomak.Miss to see all the pucuk gelugor dlm pinggan tu.Nostalgia betullllll... Rasa mcm sayu je teringat kampung!Nak balik kg jugakkkkkkk tapi dah tade orang kat sana....:(

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

salam kak zue..

wow bestnye bali kampung..

esok nak balik kampong gak..tak sabarnye..

kak zue, daun tangkis tu saye penah jugak makan...memang ade bau kan daun tu...masak lemak sedap...tapi tak ingat mak saye panggil ape...

hahaha...ade tak yang kecik hati bile kak zue gantung nota tu?

Fatimah said...


noorfariha said...

yup..touching la. sedih, teringat arwah uwan plak.,,, lama x balik pilah. main masak2 ngn induk...waaaa...nak cuti!!!

annhuzi said...

so nice uwan ada resort to go back to where time stood still, just like old times, her chendol stopover, the darling, caring daughter's signboard at the sink ;), her rocking chair, her flower pots, her serambi where her family had stood in prayers.
Alhamdulillah. A place full of sweet memories, surely brings happiness and good spirit to uwan.
tia mia, too, will feel the syukur for inheriting this beauty piece of family history, pride and joy of uwan and mama, your world of fresh air and closeness to nature.
nice picture of uwan sitting by her colourful tiled stairs, in the company of her darling cucu, framed by her plant. what plant is that, cactus?
syukur the resort well taken care and preserved by kind neighbours. i sad when i see deserted abandoned beautiful kampung house.

besarnya shopping bag tia mia :D
besarnya udang! wow as big as mama's arm?! YUM!
if here, 1kg SGD25 dapat udang biasa aje :(
seronok tia mia shopping at uwan's market.
tengok tu uwan, semangat dan kuat jalan old memory lane :)
nice polka dots skirt and pants!
wah toys R us, zaman mama ! nostalgik!
yes truly a very meaningful trip for uwan, mama, the whole family! the saddest moment, Allah now rewards with the happiest moment.
yes! "not everybody have the chance and not everybody can really feel the happiness."
feeling the happiness, terbawak2 panjang komen kita :D

Filla ~ Kasihs said...

alahai, tetiba teringat kampung sendiri.. tangga uwan tu dah sama mcm tangga umah arwah atok/nenek kat melaka.. wahhh terasa rindu nyaaa... uwan nampak sihat dan happy, terpancar kat wajah ;)

Anonymous said...

one of your best posts ever, makes me miss malaysia a lot! delicious food, close to nature with your loved ones, brings you closer to Allah too..truly wonderful.

fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zu,
bestnya blk kg.Alhamdulillah Uwan looks great!

suffiakmal said...

I read ur post without realized my tears went down. huhu

ismarizan said...

pagi ahad tu memang dah tergerak nak ke pasar tanjung tu.tapi bermalas-malasan baring la plak tgk tv. kalau tak tentu dpt jumpa tia mia.
(lauk pauk entry kali ni memang 100%
pilah,suko amek den tgk eh)

Aisyah Rafaei said...

salam zu...suka betoi baca blog zu...selain masakan kpg, kehidupan kpg...(sbb saya pun owg kpg) seringkali zu mengajak kiter bersyukor...sejukkk hati baca...seronokk..

hOtMaMa said...

owhh.. lamanyer sy tak pg makan cendol pilah & pekan ahad tanjong ipoh! huhuhu

Aida78 said...

salam zu sedapnya sayur tangkis den kona lagi sayur 2 rasa nyo mcm potaikan kalau gulai dengan udang perhhhh terangkat beb...seronok tengok uwan seronok...

♥♥♥ سواي @ ماما ايمان شاهيراه ♥♥♥ said...

k.zu, tangkis tu org pahang panggil kangkung puteri :) sedap, ada bau petai selalu msk cili api ngan ikan tenggiri