Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our First Day at Ballet Class & Salon Hair Cut.

Salam To all mama's friends:):) 
Thank You very much for leaving comments at our mama's blog, we feel good when you said good things about us..heee...hee especially when you said that we are cute:):)*wink*wink* 

Ahemmm..ahemmm we will take charge of this entry tonight:) Why? Because it's gonna be all about us..well will  decide later who else should be included:) Okay let's start!

Hellooooo.... i ve got an announcement to make! First let me show this writing..mama taught me how to use 'apostrophe (punctuation mark) in -don't, won't..etc etc, but i personally feel that it is a bit complicated so i settled for "do not' and "will not" instead:):):)

Haaaa... this is the thing that I am going to tell..we finally got enrolled in the ballet class! yeayyy..mama said she only learnt 'zapin' joget,inang' when she was she let us decide what weekend activity that we like to do:)

Cool..isn't it? pssttt...first we cried you know..we thought mama gonna leave there and today is our first day and we are not settled yet. 

After we warmed up we felt much much better:) Mama said this is a good avenue for us to socialize, build our confident and unwind:) She said even we go to kindy but it is a small operation and Teacher Claire is like a second mom to us, the kindy becomes our 'Cocoon", so we need to meet new people,exercise our body and mind:)

This is our first day and we were straight be allowed to join the present class..wahhh we have a lot of catching up to do.

But not to worry..we have natural talent yo know..see we can lift up our tutu already:):)

We enjoyed it very much and we kept smiling at our mama who was busy taking our picture:)

On your toes!on your toes! and two fingers on the bar..said our Teacher:):)

We met new friends and we begin to like them..wahhh we can't wait for next week:):) And next week we shall come with bun on our heads:):)

After the ballet class mama and papa sent us to our keyboard class, after we were done and came out we saw mama waiting for us and she got a new pink watch?? That is why mama... i don't trust leaving you wandering at the mall, i know that you will always buy something..hmmm what about us?did you buy something for us?

Okay lah mama enjoy your new Adidas is not expensive anyway and we hope you and papa still have money to buy us lunch So where shall we eat today? Madam Lim? they have soup? okay, then it's fine with us:):)

After lunch mama took us to a hair salon..i was okay with the idea in the beginning but after i sat on the chair i felt so sad.Mama said both me and Mia never been to hair salon before,mama been cutting our hair and our hair keeps tangle mangle.Today our hair shall be cut by the Pro:):)

Don't you think that i look a lil bit like "Rapunzel in Distress!" haaa..haaa i was worried to bits yo know!

Wahhh look at my sister she sat there calmly,like a model some more..she eksyen lah tu because the guy kept saying that she's cute..huhhhh!!!

I dozed off in the car..while my sister can't wait to practice when we reach home:):)

Tonight mama cooked all the stinky food for big people..ayoooo so smelly we don't like it. Mama..i am fine with just omelette and rice okay.

This is the most stinky one! mama said it is ikan tenggiri jeruk and she fried it with shallots,garlic and tons of bird eyes chillies..she said it is very nice..may be i will enjoy it when i am big.

Mama bought uwan petai from VG and she said it was really expensive..Hmmm i don';t understand why big people like to eat petai..i hate going to the toilet after petai eaters came out from it:):):)

And mama bought me&my adik favorite fruit..ohh ya i love passion fruit.

Heyyy let's peek into my mama's's really full so many things right? Mama said she needs a new fridge..did you hear that papa???

After mama was done with her cooking she gave my adik bath and styled her's nice ya:)

Adik with her new pajama set which mama bought while merayau in the mall today:):) adik!! tummy in tummy in eat a lot adik and yr tummy is muncit. whattt did you say? oh well go ahead and blame it on the shirt:):) Lol:)

This is our chill out time,we had taken bath,prayed and took our is time for fruit,tv and love:)

This is how our new hair look like..not much different,the guy at the salon just trimmed it,but it is more neat and no tangle mangle:)

Update on my Uwan?I am happy and syukur to Allah Swt that she is just doing great,at this moment among her favorite food are boiled/fried eggs,fried chicken/honey chicken wings, fried ikan bilis and van houten chocolate:):)

Before i sign off i would like to thank my mama for letting me telling stories tonight:):) pssttt this is another new 'no style' lilit tudung from my mama:):)

As for my papa..don't stop massaging mama's feet okay,she's very tired and she has cooked us nice dinner good papa and don't cheat..mama said she we can have steamboat wantan noodles soup for breakfast tomorrow if you keep massaging her feet  until she falls asleep.!!

Okay..I have to say goodbye now..i am sleepy and my milk is getting cold..Salam to all mama's friends and don't forget to recite Al Ikhlas like us before you go to sleep ya:) Muarghhhhh:) 
 Signed- Tia Khadeja..psstt must sign for adik too..otherwise she'll be upset..Mia Ayesha too:):)


farah izzati said...

Potai tu mahal bonarrrr..!!

fiezachommel said...

Nite Tia and Mia.mmmmuuuahhhh...

annhuzi said...

tia mia the graceful ballerina!
Tia u r all grown up now, can have your own posting ;)
both u tia mia look very tall. your new hair style, pretty!
mama no style is very stylist, you know.
so sweet your papa, massage mama's feet.
and even sweeter, your loving post with uwan.
next, mia's turn to write ;)

umiyumi said...

comelnya Tia dan Mia.. I wish I have beautiful daughters like you two.. muaahhs :)

My Putri said...

da besar la the 2 girls.. looks like they are already doin very well on the 1 st day of ballet class.. keep it up girls !!

susumanis said...

well done tia mia, beautiful posting..auntie loves it very much, more story morry ya, tqvm...hihi

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Salam to you girls..
Auntie love the entry very much..
it even made my day.
Telling nice stories to others is one good deed!!
Keep the good work!