Sunday, May 6, 2012


Salam semua.

Alhamdulillah that we can meet Monday and Alhamdulillah so much if last night we slept in our warm house with our children and the loved ones. It was raining heavily at 3.00 am last night followed by thunder and lightning, both Tia Mia curled up to me..Tia whispered to me " mama can you hug me?" i hugged her tight..immediatley my heart goes to Ara (my nephew's wife)..not so good news;( her blood platelet was dropping yesterday , last night she was transfered from Tropicana Medical Centre ICU to Sungai Buluh ICU,it seems that for dengue cases Sg Buloh and GH have the best doctors and facilities. She is heartbroken leaving her 20 days old baby at home..just imagine kan kalau kita dalam confinement..anak kena tinggal hospital kejap dapat jaundize ke apa..aduh meroyan-royan hati kita sedih tak boleh berpisah,ini dia pulak air susu meleleh-leleh..and she has 2 years old boy at home too selain baby kecik tu. last night masa hujan,ribut dan petir tu macam boleh rasa apa dia rasa..di hopsital alone in the dark..nothing that we want but to be with our children,to hug them when they are scared and to cuddle them when they are worried.She is a very nice girl..walaupun isteri my nephew tapi rasa macam anak saudara sendiri...penat pun malam tadi (due to fulled house with relatives yang pergi visit dia)..i recited Surah Yasin for her moga di permudahkan semuanya. This morning I smsed my nephew dengar dah improve sikit... Alhamdulillah.

That is life..sakit,kesusahan semua jadi pengajaran..kadang2 kita "Monday Blues' due to smallest thing in the world..somebody drives her/his car like a turtle infront of us or it was jam or we couldn't get the thing that we wanted from a boutique yesterday.But if we spend time at hospital in the early morning we will see husband with small baby in his arm sleeping on hopsital bench,a wife weeping at the ICU corner, a daughter with swollen eyes outside operation theatre... no Monday blues for them, they just be thankful for knowing that their loved ones are still breathing. I ve gone through that..sad and heart wrenching morning in the hospital..i try to apperciate every single thing now,try not to complaint too much and most important try to maintain 'the kesyukuran and Alhamdulillah feel' at the highest; most of the time.InsyAllah.

Thank You to those sharing tips untuk mengurangkan demam denggue:):) Sup Ketam and daun betik semua di cuba..moga bertambah sembuh.

We whave some pictures today:) We went Kidzania yesterday..finally:) with our free vouchers.I took a lot of picture but just too tired to upload all last night, i have some here to share with those never been there. The Kidzania here is not that big,not many establishment yet but they ahve few good ones like Air Asia, TV studios, KPJ,CIMB Bank etc. Tia had a good time being a model at the runaway and learnt how to make burger at Marry Brown unfortunately Mia is not really ready to go to 'the outside world' and work! But it a good thing that Tia can show her to to enjoy and have fun there..finally Mia found one establishment which she likes most i.e Beauty salon! she had manicure there and for the first time she was allowed to get her nails painted:):) and so cute of Tia to ask " Mama we are muslim and we cannot take these to pray but you will allow me to wear it for one day?" I nodded and told her ' yes Tia, you can have it for a short while but after that we will remove it okay?.Both seems to be very happy for just having it for a while:)

Before that just want to show this rajin picture..wahhhh too rajin lah my girls!

One garden chair is broken and the girls practised their art skills on it..we will hunt new garden set next week:)

As usual some food pictures. Saturday evening i baked Slamon bellies..the girls and the papa love these as they are really lemak.I just drizzled some olive oil, whole garlic,lemon,salt and parsley.

Yummy golden Salmon bellies.

Sunday morning before Kidzania..i cooked crunchy noodles at the request of the two girls.

Uwan enjoying her crunchy noodles;)

And before Kidzania trip i had to cook for Uwan as early as 9.30 am..gulai udang masak lemak with tomato already siap!

Kidzania time- first counter for boarding:)

The two were given vouchers and they went to the bank to get some money.

Excited to have money in their hands.

Can't decide where to go first.

Marry Brown worker..adik was worried but Tia was good..she asked her adik to be calmed;) They made delicious burger and mama papa had a good time eating it!

Tia was brave, she went alone inside the modelling is not about being a good model on the runaway..but about being independent,taking instruction from adult..she followed the intstructor's instructions well..she had many nice shots..tapi sebab mahal kan satu copy RM20 i purchased only 3.

Finally Mia found one shop that can make her happy..The Beauty salon! memang lah girls kan:);) The kakak2 asked who want to be customer and who want to a worker? Dua2 nak jadi customer..heee..heee..Muarghh muarghh girls glad that you had a good time yesterday:):)

Good Monday everybody.


Liney said...

comel-comel.... super duper comel...

shamsuhada said...

azu...seronoknya ke kidzania..aku pulak mcm budak2..moga Ara cepat sembuh...kesian baby dia ya..

mamalisa said...

kiss-kiss to the comelious Tia Mia :)) am sure you always have a great time with the girls

I like your words supaya sentiasa bersyukur. Yeah..I have been thru in ICU as well, in fact few times. meneman anak yg sakit seumpama tiada lagi apa yg diharapkan melainkan ingin yg tersayang kembali sihat seperti sediakala..hopefully ur nephew's wife getting better..sadis tu terpaksa tinggalkan baby :(

kasihredha said...

cantik le kerusi garden yg dah di cat oleh anak2 tu...simpan kenang2an...bila dah ada yg baru nanti.
best le salon tu :)
salam unk uwan ye

zura said...

salam.kak, saye ni silent reader je..xd blog evry day suka tgk blog akk.mcm bg saye inspirasi bila da kawen n ada ank nnti.being a happy family.hehe...n i'm a kmpung girl too!proud to be.=).moge family akk happy2 slalu n dmudahkn segale urusan hidup...=)

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Aslmkm zu..
I too know how it's like to have someone in ICU, my Hb..but Alhamdllh, recuperating. I am learning to bersyukur everyday..insyllh.

Maryam Izza said...

salam perkenalan kak Azu!
saya ni pernah view blog akk dlm 3 kali, tp jd silent reader aje hee
i luv to read ur story/writing/rambling...and i luv uwan too! ur daughters Tia and Mia are adorable,bertuah akk dpt anak kembar :)
apepun keep on writing sis..ada ms Inshaallah sy berkunjung lg

Maryam Izza said...

Ya semoga kita menjadi org yg sentiasa bersyukur...doa sy semoga isteri anak saudara akk akan sembuh secepatnya amin

Anonymous said...

Salam. Wow. What a great blog. Wow. What a wonderful family. Wow. What a beautiful twins. May I ask, do you drink lemon juice everyday? From half lemon or full lemon? Did you feel / see any changes after drinking lemon juice?

Love your lovely blog ;
Jamilah Soraya Ghazali
Damascus, Syria.

susumanis said...

Jazakallah khair MTM kerana selalu ingatkan semua org untuk sentiasa bersyukur..alhamdulillah..