Monday, October 21, 2013

Crowne Towers Hotel,Melbourne.

Salam Aidiladha and Thank You to those singgah at my "kampung" in the previous entry:)

Continuing my story...

After a week at the farmhouse we drove back to Melbourne city, we booked a 3 nights stay at Crowne Towers Hotel at the Southbank. Crowne Towers is a 5 star hotel and price for standard room starts at RM1,500.00 per night but i had a very good deal through 3 months advanced booking.That's the tip if you want to stay at expensive hotel, go to the Booking.Com and look for 70 to 80% discount through the 3 months advanced booking. I booked a standard twin rooms but asked for upgrading upon check in, i had to pay AUD 30 extra only for a premium room with breathtaking view.

The girls saying goodbye to the goats- it was a sad moment- kesian:(

Bye bye Coco,Jay2 and Buddy and somebody had tears in her eyes.

We drove the rented car to the hotel before we return it the next morning.

Glossy hotel- Crowne Towers is something like Genting group- baru tahu bila sampai,the Casino complex was very big- no wonder they are very rich.

The spacious premium room with two King beds.

One of the most comfortable bed that  i ve been sleep in.

The luxurious bathroom.

The girls were as excited- dah seminggu duduk farmhouse mesti lah seronok duduk hotel kan:)

The toilettries.

Looking forward to spend 3 nights here.

Our room is facing the Yarra River.

We have 3 days to explore the area.

Beautiful view- before this we took the boat ride not knowing that our hotel is just next to the river:)

Walkin wardrobe.

Bathroom picture.

The girls were really excited about having Tv in the bathroom and next to the bathtub.

Bermandian lah while watching TV.


Going out for dinner.

Halal Kebabs.

Cold night.

Infront of Melbourne Gym.

Back to Hotel- better close our eyes and go up.

Chocolate on the bed- lets go to sleep before we continue our adventure.


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Hanis Azla said...

As-salam Kak Zu..

Alhamdulillah.. indahnya percutian k.zu dan keluarga.. tumpang rasa keseronokannya.. seronok juga tgk wajah2 ceria tia mia..