Thursday, May 28, 2009


One of the area that i love most in the house is warm and inviting kitchen.In my present house ,we have one proper kitchen only as the wet kitchen is very simple,just the stove placed on the counter top at the back of the house. For my dry kitchen they all white, i spent a lot on the cabinet,they are of a very good quality, using semangkok wood and was sprayed with white,the cabinet is the combination of everything as i want to have a bit of everthing : lattice doors,wood canopy hood,open shelves for plates,standing shelves for tv and oven and the carpenter had a done a very good job. For my new house i cant spend so much as i have dry and wet kitchen and i have to be careful with budget.I ve done my homeworks on how to save and at the same time to have your dream kitchen. I always dream of having french provencal kitchen,to have the the door cabinets be painted with regal blue,when i told my the cabinet man about the idea he was first sceptical about painting the doors blue as no locals like to have their kitchen in blue but i know what i want. So i have my wet kitchen in blue just like what i always imagined,for my dry kitchen i still like to maintain it white, to extend the feeling of the old kitchen in the new house,the only different is my new dry kitchen is using "barn doors ' design with porcelain door knobs which is handpicked by me. I have small bar top where i can place coffee pot and cakes there,there's a place for everybody especially for tia and mia. How i wish that i don't have to compromise with certain things due to the budget contsraint. My advice to those doing their kitchen cabinet: do your homeworks,know every basic so that you can tell exactly of what you want to your cabinet man ,if you have big budget do spent more on your kitchen as it will last forever and you gonna spend most of your time there,go for all the good quality materials like solid wood,granite or solid surface,good hood/hob and built in oven as these materials bring elegance and comfort. To me house is your foundation of nourishing love,it should be warm and loveable and therefore you should have the best materials.If i can summarize house it will be : wood,rock and clay-these materials are warm and friendly.

Porcelain door knob fixed on the barn door cabinet.

Built in oven is placed at the dry kitchen as i have planned my dry kitchen to be a place for coffee,cakes and magazines only.

Wet kichen in progress, two open shelves are fixed at the left and right side of the hood, the top cabinets will be in white while the base will be in regal blue. I love the tiffany pendant light as the yellow light compliment the blue base doors.

The regal blue doors waiting for door knobs to be fixed.

The men doing their works,they used laser lights to ensure accuracy..i love watching them doing works,so much you can learn from it.


nerry nerry strawbery said...

cantik2 luv the porcelain knob, the white open shelves yang cute and the regal blue..

Anonymous said...

ehmmm.. nak tengok gak akak nyer color biru tu cam maner...khi3
and hapi anniversary... lmbt skit yer.. kesibukkn.. ni pun sbb ter miss flight... khi3

Linda Latip said...

azuuu..the kitchen is soo beautiful!!! Seronoknya, ican imagined dah how it looks once finished..silap aribln 1st week pndah rumah ni asyik g dapur je snyum :) hehe a beauty ..


cepat2 skit la pindah nak tengok rumah nak buat idea tuk umah sendiri plak....hehehe...aritu saya pusing2 nak tengok contoh2 umah...tup tup saya masuk monterez...saya dah tengok dah umah cik zu...cun....pagar cute jer...lain dari yang lain....luar jer dah cantik lum masuk dalam lagi tuh...