Monday, August 17, 2009

Pain in My Chest

I got pain in my chest today leaving the girls behind at kindy.This is the 2nd full day after the 3 half day trial,yesterday was much better,today they have realised that i am going to leave them there and they cling strongly to me. The teacher and helper at the kindy is nice plus the kids there are nice too, tried to be the most pleasant host to my Tia and Mia,i sneaked out just now after the helper managed to get them to see turtle at the back of the school and they were given kangkung to feed the turtle. The group of kids there followed and encouraged my girls to feed the turtle. It is not an easy task to do: leaving your kids at kindy or school and its is not an easy decision too. I need to be strong,i need to have 200% patient and i need to have passion. If I fail the easiest way of course leaving them at home with maid, i can pacify myself by saying i turned out to be ok and my mother never send me to this kind of school. But today is a different environment altogether i feel if i have way i should educate my children wisely,expose them to a good environment. So i found this good kindy, a diffent method from the traditional one,they have small group of 15 kids only, they have outing,cooking and baking and the kids there are very friendly and nice, a good balance too as they have ustazah coming teaching iqraq,doa etc..after following the program with my husband for 3 days we decided to send the girls there. I guess this is the normal thing faced by parent in sending kids to kindy.. i need to be strong,i need to have 200% patient and i need to be passionate-then only all difficulties will vanish. I hope i have done the right thing and made a right choice.To my girls please know mama that mama do not have joy sneaking and leaving you there,pain in mama's chest is still lingering ,mama wishes that you both in my arm now,holding and kissing you endlessly..but mama knows you ll be find.

Dear girls if mama can afford it,mama will not send you to kindy so early.Mama will be at home 24 hours attending to all your need, to see your grow,educate you,cook and feed you.
Mama hopes you both can adjust yourselves fast and settle down soon there.


Sofea said...

dont worry dear... the gurls will be juz a matter of time they 'll hv so many friends are they ll enjoy themselves in kindy ... !!! sweet lil girls... they r growing up so fast !!!

fauziah said...

Mama.. not to worry k.. they will be fine. Sekejap aja tu. I think the method fun la.. I suka. seronok tu nanti 2 cute twin ni!!.

Keep posting ur deco2 ya... cantik tu play area tia mia.. :->