Monday, May 31, 2010

Hot Croissants.

So happy baking the croissant this morning:) It is just frozen croissants from Village Grocer Bakery but mama was so excited, mama always love croissant,difficult to find the really good one here. It is nostalgic too:) In the old days masa travel, bila sewa bilik kat rumah makcik Peranchis,selalu tengok dia baked croissant ni kat dapur.

Set the temperature to 190 degrees..dia pun mula kembang sikit..

Then kembang lagi..bau pun dah naik,tia mia cakap "horn bread,horn bread"

See,the golden colour..the smell was so nice,it filled the whole kitchen...hmmm as if you are in the French kitchen:)

Walla.. the hots croissants..go so well with butter and good jam or with scramble eggs.

A Hot croissant with soft and creamy scramble eggs and a mug of aromatic coffee..your Tuesady morning will feel like a weekend..bon a appetite:)

With these two cheeky girls mama's weekdays morning is always a groovy sunday morning:) Love Ya girls.


Salmi said...

aduhh..nie yang teringat frozen croissant kat swiss bakery shop, bangsar..lama sangat dah tak ke situ..tapi memang..lembut..kalau makan dengan tuna pun sedap tapi wajib letak cilipadi...hehe tekak melayu betul..

annhuzi said...

we like croissant too! and cheeky girls too! :)

MamaTiaMia said...

salmi..hmmm maybe i ll pay a visit to bangsar too:)

ann..sama,sama lah kita:)

Drama Mama said...

haish..tetiba teringat croissant kat delifrance. tuna mayo croissant my fave! *drooling*