Monday, May 3, 2010

While You Were In......

I always love the house/rooms makeover shows,especially "While You Were Out"..the result was superb,small change in painting,sofa,curtain can make tremendous effect! So i had my version of "While You Were In" since my husband was in to help last weekend. It was very difficult to decide on the new sofa,we have to run away from fabric sofa as the one we have now is fulled with TiaMia's art works.Fabric sofa is always nice and i love them very much but i have to be practical,the new sofa has to be durable,easy to clean and at the same time can act as "trampoline" for the girls.I took one day off last two weeks to look for the sofa,the full leather is a bit pricey and they look very 'formal',masculine and hard.I went to 3 shops to compare the price and had to imagine on how to turn the hard,cold looking leather into soft and inviting as husband has emphasized as long as the living room looks warm it is okay to him.Let see the result..this is only the first phase.

I love this artificial flowers,they look real,,i went to several shops to look for the nice flowers but was hooked on these from a showroom..i asked the salesgirl whether i can buy the flower arrangement on their dining set..she said yes so i took these home.The enamel vase is really heavy and it is the kind that i have been looking for.

Our new full leather sofa..durable,easy to clean and can act as "trampoline". With the right selection of throw cushions the sofa now looks more warm and inviting compared to it cold and hard looking condition at the showroom.

It was difficult to decide on the throw cushions too as the new look should lessen the "english country look" that i am presently having.I am going for classic , 'a lil bit of french and traditinal english look"..haaa..haaa sounds so complicated, actually i am going for looks that soothe our family eyes. I am very happy with the throw cushions selection as it has the effect of what i had imagined.

I had to be carefull in selecting new pieces as my house is dominated by dark wood pieces and white items. Dark woods and white items can look very nice together if you combine correctly, i always adore it when I travel to france in the past...their apartments and houses were marvellous.I rearranged some old furnitures, give 'respect' to this old king louis arm chair by putting it at the front.With the arm chair the old wooden coffee table now blends well with the new sofa.But i really got to take out that child safety gate the stairs:)

I ve ordered new dining chairs but keeping the old table,somehow the chairs came with defect,they took back 3 pieces and i have to wait for the replacement.I hope the cream chairs will blend well with the new look and match the sofa.

Old items with new arranged this chais lounge too..i put it at this corner so that i will have more space at the bay window area,i am creating work place for tia and mia ,at the moment they have "a small office" and they love doing they drawing and activities there.Since Tia Mia are going into 3 i want they to appreciate beautiful space,neat and nice rooms.Second phase will be an installation of new curtains and we need to seal and touch up the walls as well.

Tidy up my display cabinet,no new items here, just rearrange it and put few items from the store. I found out that i have enough displays which are stilled nicely wrapped in the store,will take out one by one.

I don't have many dining set collections but i love this set..they are royal doulton with olives and lemons theme,very mediteranean and french...a friend (ita,4Keys mom) shipped it for me from UK.

Hang this piece on the wall,i love this piece very much,it is a fine tapestry which i bought from Florence,i got it framed..thought of putting on the new house last time.

This tapestry came out from it hidden place too.

This one match the above picture..takes pride on the wall.
Overall i am quite happy with the result.. i didn't spend much,the total of my new sofa,dining chairs and carpet didn't event match the cost of dining set i bought at Monterez.. which in the end was sold bulk and barrel to the new owner.All pieces at Monterez are kinda sad letting it go...Tak pe lah bukan rezeki..looking at the brighter side..i can have more makeovers at the present house and the dream house later. Second phase will come in and it will start with replacing the 6 years old curtains. Nothing much on the makeover actually but it lifted up my spirit and i feel happy.


Liyana s said...

2 words that cross my mind: cozy and serene..:D

very nice la k.zue..suka everything and every piece that u add on...:)
the new dining chair suits the sofa..

warna konsep putih + dark chocolate pilihan saya juga di rumah!tp saya pilih off white bg nampak lg 'mesra' dgn coklat

saya sgt percaya konsep rumahku syurgaku..tiada tempat yg lebih baik selain rumah sendiri tak kira la murah ker mahal ker asalkan rumah itu mempunyai jiwa dan roh yg dtgnya drpd penghuni rumah itu..

nerry nerry strawbery said...

ni punye hasil menghilangkan diri dari opis ha ha ... sweet2 nanti we datang guling2 and tumpah air kat leather set baru

Salmi said...

salam mamatiamia , I like !...

annhuzi said...

oh boleh beli flower arrangement fr showroom? nvr thought of it. mama really has good eyes, can look out for good items n can blend everything well which pleases our eyes too :) nice cosy, i like too n i will take ideas fr u.

MamaTiaMia said...

yana,yeap..home sweet home is the best,just follow your heart.

nerry,memang sedap pi cuci mata and kosongkan pocket haa..mai lah datang minum kopi tapi tunggu habis buat makeover dulu..masih bersemangat ni.


ann,yeap ann boleh beli flower arrangement from showroom kalau dia oarng nak jual lah..jom kita makeover,tak payah spend duit banyak pun:)