Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miu Miu Fussilli

Miu Miu Fussilli sounds elegant but how about "caterpillars drenched in blood"? Gross isn't it?but it is delicious and the girls love it very much.Mama named this dish Miu Miu Fussilli but to give thrill to the girls we called it the later:) How to cook?very simple,get your colourful bell peppers,fussilli pasta,dice canned tomatoes,zuchinni and pasta sauce. It's a healthy dish,lots of veges in it.
Cut the veges,spread on the oven tray,sprinkle salt,olive oil and oregano flakes.

Bake the veges until cook and tender.

Heat up your pan with olive oil,put in dice onions and fry it until golden brown,you may add in the mince meats if you like,add in your diced canned tomatoes,pasta sauce, salt and sugar to your liking.Let it boil for a while.

Boil you fussilli with lil bit of salt,drain it.

Wallaaa..a beautiful and colourful Miu Miu Fussilli@caterpillars drenched in blood,they are healthy and yummy.Tia Mia finished one whole plate this morning.


Liyana s said...

nak tumpang ni breakfast dgn tia mia :)

nampak easy & a healthy dish!

Drama Mama said...

healthy ni, tia mia love it yeah! kalau i buat kat irfan suka dia suka!

Salmi said...

termasuk vege?..good girls :-)

MamaTiaMia said...

auntie liyana,mai la:)

drama mama,boleh ganti dengan white sauce kalau tak suka tomato sauce.

auntie salmi,we ate the zuchinni but adjusting to the bell peppers not familiar with the taste but w e love mushroom,brocolli,carrot,cauliflower and long beans.

Idida Aziz said...

simple tp yummy....suka tgk menu2 utk tia mia....achik tgk pon tertarik nk rs sama..hehehe