Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ya Habibi Bread

Good Morning!
Delicious hot and golden Ya habibi toast

Succulent meat and melted cheese in the middle.

"Fat Worms" for Tia Mia...that's the trick you know,if you say fish fingers,they said no thrill,we want to eat worms mama..there you go..fat worms darlings. Have a nice day everbody.


Liyana s said...

*drooling* tgk ya habibi bread tu...nak skit yer k.zu.hehe

amboi tia mia fish finger tak thrill yer.hee

cerita pendek entry lepas bila dicombine, jd cerita panjang gak tu..full of colors :)

annhuzi said...

tia mia so adventurous, want eat worms :D
ya habibi toast hmm creative attractive names mama, u hv all the juicy ingredients for a fabulous tv show :)

MamaTiaMia said...

liyana,nanti saya postkan sebijik:)

ann,i used arab herb bread for the toast,that's why i called it ya habibi/wahai kekasih ku..they are for my kekasihs too:)