Sunday, April 4, 2010

Frolicking in the City

Big Ben? Were we in London?

Were we in France looking at Eiffel Tower?

Maybe Tia was in Italy leaning on the Pisa.

No,no we were frolicking in the City yesteraday.We took a tride rides again! We parked our car at KL sentral and we took train to KLCC.When we were babies mama papa always took us to see nature,played with books at the bookstore,now is the time for us to meet people,be in the crowd,familiarize with the public transports,learn about the city and the things in it.

Mia took five with her mango juice,it was hot yesterday,the chilled mango juice was heaven to throat.

Mia was bored since she couldn't hold the steering so she gave that "read my face" look..ha.haa.

Girls were delighted to bump into Alice in wonderland setting at KLCC.But Mama was drooling over MiuMiu boutique next to it,stilled mama managed to hold tight to mama's ancient and almost expired LV yesterday,next trip maybe.

The girls had fun running in the tunnel from KLCC to Aquaria,they had so much energy,running and jumping non stop.They stopped at each electronic billboards along the tunnel and asked "what's this?"

Part time tangle mangle hair model.

Double tangle mangle curly murly models at KLCC.

Took five again with muffins before proceeding to Aquaria.

It was cold and nice there.

Both were excited to see butterflies,they always love to see butterflies.

The beautiful collection,mama didn't managed to take many picture inside the Aquaria since flash was not allowed, mama was so lazy to ask papa to look at camera in order to turn off the flash,we didn't have many photos inside.

The girls were more excited to see the butterflies than the fishes,they love to see the cocoon,caterpillar etc.

We bought t shirts from Aquaria and both couldn't wait to wear the t shirt." See mama kakak got seahorse,stingray,sea urchins on the t shirt"

We stopped for lunch at Kenny Roasters.

Adik was yawning and when mama asked " are you tired adik",she quickly replied " adik not tired,i want food"..kuat makan punya budak:)

We went to walk in the park at KLCC as we need to cross over to train station,it was hot,lucky they changed their longsleeves blouse to the t shirts.

The girls were busy looking for 'playground" since it was hot we didn't take them there,we just cross the park to go to the train station.

The Aquaria model showing off her t shirt.

Both were glad to find this drinking tap, the water was really cold and nice.

We stopped for a while at the fountain to let the two see the changing fountains.

We rest under the tree and wished that there were ice cream kiosk or fruite juice stall selling large cut watermelons in that area.We stopped at Auntie's Ann kiosk inside KLCC and had ice blended strawberry and lemonade before heading back to KL Sentral.

We arrived safely at KL sentral..bye bye train..see you again. The girls are now famaliar with the train,they were no longer holding tight to mama papa like the first ride instead they insisted on holding the bar rails and made unofficial announcement everytime we stopped at the station,they said "not yet,not yet,next station" was really loud and mama papa just smiled to people looking at them:) Mama guessed people dont mind with the two curly murly announcer:)
Few of saturday's breakfast picture at kelana jaya park below:
We ate at Rumahku.

The lake was not so clean..well what can you expect from kelana jaya lake,almost everwhere was the same,they made an effort in keeping the lake but not maintaining it.

Anyway this girl enjoyed her time here..burrrppppp i kenyang lah:)


AQisH said...

kiutnya laa twins u ni..geram tgk ;) camne leh dpt rambut curly2 tu eh..tgk rambut both of u mcm lurus jer :D

MamaTiaMia said...

salam aqish,tia mia ikut rambut papa masa kecik lah:)

Drama Mama said...

amboi looks like they had fun...tapi kesian ja mia tak dapat steer the car. muka taknak kawan! ahhahaha

zubye said...

sungguh meriah weekend cinonet si curly murly ni yeee.. mesti derang sonok kan Azu.. weekend mama papa bawak jenjalan naik tren.. kalau i ada dalam tren tu pun kompem i sengih2 dengar celoteh 2 budak kembar ni.. selalunya twins akan selalu menjadi perhatian in crowds kan.. (kalau i la sebab i suka tgk twins). last 2 weeks i ada amik gambar newborn twins Azu.. dah tgk tak? masa nak amik tu.. subhanallah memang speechless i tak terkata apa2.. tu 1st time in real i tgk baby newborn twin.. yang dah besar selalu.. sungguh agung ciptaanNya.
re : ya.. insyaAllah semoga mereka membesar menjadi manusia berguna.. same goes to Tia Mia dearie.

annhuzi said...

we pun suka klcc. my son dulu kata nak tengok air lompat2 :)