Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shrimps on My Plate,Mussels in my Tummy.

What is that smell? Italian Job in the Kitchen! The True Mama Mia came back from east coast and resumed her old job as the all rounder chef for Italian Kitchen:)

Delicious peek first baby:) Some people asked: cooking heavy breakfast in the morning?what time did you wake up? so rajin etc,etc..well the answer is 'passion",sangat suka lah masak2 ni,it's not a chore but something that you enjoy very much, cooking spaghetti in the morning is like a young shopaholic reading Sophie Kinsella novel under the warm blanket in the bed and cooking nasi dagang is like a bagacholic being presented with unlimited vouchers to be spent at LV.

This delicious Aglio Olio Seafood Spaghetti is for the loved ones,therefore it's not a chore to cook it.Mama's favourite masa pregnant,for the first 3 months mama couldn't eat anything and for the next 4 months before you came out this was mama's only food.Now anak mama suka lah pulak,papa yang tak pernah pregnant pun suka jugak..he..hee.

Why suka masak?Because of this view, it worth millions:)

Tia the Mussel Lover:) tamak tu sibuk suruh bubuh banyak2 dalam pinggan.
This is mama's kitchen for the past 5 years. Masakan boleh mengeratkan segala,when friends came up and asked for recipe you feel good and when she told it helps to strengthen love in her family you feel super duper great.

Take some to the office to share. Mama hope oneday dapat buat program better than Nigella Lawson or Martha Stewart ,hee..hee..angan,angan..sebab mama suka ajar orang masak simple,sedap dan tak menyusahkan.

Tapiiiiiii..bukanlah masak semata saja yang mama passionate, selain Interior design and travelling, ni haaaa...menyopping sukar di bendung dan di sekat..tak pe lah kot penat2 masak kena reward diri sendiri.Papa bukak telinga besar2 sikit bila dengar perkataan 'reward' tu hee..heee. Talking about reward mama adalah bagi few tips bila kawan bertanya macam mana nak tak boring,hilang stress,jawapan dia kena ada impian dalam hidup, impian yang besar dalam jangka panjang dan yg kecik2 dalam jangka pendek,baru kita teruja berusaha ke arah itu.Impian besar kita maybe nak membina rumah impian dengan money limitation and what not lambat lah nak dicapai tapi kita boleh ada impian kecil2 yang boleh di capai macam pertengahan tahun nak pergi Bali contohnya,maka kita teruja awal2 tahun berusaha ke arah tu. Setiap impian kecil memberi makna dalam hidup,macam kerja jugak lah kena ada target.Oleh itu sila bina impian.

See a tiny impian when fulfilled makes a big different,pergi office dengan rings walaupun bukan emas or diamond tapi yang penting penuh kat tangan boleh tersenyum sepanjang hari tau.
Love people around you and love yourself.Give yourself a treat, she deserves it very very much,tak perlu beli baju di Christian Dior kalau kita tak mampu,lebihan kain cotton di store kalau kita pandai menjahit buat sehelai gaun tidur yang ringkas dah boleh buat kita gembira bila pakai di malam hari.Hmm teringat masa kecik dapat kain kotak2 uwan jahit jadi gaun tidur dengan tali..wahh terus gembira jadi puteri kayangan:)


MamaTiaMia said...

zubye,senyum electrik tu kira senyuman yang maha dasyhat lah,terus terpanah tak padam2 dek kemanisannya nyer..macam lagi m nasir"senyuman listrik mu".

mama 2A,salam,tak boleh masuk lah pulak thru link yg you provide tu nanti saya cuba lagi okay.

fasha,beras merah tu kurang pulut sikit,tapi nasi dagang ganu ni guna beras siam grade satu pun jadi jugak.

ann,dah masak and dah kena kiss ke?we masak2 sama2 okay.

bellanabel said...

kak zu..saya senyum sampai ilang rasa stress la baca blog akak :) hehehheee~
sampai hati turut tersenyum~~~

Salmi said...

salaam mamatiamia, I love your bakers rack *wink*..

AQisH said...

alahaii..bila masuk blog u ni jer i lapar huhu..sdpnye itu fav gak tu..;) share resepi bleh x :D

woww..itu cincin sungguh byk dijari jemari mu hehe..

MamaTiaMia said...

bella, macam tu lah baru hilang stress,life is too short nak stress2 ni bella.

salmi, thank you when i first saw it terus suka the antique effect,terus order RD untuk isi:)

Aqish,sian lah mommy pregnant ni..nanti kita blog the recipe ok..sementara tu pi makan kat Delicious Miss Read,Italiannies or Romano Pizza,olio dia orng sedap jugak:)

Anonymous said...

sedapnyaaaa. lama tak jenguk blog...macam2 food ada. maksu...cincin cantekkkk. nak satu...hehehee.
-kak ikin-

annhuzi said...

true mama. the key is PASSION! kalau dah passion tak de rasa penat, leceh ... tapi passion ni masing2 org lain, mcmana nak dpt passion masak? selalunya passion makan tu ada la :D is it something that comes naturally or can be nurtured? adakah mama dpt passion dari uwan? adakah semua anak2 perempuan uwan pun sama? kalau gitu insyaAllah tia mia pun dpt passion tu :) i belum dapat passion masak tapi harap sangat boleh dapat dari ilham mama :)

MamaTiaMia said...

hmmmm a very good question ann..i shall make a special entry about it..just for you:)

Liyana s said...

sgt2 suka this true, bila suka masak, it's not a chores...

Anonymous said...

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