Wednesday, April 14, 2010

KhadejaAyesha Quick Italian Cut

What's cooking?what's cooking for breakfast? No, this morning was not Asian cooking ...maklang gave mama that book for birthday few years back,she wants mama to cook lots and lots of chillies:)Breakfast this morning was" KhadejaAyesha Quick Italian Cut"..sounds so sophisticated ya, was a quick ciabatta pizza actually but mama gonna register "KhadejaAyesha Quick Italian Cut' for trade mark,so bila mama buat program TV nanti boleh guna nama ni:)Impian breakfast namanya..a good way to start your day:)

How to make this Quick Pizza? So can close your eyes while doing it.First,buy the ciabatta from Delifrance,Ciabatta is the thin crusty italian country bread. Mama had tried several ciabatta from several bakery,so far delifrance is the best,selling at RM2.70 each. Slice the ciabatta into two,spread olive bread spread or butter on it.

Take out you pasta sauce from the bottle,heat up in the pan,add a little bit of sugar and wait a while until it gets thicken,then spread on top of the buttered bread.Heat up your oven to 180 or 190 toast it until slighty golden brown.

Take it out from the oven and you may put any toppings that you like, like in this picture mama boiled two types of hot dog,one was honey chillied hotdog, plain hotdog and the shrimps.

Mama added two types of slice cheese,one was smoke barbeque cheese and the other was plain cheese.

Put in the oven again for less than 10 mins as the topping has already been cooked.

The result..wallaaaaa..the super duper yummylicious KhadejaAyesha Quick Italian Cut..mamamia..bite it now!

Choose which one do you like? the shrimp cut or the hotdog cut..... they are crunchy and so much nicer than the quick pizza we bought from the bakery.

This mamat so manja this morning..he got suap while working on his laptop..why???? because it is "Husband Week" and mama told him..'this week is husband week,husband must give wife pressie" he said "okay,after my Board meeting lah"..okay mama will wait.

This is Tia Khadeja..she and Mia (Mia not in the picture because so busy watching "The Wiggles" this morning) will endorse the "KhadejaAyesha Quick Italian Cut's brand when mama launch it at Tuscany during the"Perfect Morning Walk in tuscany's program"..hmm i love my morning..hope all of you will have great morning every morning:)


MamaTiaMia said...

dear ann,tak pe kita sama2 belajar,i tak pandai menjahit,stiching etc..baking pun not so good ni nak belajar dengan my nieces lah ni,so nice kalau boleh buat beautiful cakes.Yeap i love that rumah tingkap putih ann..i will make sure that the spirit live in my house:)

Liyana s said...

hmm...nampak menariknya KhadijaAyesha Quick Italian Cut ni...dah paten ke k.zue?hehe

annhuzi said...

hmm pejam mata presto pizza dah siap! do the TV show quick, sure bertambah2 peminat mama :)