Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beautiful Place

I love to travel and when i have time i will browse all the beautiful places to stay all over the world. I used to love staying in boutique and character hotel when i travel overseas with husband.I love the architecture of the period building, to me staying in the period hotel is more meaningful than staying in modern hotel.One of the best hotel i ve stayed with husband was a boutique hotel in Luzern,Switzerland, it is breathtakingly beautiful and everytime you go out you will always look forward to go back to the hotel as in the evening they will do the "tuck in" where they fold the thick blanket into body shape so it will be easy for you to climb under the blanket,there will be delicious dark chocolate on each pillow and a glass of warm milk on bedside waiting for you.With the view,weather,the romantic room you feel in heaven.Me and husband used to spend all our bonuses and saving on travelling,we had the most wonderful trips to Vienna,Salzburg,Venice,Florence and Rome,once you been hit by travelbug it will be difficult to stop,only the money is the limit:)

Now that I have Tiamia my style of travelling is different i prefer vacation rental homes compared to hotel as i want space and place for TiaMia to run around. Our last year's trip to Perth was really wonderful,Tiamia love the vacation rental home near Perth CBD and also the Farm House. With TiaMia around we travelled travel a lot in Malaysia too but it is difficult to find good vacation rental home in Malaysia,bunglaows in Port Dicksons mostly run down with shabby furnitures and poor maintenance. Since we are going to Cameron Highlsnds this weekend i have googled browsed many websites and i found this wonderful and breathtaking beautiful baungalow from Pesaka Antah website and also a blogger name chengninbin,pictures are courtesy of these two blogs.may be some of you have encountered this bungalow,it looks really lovely and they can prepare your meal too. I really look forward to have family gathering there,the price is really reasonble ranging from 750 to 900 pernite that can cater up to 8 or 10 people (excluding meal).Lets have a look at it.

 The beautiful Lowick Bungalow once belongs to a British Mr Lowick and now owned by Antah Group.

 Colonial style,very English feel with nicely maintain garden.

 The place has ample space for children to run around and it has caretaker too.

 Are we in England?:):)

 Look really cosy and nice.

 Wonderful blooms in the garden.

 They can cook delicious western meal such as this wonderful steak.

And this delicious apple pie..hmmm i cant wait to go:) but for this weekend we have to be satisfied with "Strawberry Park" only..Tia,Mia and Uwan pack your things and we are heading to CH this weekend;)


Mira Marlena said...

Such a lovely place for holiday!Memang terasa macam dekat England sekali gus...teringat cerita Mira Edora lakonan Julia Rais dulu2..

I love to go vacation too cuma sejak ada 3 orang anak ni agak payah sikit..but still looking forward actually..

My Putri said...

wow.. lovely place...
can try it out nxt time..
have fun in camerons ..
am sure tiamia would be so excited wit strawberry picking !!

MamaTiaMia said...

Hi Mira, so true ada anak lebih dari satu dah kena plan lebih nak go vacation:)

hi sofia..thanks and lets give a try next time ya;)

Salmi said...

awesome..baru hari nie tau about that place..soo beautiful..will consider that in our next family trip to cameron highland!..last time we went there, sewa 3 apartment..quite spacious jugak tapi tak ingat kat mana..but a very reasonable rate since my niece keje gomen..and that apple pie looks soo yummeh..we also need to cook for our short picnic at Ulu Bendul tommorow..if sempat will try to singgah at the muzium..Have a nice holiday !..

MamaTiaMia said...

hi salmi.. i pun baru jumpa..pi ulu bendul...aduhhhh rindunyaaaa:)happy holiday to you too:)

Anonymous said...

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