Sunday, May 11, 2014

Heart at Peace@MOTHER's DAY.

Some people said we should love our mom everyday, celebrate our love and care for her daily: not only on this Mother's  Day:);) My mom lives with me for the past 7 years- she is 91 going to be 92 years old, i cooked almost 7 days a week for her, bathed her in the morning, combed her hair, put on her clothes and telekung, walked her to the table, guided her to spoon noodles to her mouth, every night i will send her 3 times to bathroom before i go to bed, i woke up at 12.00 to check on her whether she is okay- i woke up at 3.00 a.m again to see whether she needs to use bathroom again. But, i still celebrate my love to her on this Mother's Day- we love our mother every single minutes but we don't send card or buy cake for her every day- we don't have chance to gather with our siblings everyday- and we dont buy present for our mother every single day:);) Loving her everyday is in our heart but doing something extra on this day is  special.

If our the niat is clear, the heart will be happy:):)


The story of the week- hmm this week is a busy week! I had to do presentation for the 4 consecutive days! It supposed to be tough but Alhamdulillah all went well:):)

Monday started well- a bloom on my table- a little gift from staff that brighthen up my morning:)

A place where i did my presentation- everyday is a learning process- we learn from each other.

Saturday i went to visit my bff at Glen's - this lady is a very special friend:);) Her heart is full with love:) Get well soon R :)

Me and my Bff:)

After visiting R at Hospital we played tourist around KL- we hardly come to KL- so macam orang kampung masuk city- kita kan orang Selangor:) We took the girls to KL Tower:)- orang dah tak kisah, kita baru nak tengok;) The girls loved the cultural village-" macam kampung uwan" they said.

We went up to the observation deck before having lunch at 'restaurant berputar/revolving restaurant'.

Tia and Moscow Tower.

The food was good at the restaurant- tak lah spread dia banyak sangat tapi tasty:) The buffet was  priced at RM88 for adult and RM68 for children- quite pricey kan- tapi utk pengalaman boleh lah:)

Up in the sky! It reminds me of Hong Kong somehow:)

After lunch we took the girls for batik painting.

It was raining and they had fun painting di bawah rumah;)



This morning i took Uwan and Heni out for breakfast.

Lunch was simple- Yong Tow Foo soup at home.

Uwan loves soup.Anak cucu baca doa and uwan makan:)


My bowl.

Evening- the girls asked me to fulfill my promise to bake meringue:) Aiyaa again:):) But you ve got to help mama buang taik ikan bills:)

Coffee meringue:);) Sedap hilang sekelip mata:)

Then i made pizza too- tak sempat mengambil gambar sekejap habis.

My sister came and gave me this beautiful floor rug as Mother's Day present:) I have to share with Uwan:);) i love it very much- cantikkk:);)

Hokkaido Durian Cake for uwan from my sister- that's why i said kalau hari2 biasa ni cinta terhadap ibu tu tak pernah luntur tapi tak lah ada masa kita nak berkumpul atau nak potong cake ni setiap hari;)

Cerita garden pulak sikit- hari ni, ini yang di tanam- cik pinky dan bunga melur.

Musim hujan menyuburkan tanaman:) last few weeks i made this green bed- belajar dari berjalan-jalan ke farm house dulu2;)


Bunga rose kampung pun rajin berbunga:)

" deng, deng.." Kak Ayan and Mia:)

Heart at peace and full with loves:):)

Hugs and Lots of Loves to Mothers and Daughters:):)

Thanks to all readers in the previous entry:):) Thanks for the tips,words and knowledge:):)



sinuha said...

Happy Mothers Day to Uwan :)
Mesti Uwan happy, dapat sambut dgn cucu lagi...

Chekgu Azrine said...

What a sweet mother's day.
Happy mothers day sis!!

Siti Asiah said...

suke bace blog ni...xtau nk explain camne...:)

SM@A said...

Salam Zu ...

Uwan reminds me of my beloved mom, passed away at the age of 84 on Sept 2013. Al Fatihah.

I'm ur silent reader, also originated from N9, to be exact Tampin.

I ni kalau you buat review pasal masak lomak ciliapi memang meleleh air liur.

Anak-anak n husband I pun fanatik masak lomak ciliapi.

Semalam gi Pasar Tani BBBangi, beli stok eksotik masak lomak ciliapi e.g daging salai, tolo itik, potai

Hahahaha :)

greetingsfromengland said...

Salam Zu, Happy Mother's Day to you too...this special day always make me extra terharu...

Nur-nba said...

Selamat Hari Ibu buat Kak Zu dan Uwan.. Semoga Kak Zu dan Uwan sentiasa dikurniakan kesihatan yg baik dan dipermudah segala urusan...

Now, nk bayar hutang baca previous entry akak... Take care sis..

eda said...

salam hari ibu buat kak zu n uwan ya .. ~~ love ur blog as always ..

Zaila Mohamad said...

selamat hari ibu buat akak sekeluarga

entri akak tak pernah mengecewakan saya. ALhamdulillah dan teruskan berblog kak

Nastyna said...

as usual, masa baca macma banyak jer nak komen but once dah habis.. terus speechless tak tau nak kata apa hehehe. not too latre for me to wish us all happy mothers' day hopefully :)

Norhalizah Haron said...

Assalam Kak Zu...belum terlewat lagi rasanya nak ucap selamat hari ibu buat kak zu n Uwan...tengok Uwan, always reminds me to my Atok...meleleh air mata...ingat lagi jasa2nya masa sihat, kudratnya masa sihat, bawak beg sekolah cucu2 berjalan balik ke rumah...sekarang Atok dah tak macam dulu...sama mcm Uwan... :,(

Moga kak zu n Uwan serta keluarga sentiasa sihat di bawah lindungan Allah s.w.t. Teringin nak jumpa kak Zu...selalu nampak dari jauh jer...sangat cantik org nya...

Ina Hashim said...

happy mother's day to uwan and kak both are very special moms indeed...

btw, nk tny...uwan deliver kak zu wktu umo dia brp ye?at her 50s ke? kak zu buatla story sikit pasal tu ye....sangat2 suka baca story kak zu jaga uwan...moga Allah sentiasa rahmati hidup kak Zu yg dah menjaga uwan selama 7 thn

Annie12062 said...

Hope its not too late to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

Annie12062 said...

Hope its not too late to wish you HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY..Your kids are lucky to have you as their mum !

Art Lover said...

Happy Mother's Day Azu.
Sedap tengok lauk pauk Kampong.

Nissa Azmir said...

Just found ur blog. Suka baca... I link to my blog k

cippa said...


cippa said...