Sunday, April 26, 2009


We did macam2 during weekend,saturday we went Shichida,it was so hot that day,mama felt so thirsty and after class we stop for cendol.Sad news ,Professor shichida,the founder of Shichida method passed away in his sleep few days ago,we thank him for sharing the wonderful method with all children all over the world.Sunday kak ikin and family came to the house,we had breakfast,nasi dagang,nasi kerabu,laksam and kak ikin's homemade fried bee hoon, we discussed about having kenduri arwah this coming saturday and after that we took pakcik to our new house in monterez.Yesterday evening kak ayan came to send our brass chandeliar after being polished,mama&papa bought the antique chandeliar from Vienna,it was really heavy and we carried all the way from Vienna-Venice-Florence-Rome-Kl,it was a very good bargain,when it as hanged in the shop in Vienna they look old and black but the moment mama saw it mama knew it will shine back, so we took back and maklang help sending it to a special place that do polishing and coating for brass,yesterday the chandeliar bling,bling and mama is so happy,mama will send to new house so that wireman can fix to our ceiling.

The bling,bling solid brass Chandeliar all the way hand carried from Vienna to KL.

Hope wit will shine our new house.

This is the antique store that sell all the knick knacks and mama saw the Chandeliar.The were so many good things inside the store if only the place is near...hmmmm..

They took down the Chandeliar for mama...happy..happy...

Saturday after class..we stop for cendol..sad news also Professor Shichida has passed away in his sleep few days ago..papa wrote in condolence book provided at the school.

The super nyumm..nyumm cendol.

The papa and the two daughters.

Eating mini m&ms.

Mia stopped to read the plate number..she likes to do that.

sampai rumah..main-main

panjat the slide to see birds..

aeroplane,aeroplane where are you?


Sofea said...

really nice antique store ya... wish we had those here too...would hv been so awesome !!!

so cute to see Mia bace plate number on the car... bersungguh2 tu !!! hehe..

was actually busy wit fixing and learning our new clinic our clinic is now fully computerized...phew..not easy to learn in the beginning !!! but now getting the hang of it .. hahahahha...things will be easier soon... eg stock take, costs of goods sold and sales masuk semua computer kira... xya susah buat buku akaun g !! yahoo !! mule2 mmg semua susah.. but as they say.. susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian la kan....he he..

condolences to Prof Shichida 's family.. saw the ad in the newspapers yesterday...

Anonymous said...

jgn umah akak pun jadik cam kedai barang antik plak
macam2 dah saya tengok akak beli rase nyer =)

minggu ni pun saya nk balik n9... ader member kat TK nk kawin... pastu mandi jeram tengkek xtvt yg slalu kitaorg buat klau dah ramai2 turun TK.. maybe after that mancing kat sawah kat Kg Lonek klau tak kering lg ler..aritu dpt keli beso gak... tak puas ati =) lamer tu 3 hari cuti macam2 boleh buat... balik palong ker kejap

minggu ni saya takder gambo nk upload.. member opis pinjam pi janda baik.. camera dia abg dia pkai

4 Kay-E said...

sedapnye tengok cendol tu!!! Ish.. sungguh menggoda lerrrr.....

Mia suka baca plate numbers ye.. bagus keci2k dah ada minat membaca...

Azu, Dah cukup ke sume brg2 utk rumah baru u?

Idida Aziz said...

ingatkn cendol apa yg bling2 plak...hehehe...nmpk sedap sungguh tuh...kat mana kedai tuh...nmpk gaya cam agak jauh jugak dr rumah ku kalu area monterez sana....

sungguh la kiutnyer pic mia eja plate no...acik suko