Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our papa is away and we miss him a lot.

Papa is away in Korea since Sunday,we miss him a lot and a lot.Papa called us everyday, he rindu us too..papa said his schedule in Korea is pack ,long meetings, endless dinner and visits and he said Korea is fulled with cherry blossom now..must be beautiful and romantic.Papa said he bought mama,tia and mia amythest pendants,today papa will be visiting Nomi Island,Winter Sonata place..mama wishes all of us can be there..we must go somewhere this year..together..so we will wait for papa to come back hopefully there's more than "kim chi' in papa's bag.

mama rinduuu travelling..wish we could be at florence's train station again, waiting for train.

Papa at Rome Hotel.

Wish we could go back to Rome again and fill our bag with leather goods and other items.
Mama loves Italian local's brand..the shoes are so comfortable and lasting..papa loves his Armani watch and Mont Blanc pen...hmmm so wonderful if we can shop,shop and shop and our purse will still be fat..dream..dreammm.


nerry nerry strawbery said...

don worry mama, papa will definitely bring back MOREE than kim chi he he he

4 Kay-E said...

Papa mesti beli byk ole2 from Korea.. esp for those 2 cinonet gilrs.. hehe..

Bestkan if we shop & the purse remain FAT with money. huhu..

nur aishah said...

paksu da pergi korea ker..?kita demam 2ari..umah kita tanki air ada problem..kuar air karat da seminggu..doktor kata nur mungkin terminum air karat tue..hukhuk..
ala..kejap jer tu paksu pegu..jap gi dia blk bawak bnyk present..hehe