Friday, April 3, 2009

The neighbourhood

Last Saturday we took the kids and uwan to see the neighbourhood of our future house,next to ours are, Jelutong on the left,Kayangan Heights at the back and Denai Alam on the right,we then went to see the nearest school,the nearest Mosque.

This cheeky girl, one day need to be enrolled into we check out the nearest school for Tia and Mia.
This is kayangan heights mosque.

The new Villas outside Kayangan Heights..the developer's tag line to attract the richs to buy is " very affordable,still priced below 2 Million..hmm they are selling at 1.95 million..hmm affordable?? the rich of course.The Villa is nice, they are big with split levels on the terrace,they have private swimming pool too..but to stay there i think you need at least 2 its okay not to have this Villa.

The exclusive and limited 19 units Villa ..those interested,they are located next to Seri Cahaya International School outside the Kayangan Heights.

Entrance to the green and serene kayangan heights..if maklang tak jual their lot there..we will become neighbour now (it was way back in 1990s..its all about rezki and nasib..i used to visit my sister's banglow lot there when i was stilled at U..never thought that one day i will settle next to this place)

outside the Kayangan heights..they look just like other 'heights,heights heights etc.."

The nearest school is the private school-Seri cahaya International school..hmm don't know whether we can afford this..lets check out again in 6 years time..then we decide,whether this nice fully air conditioned school or we go jelutong school.

Hi school, i can see your big swimming pool...

"mama the school looks nice..if you and papa got money send us there,otherwise we ll be happy to go Jelutong school"..good girl Tia, spare your sweet smile for mama's home made muffins okay.

'hmmm kepoh her..look at me i just settle with my vitagen,enjoying the the green view and music from this Mr Andrea Borcelli..


Linda Latip said...

nmpk cozy la neighbourhood ni Tia n Mia, hehe naty wat hse warming jgn lupe panggey Ghazi..Anyway, yup The IS skrg ni mahal plus, once u hantar the kids there kite takleh dh nk msuk sek asrama penuh yg gov nye like TKC STF MRSM or RMC. Kena smbung higher ed level kat IS jgk. I dah wat survey..klu sorg ank mampu la..klu Ghazi ade adik..sek kebangsaan je la ye ghazi hihi

4 Kay-E said...

dah tertinggal byk entry Tia&Mia...
Geram je tengok gambar budak tecit 2 org tu. now mmg trend buat sengih mcm gitu ye? hehee.. kelakar je..

*lama tak maakn vitagen ;)

Ikin said...

hhehehe...cute cute