Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Croissant in Paris & Bonjour Geneve!

Salam kasihredha,susumanis,mamalisa,hanis azla,shamsuhada,kaezrin,Kak Nur,greetingsfromengland and kak pinat! Ohh thank you so much for all the good words- good people will meet another good people ehh..so all of us that met here are good and blessed people too! Especially yang tinggal kan komen,doa,semua tu kan sedekah,you made my heart flutters,i thank you,i doa you ,tak semua orang nak buat macam tu kan..even people yang kita kenal hari2,tengok muka selalu,not all will stop you and give good words and not all will be happy for you.So we are special people here,clap,clap to us..Alhamdulillah;)

And thank you so much to Noor from England..doa i ada rezki ke UK lagi..mestilah teringin nak ke Cotswold tu..last time cuma ke Oxford and Moreton on Marsh saja:) Too Kak Nur Trengganu/Paris- he he saya pandai mencari angle yang cantik kak nur,kan blogger tegar..hee..hee semua pun nak snap gambar,eiffel tower dari balcony kak nur tu jadi blurr lah pulak,too much light agaknya:)

Okaylah these are the picture of our last day in paris and journey to Geneva or they panggil Geneve..actually bukanlah say bybye betul to Paris as after 10 days in geneva nanti we will come back to paris,spend a night before we head back to KL.

Kaezrin, we had our breakfast kat La Terrase:) the croissant there was awesome;)

See how they love it..it is  nice to be eaten on its own.

our TGV train to Geneva from Gare Du Nord will be at 12.45pm,we plan to go there at 11.00am .We have ample time to have breakfast.

i ordered omellete with champignons(mushroom) and cheese..wahhh sedap betul:)

Breakfast ala Parisien;)

Me and him in Paris:)

Ha ha si kenit nak menyelit jugak..langsung tak ada masa romantik2 ni;)

We took a cab to Gare Du Nord driven by an eygptian lady and when she found out the girls name are Khadeja and Aisyah she said "mashallah,mashallah;"

Gare Du Nord train station is very meaningful to us especially the girls as they been watching Mr Beans Holiday since they were 2 yr old.Many scenes in that movie were taken here.

We will board TGV Lyria the fast train from Paris to Geneva and the journey will be 2 and 1/2 hours.

Lucky we dah tinggal dua bag kat rumah Kak Nur:) senanglah nak manage the girls sikit.

The girls trying their hands on the vending machine where Mr beans tie got stuck in the movie.

So we sat and waited, i told the girls no to be far from me as there were many people there and we really need to be careful.

Ni Blue restaurant..kalau siapa tengok Mr Beans Holiday mesti ingat Mr beans makan lobster kat dalam restaurant dengan claws terkeluar keluar dari mulut dia:)

The french lady promoting 'pink apple'

Dua orang ni happy dapat apple gemuk and juicy.

We finally in the train;) I booked a first class seat,saja nak bagi the girls selesa,lagi pun tak rasa naik flight first class,train jadi lah:)..i booked the tickets online from Malaysia,if you rajin berjaga and monitor tengah malam there are time when they about to close the first class booking at night and they will offer good rates for few hours.When they offer this you must grab that opportunity;)I booked through Eurorail and they have office in Singapore, if you train tickets tak keluar kat email etc you boleh call Singapore to check.Cuma booking online ni you cannot choose the seat as it will be allocated automatically to you but they will normally seat the family together.

Mia sat with Mama at the front while Tia sat with papa behind us.

Mia and her magazine.

The TGV magazine.

wonderful view along the way.

For first class they will serve meal/lunch.They have seafood,vegetarian or chicken meal,we ordered seafood.

Madamoseille enjoying her meal on the fast train.

The service is like on the aeroplane where they will serve you hot and cold drink.

dah kenyang tidur;)

Alhamdulillah we finally arrived at our apartment in geneva- there's no picture at train station in geneva because we had a shock there bila bagpack kena snatch depan mata,my husband put his bag pack with the luggage infront of me sebab dia nak pergi toilet,in a split second a man came took the bag and ran, my immediate reaction was ' heyyyyyyy' i shouted so loud that he dropped the bag even he was already few metres away.Alhamdulillah,pertolongan Allah swt, he could just ran away with it but he dropped it and we got the bag back.After that i was so carefull i grab the girls's hands tight..jadi pembuka mata utk lebih berhati-hati.

 The apartment was much bigger than the one in  paris ,more complete and the owner was wonderful:) we didn't see each other but we communicated through sms,email and phone.

It has all the basic needs.

Large balcony and nice view.

Beach theme deco.

The kitchen,the girls were so excited with the automatic bin;)

There's one sofa bed in the living room.

Big apple screen for Mac.

The house has no Tv as in Geneva you need licence to have TV, just like malaysia long time ago. The lady owner bought this cute little tv specially for Tia and Mia.

The cabinet.

Plates and eveything else.

View from the kitchen.

After settling down we went out to have lunch.

We ate kebab at ali baba cafe a halal turkish restaurant.

Then we walked around the town.

After that we went to the geneva lake with the famous jet d eau.The  manmade fountain was so high that it can reach the low flying small plane;) This lake or genevian called it "lac" is just 6-7 mins from our apartment.

There were many egyptians here,they flocked in the expensive Grand kempinski hotel facing the lake.

the environment was wonderful ..everybody walk and relax.

Flowers were blooming too.

The town revolves around the lake.

The design and architecture of the buildings in geneva are different from paris,many white buildings can be found here.

Different type of balcony too.

blooms everywhere.

rajuk merajuk time;)

Gorgeous view.

Remind me of Cote D Azur in Southern France.

Private and public boats for hire.

There's many wild ducks to be fed.

The famous swiss brands.

We in Geneva on the first day:) We ve been to Zurich,Luzerne and Berne in 2007 but geneva has a slightly different landscapes.

The town.

Then the girls found this apa lagi melekat lah.

9.20 at night eating gelato.

We had a wonderful first day;)

Let's go back to the apartment first we have 10 days to spent here;)..until the next entry night2;);)


kasihredha said...

Nasib baik tak buat lari bag tu kan...Alhamdulillah...Allah melindungi.
View dari kitchen pun dah menarik...apalagi kat luarkan.
Suka 100x tengok pics kat sini.

Anonymous said...

A very very breathtaking view in Geneva,masha Allah.lucky you to be able to witness the beauty.must say thanks to you for sharing those spectacular sceneries,terasa macam i was in that setting pulak.hehe.
Tsenyum2 i everytime ada report pasal the girls gaduh2 manja.can imagine pening kepala nak layan karenah anak2 tgh mbesar,but that's a gift in life,right...syukur..-ita,a long time silent reader,first time commenting ;) -

Mamasya said...

Salam Mamatiamia.cantik betul view kat Genewa ni...bandar tepi laut dan bukit mmg indah dipandang. suka tengok balkoni ada bunga2.
syukurlah dpt balik bag yg dicuri....masih ada rezki.

susumanis said...

MasyaAllah MTM, cantiknyerr all t picas, besar betol croissant tu ya, npk so sedapp, ada satu benda i nampak n i suka sgt sgt, tea pot yang de tulis keep calm and carry on , niceee...alhmdulillah semua selamat, Allah swt really take care of u guys kat sana..alhamdulillah..

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
bestnya jalan2 ke sini. mmg cantik dan menarik tempatnya.. hopefully dpt juga ke sini. cuma downsidenya kena hati2 dgn brg2 kita kan. kat sini pun sama, kalau jalan2 kat shopping complex pun kena jaga2 takut ada pick pockets, dgr kata diorang mmg target org asia sbb org asia selalu bw byk cash.

Fatimah said...

Terasa cam i ada di sana...best nye...kalau dtp gi honeymooon kt sana...mmmm boleh ke...confirm haru biru sebab kena urus 5 org askar yg ada ni...

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

waahhh wonderful....blooms are everywhere..i loiike..

iklan samsung SIII pun ade kan... :))

sedapnye tgk tia mia makan crossaint tu..terliurnye!!

Hanis Azla said...

Alhamdulillah.. musibah kecil itu memberi peringatan yg baik.. Alhamdulillah sentiasa di lindungi.. Subhanallah, semuanya indah2 dan sgt menarik dalam entry ni.. kata2nya, gambar2nya, info2nya.. aduhai, the way tiamia makan croissant tu buat auntie rasa nak cari croissant juga utk berbuka nnt.. he..he.. look so tempting :))

Anonymous said...

as'salamulaikum, subhan Allah, masya Allah!! your so blessed, alhamdulillah! thank you for sharing the beautiful journey with us. sister in sg :)

mamalisa said...

subhanallah, cantiknya Geneva...thanks for sharing x pegi pun dapat jugak tgk from ur experience..must be wonderful exp for both tia mia..

Betul ke semlm bday u? Kalau betul nak wish happy birthday sis, moga sentiasa dlm rahmat Allah..i learnt a lot thru ur blog, ur exp, cooking knowledge, pasal uwan, pasal family...thanks for the great writing. ?You such a lucky lady sis...hugs!

Anonymous said...

kak zura, cantiknyer sandal tia dan mia. beli kat mana yea? (weetai_2001@yahoo.com)

Liney said...

best nyer dapat g jalan kan... comel nyer tia n mia... geram...

Anonymous said...

you're so good at making us feel as if we're on the journey with you! lovely shots, especially the romantic ones with your hubby dearest, and of him wearing the flapcap, very English! you're both very stylish!

Siti Zinnirah said...

pic gelato tu macam tia or mia pakai heels je ;)

kaezrin said...

masya allah...tiba2 lapar pagi2 buta tgk croaissant sedap i may be going to paris again in Sep/oct so haruslah wajib pi makan situ balik.....

and masya allah saya sgt mahu ke geneva juga.....bestnya nmpk....uwaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Kisses from Germany, but don't forget that god is great and life can change anytime.

aini said...

As salam sis..love reading your life stories and love your humbleness too..not to forget love all the good comments too..yes and i agree good people do meet with good people..