Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Porch,Deck and Patio

I love outdoor living, i spent most of my time outdoor if am at home,I will only be inside for cooking and sleeping. That is why i love garden,porch,deck and patio so much,they bring tranquility,serenity to me.A home to me is not about having expensive leather sofa,imported javanese teak dining set,gold wrought iron grilles,endless airconds or the biggest flat screen that you can find but it is about warm sofa,cosy corner,inviting porch,lovely outdoor dining,lushious garden,these are the foundation to a "home sweet home". Collections like plates and cups,lighthings and carpets are only accesories to the house,they should not rule your house,these decos should not become a display that prohibits you from touching it,it should be part of the everday use.lately i have been visiting many lovely porches belong to home owners in california,they are really lovely,they are so natural and warm,i love them because they are not so "heavy' with decorative items..they are just relaxing. I am building my dream porch and deck too,hope they will turn out to be as lovely as those i saw. With more rezki i hope to build outdoor bath for the girls as they love to take their bath outdoor, i can't have a pool at the house, first the area is not that big,secondly i don't feel safe having pool with small children around and thirdly they are expensive and requires high maintenance. I have been thinking about the outdoor both for the twins, i already have great idea,insyallah if we have more rezki i will realize the dream. Until my porch is ready lets have a look at these lovely california porch below.

The Porch brings the outdoor feel closer to the house.
I love the white rocking chairs and the greeneries.

Anything that you serve outdoor will become more delicious and yummy.

The old rattan rocking chair is very special and adds charm and warm feeling to the house.

Get a good book and tuck yourself in this cosy sofa..nothing else matters (to me).


Ikin said...

Yeyyyy...baru ada peluang drop comment. ni pun atas katil sebab demam. Haha.
Tak sabar..nak tgk...suke..suke.

Ikin pun suka deck. Teringin nak buat kat setia alam nanti.sikit pun jadi la.Best la baca pasal design kat blog maksu ni.
Update lagi ye...hihi

MamaTiaMia said...

ko ikin,asyik domam yo..kojo lain tak do..camana kita nak meeting nak buat project party ni ha?jangan risau nanti alvin boleh buat deck kat setia alam tu.

nerry nerry strawbery said...

eiii bagus jugak idea deck ni.. nanti nak panggil alvin jugak la...laki aku bila ada benda baru aku suggest mesti kata... haa tu zu punya idea la tu.. ha ha . zu zachary philipine kata klu nak order noritake kat sana ada kilang dia... murah2

MamaTiaMia said...

tak der duit lagi la nerry..setakat ni mampu makan pinggan tesco jer la..tapi kalau ko beli nak jugak tengok..hehh..hehh..let me know anytime nak pakai alvin tu ha.

Anonymous said...

ala,mamatiamia tiba2 rendah diri pulak...pinggan tesco taraf mcm i jer..heheheh