Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time flies super duper fast!

yeap..time flies so fast,my babies turning 2 on this 24.06, so cepat, it feels like i just left damansara specialist yesterday..now they are big girls already..super duper active,full of life,full of energy..their smiles,their laughters filling every corner of the house.Now mama start dah pikir2 lagi,nak celebrate their coming birthday, just a sederhana one,kak ikin and kak nur will help mama with the preparation, we will bake our own cake,blow our own balloons,we just order the food from the club,its gonna be the same place,same people,just a different menu,Insyallah.

when they were one..
last time it was barney..this year fikir2 lagi lah..they like A,B,C now..

these powerpuff girls will help mama..ya girl..together we put our creative heads..must have jimat,jimat in mind..he..hee


4 Kay-E said...

Yeay!!! Tia&Mia mesti dah pandai excited... hehe.. They are big girls now... Plan awal2 for the party :)

IbuEriem said...

wahh best2..nak join!! nak join!!

Mummy Nini said...

Yeayyy.. Aunty Lynn celebrate birthday sama-sama ngan Tia & MIa bleh??
Lynn birthday on 23/6 awal sehari dari Tia&Mia.

Linda Latip said...

yea yea bestnye..dh nk msuk 2..Ghazi tk smpat celebrate bedey die :( ummeh n abah tersuper bz..dah well planned..tp tkley executed jgk..maknenye tk abis well lagi lah hehe.anyway..mama hv fun plan the party..jgn lupe kami kakaka

Samcun said...
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Samcun said...

teringinla nak join bday party tia n mia.. :p