Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 Pink Hats.

Pink Hats,Pink Hats where have you been?

We ve been to the Zoo to visit the cuckoo,the giraffee,the elephant,the dolphin..and many many more..
The Pinks hat girls went to the Zoo,they had a wonderful time there and the picked up the biggest hat in the store for themselves.

The 3 pink hats..the weather was kind to the pink hats..the giraffes were friendly and beautiful..the pink hats were happy.

lets walk and walk in this wonderful weather,lets see the animal,ride on the tram,peep on the tiger,feed the elephant and play with the birds..lets go now..

Wahhhh the giraffe has a very long neck,the body is fulled with beautiful patterns..they have long legs like a model..they can run very fast you know.

Pink hats.. so happy singing "lets go to the zoo...."

Meeting the elephants..wahh they are so big..i am a bit scared..

Flamingos many of them..can we keep one or two mama?

Mr Elephant likes to eat banana,sugarcane..he got a very long trunk,his leg is very strong,the ear is really wide but the eyes is small.

The Pinks hats take five under the tree..

Lunch macaroni with chicken and carrot soup for Tia..Mia is still running under the tree trying her best to catch the flamingo..

The tummy is fulled, the energy is of we go to board the tram..

This Tiger got stucked to the wall mama..

Animal shows only start at 3 and we go round and round first..

When we are in good mood we hold hands..and we say 'hold hands,hold hands,dont let it go..."

Seeing giant fish in the aquarium.

Mr Dolphin is so cute,they walk like us,they have cute face and lovely tummy..we feel like hugging them

We are tired and papa treats us with Cornetto,we are very glad..

We had wonderful time at the Zoo and mama bought us the nice "windmill"..

We stopped at our new house,uwan and heni were waiting for us there..

We took bath and mama cooked us dinner..

We love to play here..many nooks and corners to hide and seek..we love this verandah too.Mama thought of changing the paint into white and she will add the handrails around the verandah so that we can have sofas and swing here..

Enjoying evening at Monterez..

Mama always feel tired from running and catching the girls here..they like to run,jump too much..hmmm
We stayed here until late evening..

Tia posing at mama's new "Espana bar chairs"..the boy from the shop said a new launched bar at Bintang Walk bought all Espana bar chairs from the we will have our little Bintang walk at home:)
The weekend Feast : Mama cooked yummylicious roast chicken: mama's own recipe: rub bit of tumeric&curry powder,salt,oyster sauce and big amount of fresh yoghourt to the chicken,set the oven to 200 degress,bake until golden brown and cripsy..the result is very nice as you will have spicy and sour roast chicken like Nandos.

Tia's discovery : Tia loves cheese very much..she picked this brand from the supermarket,they are a bit expensive,semi soft cheese produced in France..the mini Bonbel is really delicious,you can just eat plain french bread with it..we love it very very much.


Idida Aziz said...

so cumel la 3 anak dara (oppsss :D ) nih pakai topi pink...

4 Kay-E said...

Amboi 3 beranak dgn pink hat. nasib baik papa pakai kaler merah. ;)
Suka Tia&Mia tgk animals tu ye...

MamaTiaMia said...

ye la ita..nasib baik papa pun tak pink..kalau tak parah ler:)tia mia pandai pilih yang besar ajer..

annhuzi said...

tia mia nice ya see real big animals in the zoo n both of u picked a gorgeous pink hat. Active girls run n jump, make active intelligent mind too :)

Ikin said...

canteknyaaa topi...kak ikin nak pinjam satu...
beshnya jalan2...
tanteknya rumah...tanteknya kushii...
tedapnya..ayam...tedapnya cheese...semua nakkkkk

miss u all..nanti kita datang sana la bila free...mmuah..

nerry nerry strawbery said...

espana chair cantik tu hah.. heh porch tu boleh himpun bmw,mercedez,ford,volvo dan mcm2 lagi lah...

MamaTiaMia said...

hoi nerry, nak himpun BMW,mercedez..manolah nak ambik duit..himpun gambo bolehler.

ann,they both are really active but the mama tak la kurus sangat..hehh..hee

ikin,mai la jalan2 sini ha..

Mamasya said...

cutenya Tia Mia pakai pink hat...mamatiamiapun comei dgn topi pink
seronok Tia Mia dpt tengok binatang di zoo.. nampak tak penatpun mrk.
cantik dan lapang rumah baru mamatiamia...