Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I miss you too..hope your day will be sunnier when I see you:)

Salam :):)

Alhamdulillah;  We have heavy down pour here lately but it helps to cool the heaty days and nights:) And as usual after the rain we see beautiful sun while NewYork brought to its knees-As superstorm Sandy moves in land,millions of people along the US east Coast have to go without power or mass transit.Malaysian students have to stock up food and lessons was disrupted.Not only did they have to deal with cancelled classes and power outages,supermarket shelves were also empty, forcing some to stay with friends elsewhere.

Just imagine it will be really scary when you are in a foreign land far away from your families and you are stuck without food- going to supermarket and shelves were emptied! We have to be really thankfull to Allah Swt, in our land we are blessed,we have enough that we tend to forget to appreciate things.I am reminding myself and my girls to to be thankful for all that we have starting with the air we breathe in the morning,feet that take us to the toilet,hands that wipe our face and eyes that bring anything we want to see infront of us.

Thank You Allah atas nikmat mu walau sekecil zahrah atau sebesar gunung,semoga saudara mara atau sahabat handai atau kenalan kita yang berada di US/New York di pelihara.Amin.

On the sunnier side- my BFF posted on my timeline this morning- she said she misses me a lot! Ayaya so sweet of her,i am missing her a lot too..wish we could spend sometimes together laughing and fighting:):) I hope when i see you your day will be sunnier BFF!

My girls asked me to buy something for them so that they can wear  it to the fancy dress party at school today. Yesterday after a good lunch at Nandos (yup i went and ate 3/4 chicken at Nandos yesterday..yeayyy tercapai cita2) with my lunch buddy i went to Cold Storage to look for masks and other items but it was too expensive.It is ridiculous to pay more than RM20 for a simple mask.I went back and googled "printable children mask for fancy dress party" , there's many pretty masks including scary ones at the websites.Knowing that my girls are very much into princess things i printed the ones like in the above picture, i glued it to hard paper,cut according to the shape,made holes to the eyes. I fixed  plastic cake knives from my office pantry as the holder using the  tapes...tadaaa i got beautiful masks for them and save few bucks;):)

I cooked white pulut with santan for breakfast this morning and i team it up with Clam curry and potato using the Rose Curry Powder from Trengganu..it was delicious:)

So- Trick or Treat? Treadmills or Treat? he he...

Ahaaaa my blonde princess is ready to go to school:) Nowadays they will choose the dress they like in the cabinet and they laid it down on the bed for me:):)

Hope you have fun at school girls;) And if Teacher Claire needs knife to cut a cake,you may lend it to her!

Precious view in the morning;) Uwan always take her breakfast outside,she can empty her plate while bersantai-santai outside here watching heni watering the garden,the girls sibuk2 to go to school:) That is why i am looking forward for a week off in November because i can do many things in my wishlist with her and the girls:)

Whatever it is Uwan you still have to take your supplements;) Kerut muka ya Uwan..tak pe..kita semua pun minum sama2:):) uwan been taking Vemma for the past 3 months,kita orang pun..Alhamdulillah nampak bagus on uwan,appetite elok..itu yang penting bagi orang tua..kalau tak nak makan mana nak dapat energy..so kalau dia boleh makan dan sedap selera I am very happy:)Teringat masa lepas operate dulu,pagi2 nak nangis i suapkan bubur,nak makan 2 sudu pun susah..i kena tolak bubur tu masuk dalam mulut dia guna  jari,ada hari2 yang i menangis mintak dia makan..sebab kalau tak makan i tau kesihatan dia kan terus menjunam..dengan tekak sakit bekas kena masuk tube,mana dia ada selera makan...but Uwan is a strong lady..dengan kehendak Allah Swt dia pun pulih..teringat apa Doctor Collins (her surgeon) tu cakap "Your mother must be a very good lady and she must have done good things in her life...she survives and got on her feet fast..it is very rare at this age..with her complication and all " Kena ingat selalu supaya tidak terleka dan terlupa.

Beautiful sun in my garden:) Cantikkan..can brighten up any mellow hearts;)

Tahan hujan pulak tu..dalam lebat2 ni dia masih berdiri megah:)

Ini Rose Desa..cantik..tapi tak berapa tahan hujan..kelopak senang jatuh hujan2 ni:)

This morning i stucked in a crazy jam but SubhanAllah i saw  turtle,lamb,cat shapes formed by the clouds and the best part i can see the sun like a shy damsel behind the white cloud:)

Untuk semua terimakasih singgah di sini;) Bila ada masa saya akan jawap pertanyaan semua:) Take Care.Moga hari indah buat semua:):)



Suraya Harris said...

Awwwww...so sweet of you to print out the masks for you twins! Can't wait for Harris to grow up a lil bit more so that I can prepare costume for him too.. =) I adore u kak! =) hugs!

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

waahhh...sukenye with the printed for tia mia..it remins me back with school days..gunting2 kertas..gam sane sini...bile qaseh dah besar nanti sure i will prepare for her too..tak sabar :)

pulut sgt stak menahan..cam nak amik rase aje..

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
wah comelnya puteri2 tu hehe.. mesti enjoy habis kat sekolah. baguslah idea Zu buat mask sendiri. kadang2 yg beli kat kedai tu mahal melampau2.
hmm sedaplah pulut tu. rasa cam nak teman Uwan mkn je hehe :)

Anonymous said...

salam zu, hope u and family are well! been a bit busy, but i've not missed reading all your entries, lovely as ever. take care!

Nur-nba said...

Salam.. Hi Kak Zu.. Nur setuju dengan pendapat akak. Kita sememangnya patut bersyukur kerana negara kita dalam keadaan aman dan jauh dari musibah benvana alam yang dahsyat seperti di US.

Nur memang tak terfikir yang pisau plastik pemotong kek boleh digunakan untuk buat mask.. Kak Zu memang kreatif.. Gembira anak2 dapat mask princess tu...♥♥ Mereka tentu bangga memiliki ibu seperti akak.. Pulut tu nampak sedap..tambah pula dicicah bersama kuah kari.. yummy..♥

Syukurlah Uwan sihat dan cepat pulih selepas pembedahan.. Memang warga emas seusia dengan Uwan banyak yang perlu dijaga..seperti pemakanan dan kesihatan perlu dipantau sentiasa. Semoga Uwan dan kedua2 ibu bapa Nur dikurniakan kesihatan yg berpanjangan dan ceria selalu di samping anak2 dan cucu2 tersayang..Amin.

Mrs.FHM said...

so kreatif mama tia mia nih... save money jugak...

The Singing Pilot said...

Akak, bila nk buat msk2, kita nk dtg mkn hahaha

Anonymous said...

suka tengok uwan duduk2 bersantai kat depan rumah tu, pemandangan yg berharga sangat kan :) enjoy your day Zu and inshaAllah more happiness will come into your life, ameen :)


annhuzi said...

mama bijak bistari, sentiasa dapat idea kreatif!
Alhamdulillah. Doctor pun bijak menilai nikmat ibadah. Syukur azu, muga kita juga dapat seperti uwan be a very good lady and do many good things in life. I can see you following in her footsteps and leaving prints for tia mia to follow too :)

Atheerah Hamdan said...

baru jumpa blog ni. your princesses are sweets , ikut mummmy diorang lah tu, hehhe :')
you're such a sweet mother .

for uwan, hope dia sentiasa sihat insyaallah, amin.

Elena said...

sometimes i think uwan's face way tooooooo cute..ahahahahah

peace yo uwannnn!


Anonymous said...

salam..baru terjumpa blog ni.Lovely entry..teruskan menulis..
salam perkenalan.

kaezrin said...

ada lagi ke stok rempah rose tuh kak?