Sunday, September 1, 2013

This & That ,This & That

I was sitting on the swing on my verandah while updating this entry:) I felt so good- nothing much to care,nothing much to think- it was raining and  i ve just made pizza for the second time ,my mom was on the sofa- telling old stories, Stevie was snuggling comfortably next to me:) How i wish the evening never end, it was like when i was small in my house in my hometown...

Then i write this entry.....

I had this delicious Fishhead&Freshwater prawn noodles at Old Asia Cafe with Bff and ex staff last week- this dish is one of my favourite- simply good:)

My lunch buddy- not partner in crimes but partner in buying groceries:);)

Another winner lunch for last week- Yong Tow Foo in Curry broth- so sedap:):

Bekal for the girls to kindy- colourful beehoon.

Dinner:  i made this "Bali Roast Chicken"- I never been to Bali and you can never get this recipe from anywhere- it is how i imagine Bali people roast their chicken..he he but it turned out really good- i tumbuk turmeric and ginger, rub chicken with mountain salt, rub the tumeric and ginger plus 2 spoonfull of fried garlic in oil (the one in the bottle) - after you mix well place it in the magic pan and roast to perfection.

and dont forget to prepare hot tea to go with "Bali Roast Chicken".

But when the road was jam, the body was tired i opted for simple dinner like this : macaroni,chicken and broccoli soup.

The best dessert- pearl corn from Cameron.

And passion fruit to add more passion in life.

Last Friday i urged my husband to come back early for dinner as the girls cant wait to celebrate his birthday- the papa is a Merdeka Boy- but we were stuck in a jam.

I promised the girls to make pavlova for the papa- we arrived late at home  but i keep my promise.

They always happy when i made pavlova- i guess pavlova makes everybody happy:):)

They made this Merdeka cum Birthday Hat at school for their papa. Happy Birthday papa we love you very much.

Saturday we went to pick Uwan at maklang's house after attending my big boss's open house  Ahahhh..he introduced me to his sweet SIL- ha ha malu lah,my big boss pun baca my merepek story- Azlin if you are reading this- you are so sweet and so nice meeting you and your beautiful sister. You said Uwan reminds you of your grandma so i am putting a special picture of Uwan here:) Ha ha penuh bedak my sister letak after mandi;)

My Mia was so happy to pick her Uwan.

And Tia was dreaming all the way- i think she was dreaming about the house by the beach;):)

On the way back after we picked Uwan the two insisted of buying cake for papa- ishhh lucky you papa- your girls love you so much:) They said pavlova was the advanced celebration- must buy cake on the day itself.

I complied and bought Miss Red Velvet with the swirl cream cheese.

The happy 2+1:);)


Today- it was raining since morning and we didn't go out anywhere- morning i cooked Nasi lemak and lunch was beef stew- i had an indication that the girls are going to be hungry soon- so by 2.30 i prepared the pizza dough.

I used one simple recipe for thin crust pizza dough- and it was good- anybody interested can give a try- add half sachet of mauripan yeast into a bowl containing of 3/4 cup of water plus 2 tablespoon of warm water and 2 tablespoon of sugar- let  it settle for 5 mins until you see the foam- once done add 2 cups of plain flour and 1/2 teaspoon of salt- mix well and scrap the flour that stick to the bowl wall. After that sprinkle some flour on the kneading surface and knead the dough until it becomes soft- keep in a bowl and rub with olive oil around it, cover with cloth and leave for 1 1/2 hour to rise up and double the size.

The dough after being covered with olive oil.

After the dough has double up the size you can cut it into 4, take one portion flatten it on baking sheet on a tray and add any topping you like.

For ours- i just spread some pasta sauce and lots and lots of cheese because that's how the girls their pizza to be.

Pre heat the oven at 190 dg and bake well until golden brown and you can see the cheese boiling.

Tadaaaa.... the homemade California Thin Crust Pizza with cheese.

I went to my garden to look for some basil leaves- i can only find 7 leaves exactly he he.

The nice pizza.

Dah habis the first round they asked for a second round- the good mama complied;)

This time i made it thinner so it was more crunchy.

That's how we spent our day today- Night,night everybody- the writer is very tired- the maid supposed to arrive tonight- hopefully she arrives safely.

Thanks to all comments-

1. To Uncle Lee- yes UL you may use my pictures- it's my pleasure- and yup you owtang me Teh Lambung satu.
2. Where did i buy the lace scarf - i bought online but i cant remember whether it was Zalora or Fashion Valet- ramai jugak yg suka- i pergi check balik on both sites tapi dah tak ada lagi, i bought quite sometimes ago.
3. Yup the lady in the picture before this was Sudarnee and the chinese lady was Chris:):)



ida said...

Rindunyaaaaa nak tunggu Azu update...dah lama dah Uwan kat rumah Mak Lang kan , bila Heni balik, dapatlah Uwan balik ke her sanctuary..mesti dia rindu....bukan main comel ur sis bedakkan Uwan hehehe, suka tengok...and the pizza...kena buat laaa use ur recipe ni..hehehe..bukan main Tia Mia enjoy tu...

Kniedaz said...

Wah..Uwan dah balik rumah sis ya...seronok tengok the girls happy sambut birthday papa diorang..have a great day sis...and my oh tu nampak yummy walaupun simple

azleen said...

Salam Zu, yes I've read your current posting, thanks for the picture of wan. It was good meeting you and your family esp the twins! In respect of your big boss, well he likes to pull ppl's legs once a while ;-) - xoxo Azleen

Izzah said...

Assalam Zu...

Moga sentiasa sihat di bawah lindungan Dia yg maha Esa...gembira tgk all your famili sihat dan ceria..

Rasanya belum terlambat nak wish u happy hari raya...

So, apa cerita ofis baru? Harap2 ok semuanya...harap2 kan dpat bersua muka.. ;)

Ok lah...all the best shaa Allah...bye..Assalam...

-Silent Reader-

Ila said...

Hi mamatiamia.... salam perkenalan... love to read your happy stories... seriously it does make me happy reading them... your cozy home ... make me sometimes rasa cam ada gak kat situ ... sama2 cabut ekor togeh with your Uwan... hihi. Do singgah at my blog if sudi... mumto5-ila. Looking forward to read more.

Suraya said...

The Merdeka Hat looks awesome kak..I'm gonna make it tonight for my baby boy.. =)

Rozz Hazidi said...

Salam mamatiamia..

Suka tengok gambar Uwan...nampak sihat dan bertenaga. Kalau orang tua-tua atau kanak-kanak kita tempek bedak nampak comel...kalau kita mesti nampak comot..haha

Kena try resepi pizza u...simple & yummy.

ibunurin said...

suka sangat blog azu...banyak energy positif dalam ni...

Nasha Rozario said...

Salam kak zu,
Saya memang pembaca setia blog k.zu… Eryday akan check on blog update. Suka sangat bila baca pasal Tia, Mia and Uwan. Senang cite, k.zu ni macam idola sayas la sebab walaupon sibuk tapi k.zu tetap dapat manage tugas akak sebagai ibu,isteri dan anak. Memang superb! Suka baca pasal masakan k.zu… sangat member semangat! Kadakng2 bile baca tu try buat masak kat umah jugak. Banyak unsur2 kebaikan, kegembiraan yang k.zu sebarkan dalam penulisan k.zu. saya doakan k.zu bahagia disamping keluarga. Apepon, selalu update entry ya!


i'am one of your silent reader for along long time :D... ni la baru nak leave a comment... sangat3 kagum dengan masakan2 you.... tabik spring :D