Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eid 2012-The Beautiful Journey at Kampung.

Salam and Alhamdulillah for the wishes:) Not too late to greet everybody "Selamat hari Raya Maaf zahir batin walau di mana jua anda berada"

Alhamdulillah again we had a beautiful raya at Uwan's kampung:) Raya is very meaningful to us,it is not just taking picture with the whole family in the morning of raya but the journey we made,the scenes behind it,the spirit,the feeling and the effect.In other words "raya is skin deep" not just on the surface.

This raya me and the girls became Cinderellas, volunteered Cinders actually:) Many couldn't join us this raya,mashik who always help during raya was not well,so that left me to do all the 8 kg of rendang and some chicken by myself . Pashik helped with some arrangement while the rest starting from tidying up the house,cutting the meat,making the rendang i had to do it alone.My husband helped with setting up the fires and accompanied me,so did the girls. I couldn't belive that i can do it all alone but that the spirit of raya,the 'happiness,keikhlasan takes you far beyond the energy that you possesed;) I stilled suffer from sakit tangan mengacau rendang but the happiness in the heart conquers all.By the evening my sister and niece,nephews came back and we had more meriah time.

Let see our beautiful journey;) It is not a celebration at 5 stars resort or a big bungalow but it is a celebration of love,our love to Allah Swt and also to our is "meraikan cinta"- the true meaning of hari raya to us:)

We started our journey early,we left home after subuh on saturday morning.

The girls were stilled in their selimut but refused to sleep as they were too excited to go back kampung.

Once we reached Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Pilah this is the usual view.

Ayam and itik salai.

We stopped to buy few ekor of ayam kampung salai.

Typical Negeri sembilan kampung house.

Original unpainted house.

Most houses has big compound with tangga batu.

Some has built modern house.

Everything ready to celebrate raya.

Serene and cosy kampung feel awaited us along the road.

If you can't weave the ketupat no need to worry;) You can always buy it from the road side.

Alhamdulillah we finally reached uwan's kampung and without further delay we have to kemas2 and tidy up the house.

Uwan's living room prepared for raya.

We clean and sweep the floor,even we going to leave the house after few days of raya but we always put everything in the house just like we living there;)

matching plastic jugs and table cloth:)

Alhamdulillah uwan larat lagi memotong daging:)

And you cinder did you find the magic wand?

We are in a magical land Tia..look around you,dont you feel blessed?

The girls helped to sweep the rest place.

I was so happy to see that many of pokok puding grow healthily..yeayyy we can put some in our rendang.

Uwan's house,the gate under the longan tree..the best to us,the house is cold as it is on the hill..malam 2 sejuk,Tia Mia always shout and shriek everytime nak mandi the icy cold water in the bathroom but they enjoy it.

My favourite spot.

BBQ pit is ready for activity.

Alhamdulillah i managed to get ready the chicken rendang.

It was a real challenge to cook the rendang with bon hotto hottoshhhh..i think i burned easily 2 kg of fat during cooking the rendang, i sweat like i ran more than 100 km:)

The girls helped me to cut the daun puding.

They have to separate the leave from it's 'tulang"

Once the rendang is thicken you can add in the puding.

I cooked 8 kg of rendang Tok with limpa,paru and daging too.

What were the two cinders doing?

They were happily cooking thier 'rendang'

I just let them enjoy themselves;)

It was not easy to cook and manage the fire at the same time,when the fire starts to slow down you have to add more woods,the fire was intense and hot,with tears streaming dwon your cheeks and sweat flowing down your body you have to swirl you hand left and right to make sure the rendang not burn and flip upside down properly.Just get ready one bottle of good massage oil at night,you surely need it!

ha ha kesian uwan tergolek penat..anyway golek with style jugak..with gold and diamonds;)

Night time..Alhamdulillah;)

Trying new telekung a raya gift from maklang.

Very early in the morning cinderellas had to wake up to prepare breakfast.

Also to prepare cookies tray for uwan,everybody going to surau would have to bring some food.

The Kings and Princes getting ready to masjid while cinderella looked on.

Off they go.

Bye Prince Charming.

Cinderella with a broom but stilled she's happy:)

Uwan with her Bokitta tudung waiting for her chauffer to take her to surau:)

Finally Cinderellas can dress up nicely;)

Cewahhh dengan handbags lagi.

Bend like Beckham girls.

Love you Cinders.

My lovely Cinderellas;)

getting ready to walk to surau.

Bergaya at kampung.

Our little family.

Cinderella sakit tangan.

Lots of Loves:)

Tia Mia with second cousin.

Great time.

Cute second cousin.

eating time with nieces,nephews.

Our contractor singgah too:)

River infront of uwan's house,never allowed them to go until they 5 yr old now.

The water was warm and nice.

Enjoying their time with abang boboi.

Simple thing great pleasure;)

Nice,nice the girls fell in love with the river;) Till then our next entry for jalan2 second raya..bye and night night:)


The Singing Pilot said...

Bestnyaaaaaaaaaaaa dpt balek kg. I ate nasik goreng 7eleven for raye haha sume kedai tutup

annhuzi said...

those lovely kampung picturesmust be for me! bestnya ada sungai depan rumah.
mama true cinderella, penat buat banyak kerja tapi pagi raya berseri!
tia mia sekarang dah boleh bantu sikit.
cantik baju raya uwan!
tia mia's floral baju kurung very sweet. baju second cousin pun sweet.
thanks azu, sharing the beautiful journey with us.
tapi kan, nak jugak tengok cinderella time peluh2 masak dan jaga api hehehe

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
wah boleh terasa kemeriahan balik beraya kampung. bestnyeee :)

zira said...

salam kak zu...
saya nk try la buat rendang ayam daun puding tu..ader sedara yg perkenalkan pokok puding tu...tgk kak zu masak macam sedap ajer...tak pernah rasa rendang masak mcm tu...pasti sedap...:)


Hanis Azla said...

seronoknya suasana kampung.. dpt share tgk gambar pun dah feel so great.. thanks kak zu yang sgt manis..

Mummy Akmal"s @ Brunei said...

suka sangat tengok suasana kampong Zue.. esptengok rumah2nya.. tekenang dulu2.. best nyer kalo dpt rumah camtu..

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Selamat menyambut Aidil Fitri..maaf zahir dan batin to you and family.. lots of love to Uwan too!

Elena said...

uiii kak zue banggo oghang kampung ibol gamba umah eh kuar sini ha...
Nice entry.Pongacau ghondang tu classic kan...teringat zaman kek kampung dulu kacau penganan hihihihiii slamt hari raya kak

Anonymous said...

so beautiful suasana hari raya kat kampung, nothing can beat that kan…not even the most beautiful place in europe. thanks for sharing! you look lovely in silvery grey.

Zulfadly said...

salam raya kak,
bestnya ada kampung, sanagt2 best tgk gambar, IAllah nak cari jodoh orang ada kamoung mcm akan, saya suka kampung, best2

kasihredha said...

akak pun suka tengok rumah n9 kalau balik kg....bersih je halaman diaorgkan...suka tengok pokok bunga kat laman dan tangga batu.
Akak tau "rumah batu" tu...bila lalu situ selalu tengok rumah pink belah kiri jalan tu.
Aduhaiii bestnya itik salai tu...hari tu tak sempat beli...sempat beli potai jo (agaknya tengah musim kot...banyak bonar) :D

[i.l.y.a] said...

Uwan's house is so cantik and spankin clean. Love the ambiance of your kampung.

mama_irdina said...

slam akak...saya silent reader blog akak sejak 2 bln dah...cantik2 gambar akak...nk tahu guna kamera model aper yer...tq

dhr said...

beautiful raya :) kak zu, next year kalo singgah ulu bendul beli ayam itik salai tu jemputlah singgah rumah saya. dah dekat sgt dah tu. yang menjual tu sume saya kenal, jiran saya.

Nur-nba said...

Salam Aidilfitri.. First time singgah blog ni.. Cantik pemandangan kampung Kak Zu.. Salam perkenalan kak.. Your daughters sangat comel... :)