Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We took Mont Blanc on the first day of Ramadhan!

Salam! Alhamdulillah! I have 36 readers and i believe will be more sharing the same feeling with me i.e"loving our mom endlessly!"Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah a happy feeling in Ramadhan.

The purpose of me writing the story is not to show how i good i am, how solehah i behave , for all that i never know what is written for me.I just sharing my meaningful story in Ramadhan as i am writing the blog my two girls and if you look at the header of my blog it is dedicated to them both. Love will only be meanigful if you give without expecting a balasan. Apa pun balasan adalah pemberian Allah Swt yang kita pun tidak tahu,sebagai manusia yang lemah hari ni buat A+,esok buat B- dan yang paling ditakuti sepanjang tahun membuat A+ dengan satu sikap atau detik hati boleh membuat kita tergolong sebagai orang yang di murkai,minta dijauhkan. Love and care is very mury much related to heart and heart is somthing that is not easy for you to control .Yes the heart is yours and it stays in your body but the heart have their own mind sometimes,you mouth says yes but your heart says no. Loving our parents is not enough with providing them with  lot of money and you stop caring and worrying about them when they are in a good house,has maid to take care etc etc..if you have many siblings it is also not enough for you to neglect them just beacuse you have others to take care of them.In many instances parents jadi mangsa because each children will say ' biarlah A jaga' kenapa pulak aku,biar lah B yang jengok minggu ni , tak payah telefon lah mesti dia okay sebab kat rumah C".Don't wait for others, volunteer yourself to love them,if all children does that moms/dads will be showered with love always.InsyAllah.

As mentioned by Fatimah,whatever we have done for our mom is just a "sekelumit"- too tiny.I have written in my blog once a sabda by our Prophet Muhammad Saw..whereby he has answered a man about repaying his mom for what she had done for him,Rasul said " even you carry your mom on your back for the the rest of her life before she dies,it wont be the same; she took care of you for you to live, while you take care of her, waiting for her to die!".

Alhamdulillah, to all my readers including my two girls (InsyAllah) i reward you all with jalan2 today! he he i am taking all of you to a place called Mont Blanc.Yup it is the real Mont Blanc in Chamonix,i ve been seeing the labels before i,e the famous pen,ink,wallet and been reading about it a lot.I never thought that oneday i can be there with my husband and children plus we went up the highest mountain in western Europe on the first day of Ramadhan.

Some of you might have been there but to those who never been there,here are some fact about Mont Blanc:)

Elevation : 4810 meters
Location : Border of France and Italy
Mont Blanc (French) and Mont Bianco (Italian) means "white mountain" for its perpetual snowfields and glaciers.Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and in Western Europe.

If one day you are in Geneva,dont miss a chance to go there.It is not really far from Geneva even it is located at the border of France and Italy. The trip however is expensive,if you take the tourist bus it will cost you about Euro 220 which is about RM840.00 per adult,this includes tickets for cable car,children is priced half of it.We took a small shuttle (like a van) to save the cost,it was priced at Euro 99 per person,about RM400 per person and we have to buy cable car tickets separately. Actually we wanted to go before ramadhan,we booked the tickets already but semua nya ketentuan Allah Swt,on the day we supposed to go we waited for the shuttle and it never turn up! After 1 hour of waiting we went to the office and was told that they made a mistake,booking didn't show in thier system! So they compensated us with free petite train ride for that day and we have to take the ride for the next day.My husband " how to go tomorrow,it's the first day of Ramadhan! You sure we can make it or not? This is going up the mountain,journey will be long,lot of energy will be consumed" I told him " dah rezki nak pergi esok,InsyAllah we'll be fine"

That's the story behind our exciting journey up to Mont Blanc-now let see the pictures:)

The journey from Geneva to Chamonix was 2 1/2 hours.The shuttle was small and can take up 11 people only.No wonder it was cheaper,the ride was quite bumpy and we couldn't sit together as there are asians people in the shuttle, unlike european they won't give up their seats to let family like us sit together.Mia had to sit by herself,me with Tia and papa far at the back,when both fell asleep and started to fall down i had to kneel down on the floor to hold both Tia and Mia. When the asian men saw this they felt guilty and offered to change their seats with me but the children already asleep so i told them we can change on the way back.

Upon reaching Chamonix we can see the awesome view.

MasyAllah cantiknya ciptaan Allah Swt.

It is so true that you just need to look around to see how great Allah Swt is.Hmm looking at the majestic of it at that time i wonder- will we be up there?

Beautiful French village along the way.

The view was so wonderful and serene.

Then the road started to winding and we had to go up the hill.There were paragliders flying at that area.

We had to go through the tunnel that connect France and Italy,this tunnel is under Mont Blanc itself.

If you wish to go to Milan,Italy it is very near from Chamonix,one hour journey only.I ve been to Rome but not Milan,if we have time surely i would like to go to Milan and drool over the branded boutiques there:)

When we reached the base i was like have a second thought, the mountain was high up in the cloud,the cable car was so high,it looked scary- at that time i felt i was too much.I told my husband that we should just stay roam around in the village. My husband on the hand,was so excited,to him this is something so special and hundred times better than going into Gucci store! he he decided to go up, i went and clarified with the on ground staff about taking up small children up there.The limit for children is 4 and above so Tia Mia were qualified.We must wear thick clothing as it is always cold up there,the temperature always minus 5 degrees.The staff also advised that some people will experience nausea,headache,stomache ache etc,she said sometimes children takes it better than adult.

We bought the tickets and boarded the cable car..baca bismillah banyak kali lah dalam tu;)

Along the way we can see the beautiful awesome.

We had to stop in the middle and a second cable car will take us up to  3842 m.The girls were doing great,they had fun and were excited to see and touch the ice.

We waited for the cable car to come,it was scary actually as you can't see the cable car it was really really high up there.

If you think many things at that moment you can't rally go up..scary! Long time ago many plane crashed on top and most of the unfortunate passangers died.

Here is it comes! Ready girls..hold my hand tight.

It was to late to turn back:);) we will be going up and up!

It had started to be cold and cold as the cable car went up high and high.

Truely awesome.

Magnificent view.

The ride was quite scarry, the cable car jolted and shook as the way up was really steep,it was like naik pokok kelapa...if naik Langkawi cable car pun i takut,ni lagi lah 100x than that.

We finally reached the place,it called Aguille Du Midi at 3842 me,not the peak which stood at 4810 m depending on the thickness of the ice.

It was so awesome to think about how they built the place at that high.

It really worth going up..when i saw this i was like 'aaaaahhh..uhhhhh..ahhhh:):)

I had to put on the thick clothing on the girls as they had started to shiver..really really cold even were stilled in the building at that time.

magnificent view ya girls..just imagine you are on Mont Blanc already!

My brave girls.

You looked around and you can only see this.SubhanAllah!

I have to use "snow and white object mode" on my Olympus.

Magnifique! Just like in a movie.

The two can't wait to play with the snow,they thought we going to take them to slide:)

So beautiful.

But dont look down..yeeeeee

After wondering in the building we decided to out at the terrace..that is the peak of the journey.

MasyAllah the view! SubhanAllah!

The wind was strong out will hear the 'wee wee" sounds and the temparture was below 5,the oxygyen level was low too,due to all these you may suffer nausea,headache,stomache etc.

Alhamdulillah the girls were okay.

Every body was busy taking picture..we felt great as if we can touch the mountain;)

No matter waht the girls decided to touch the snow! We are up here! We want to touch the snow!

My degil husband yang tak nak wear proper clothing suffered bad headache..but he didn't tell me until we reached home.

My self yang penakut Alhamdulillah i tak rasa pening or anything.

The happy girl with snow in her hand.

Mama look..i got ice here!

The two had great time walaupun menggigil -gigil.

One more picture for kenangan:)

Yeayyy we are on Mont Blanc!

You are lucky girls.Alhamdulillah.

Touching moment;) Alhamdulillah adik we are on Mont Blanc! Allah made Mont Blanc you know.

Sweet memories;) Girls when you are big and see this remember our moment ya.

Dear we made it! This is definitley better than Gucci or LV store right?:);)

Dont look down,dont look down:)

I zoomed in into small village at the base.

From the terrace we went into a cafe inside the building.At this time Mia had stomache..kesian dia.It was puasa and we bought the girls the hot chocolate..tough time looking at the hot chocolate when it was really cold:)

The nice prper cafe at 3842 m.

I ordered the girls cheese and mushroom bruschetta,it looked really good with the nice smell..just look at the cheese..dugaan..dugaan;)

My husband proudly holding the paperback..dalam tu tapu bruschetta Tia Mia tak habis:)

Alhamdulillah we went down safely..Mia unfortnately suffered quite a bad air pressure in her ears..kesian..menangis-nangis. Si Tia pulak eksen..dia okay:)

We had 1 1/2 hours to roam around the Chamonix town before the shuttle come and pick us.

The beautiful Chamonix village...the village turned into fairytales time during the white christmas..they said it was so beautiful when the place fulled with white snow and lights.

If you feel tired you can take the petite train to take you around.

Charming cafe.

The beautiful building.

I love the deco inside the shop.

And the window lace at the reaturant..if tak puasa boleh lah try fondue;)

The girls got their cantik lollipop;)

We reached Geneva at 6.00pm..Alahmdulillah sempat masak untuk bukak puasa.
That's the story of our special first day of Ramadhan..we went up Mont Blanc,to see Allah swtcreation! InsyAllah one day,when Tia Mia a bit bigger t we shall go to a place where all muslims want to go.InsyAllah, both had their tabungs already;);)So rajin2 mengaji now okay;):) Understand and learn more.

Before i end today's update i just leave you all with Uwan's picture..her activity bulan puasa:) kadang2 tiap hari buat..bukanlah tiap hari teringin makan tapi saja nak bagi dia seronok:)

Last but not my new found saudara yang kenal pashik..Alhamdulillah:);) nanti tanya pashik:)


daydeck86 said...

rindu plak ngan wan kak

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
wahh walaupun tak pernah sampai ke sana, tp rasa mcm dah pernah sampai ..thru your lens :) terima kasih berkongsi pengalaman yg menarik di tempat sgt cantik tu.
Just to let you know, umi br je balik dr pekan Guildford. betul2 tak sabar nak tgk antique shops dan tea rooms tu sejak Zu bgtau pasal tmpt tu.. hee rasa mcm nak pengsan! tunggu lepas raya nanti nak pergi situ minum kopi dgn hubby. sempat amik byk pics dan beli antique tureens. cari copper pots sadly tak ada tp Insyaallah next time boleh pergi lagi. bestt! thanx for sharing the info :)

p/s:seronok tgk gambar uwan

Nadiah said...

Dear Zu,

I yang hanya tengok gambar terasa pula kesejukkan sampai ke tulang.
Anyway I love your sunnies.It suit you well...mcm Jackie O style kan.
It's from GUCCI?

kasihredha said...

Sebelum ni akak cuma tau pen mount blanc yg suami akak punya je...rupa2nya ada betul(jakun kan).
cantikkk sangattttt...sukaaaa sgtttt gambar tiamia berpeluk2an tu...soooo sweetttt

fiezachommel said...

Thank you for sharing

potpetmama said...

Zu; sharing is caring; pengalaman orang lain juga adalah sebhgian ilmu untuk kita; yg baik kita jadikan pengajaran, yg buruk kita jadikan sempadan;kasih ibubapa pd anak2 tidak penah ada penghujungnya..itu yang pasti...

Anonymous said...

betullah kak zu, rasa macam saya pun ikut sekali naik atas mount blanc tu. untung tia mia :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Zu,

Alhamdullilah you hv bn to nice and cool place to visit and hope to hear you go for more nice place for vacation..InsyAllah...


Anonymous said...

kak zu,

subhanallah.. cantiknya tempat.. tq again 4 sharing ur experience. i yg suffer from motion sickness ni siap rasa pening lagi tengok gambar cable car naik mt.& cam nak menggigil sama tengok pic atas mt blanc tu hehehe
tia & mia mmg bertuah dah di exposekan banyak tempat2 best dr kecik lagi.. alhamdulillah


Anonymous said...

Salam Zu,wowww....teruja tgk gmbo2 tu..mcm terasa2 kesejukannya...Alhamdulillah you and family dpt nice experience mcm gini.Not everybody dpt merasa ni...really seronok baca your experience and knowing how the girls enjoy themselves make kak Lily excited too..and kesian kat Azam and Mia..dugaan tu...
TQ for sharing...take care Zu..

The Singing Pilot said...

Chamonix!! They've one of the best ski resort in the world. Was even mentioned in gossip girl hahaha

The Singing Pilot said...

Ya allah, I've been acknowledged by my latest fav blorgger!! Ahaha. Xde. Dendang perantau je thn ni. Could u pls make a shoutout to kg ibul terachi whenever u pass by haha. Confirm jam without fail jln tu

Anonymous said...

memang cantik kan ciptaan Allah :))) i pun rasa teringin nak pegi mount blanc hehee..tapi kena explore satu NZ ni dulu baru boleh pegi sana :)


shamsuhada said...

azu..aku pulak yg berdebar bila u nak naik cable car tu.. subhanallah..cantik sungguh ciptaan Allah...thanx for sharing the great experience..& can't wait for more exciting story di Geneva..ada lagi ke tak??

pacificblue said...

akak inspiredme to become good daughter n mom. :) tq..waahh jeles tgk dpt twn montblanc,g geneva...last year walau duk besancon,tp xde rezeki nk baca blog akakpn dh cukup...slmt mencari lailatul qadr bersma keluarga tercinta..

annhuzi said...

syukur. rezeki tia mia, u all dapat nikmati the beauty of mont blanc. thanks share with us, who quite unlikely yo be able to experience it.
i pun sangat penakut tapi kalau dapat experience macam u, rasanya i'll paksa diri untuk berani.
kampung french tu cantiknya, macam yang i idamkan. nikmatnya dapat stay in such a beautiful place.

Hanis Azla said...

Subhanallah.. rasa nak nangis tgk keindahan mont blanc tu.. thanks kak zu for sharing.. sebelum ni tak pernah ada niat dan keinginan untuk ke sana.. tp hari ni lps tgk all ur photos up there rasa teringin sangat.. semoga ada rezeki juga spt k.zu & family.. so kena mula kumpul duit he..he..

tiamia, beruntungnya dapat pegang snow kat mont blanc tu.. auntie cuma dpt pegang pen mont blanc aje.. itu pun uncle yg punya sbb auntie pakai pen kilometrico aje.. he..he... u two are so lucky.. kena sayang Allah, mama & papa byk2 tau..

Anonymous said...

breathtaking, subhanAllah! thanx so much for sharing!

susumanis said...

masyaAllah, how nice kl tv3 de buat programme jln jln gan mtm kan, hihi. tqsm for sharing, its really really awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

I've noticed during your vacation you always opt for staying at an apartment, do you mind sharing the website with me? As i'm looking for an apartment to stay during my europe vacation? Thanks. Btw, lovely blog i love reading it :).

You can email me at

Thanks again

Nur-nba said...

Subhanallah cantik dan indah pemandangan di Mont Blanc ni.. Syukurlah akak sekeluarga dapat sampai ke puncak.. Thanks a lot for sharing with us..

Pengalaman macam ni tak semua orang boleh merasai.. Teruja tengok akak.. Cantik Kak Zu posing.. Anak2 akak pun teruja menyentuh salji.. Kami yg melihat gambar2 ni pun macam terasa sejuk sampai ke tulang..

Love your blog... :) Keep on writing...

Aprilstgv said...

kak zu, subhanallah.. cantiknya tempat.. tq again 4 sharing ur experience. i yg suffer from motion sickness ni siap rasa pening lagi tengok gambar cable car naik mt.& cam nak menggigil sama tengok pic atas mt blanc tu hehehe tia & mia mmg bertuah dah di exposekan banyak tempat2 best dr kecik lagi.. alhamdulillah -aura-