Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yvoire - Most charming and gorgeous!

Salam All:) Miss kawan2 NZ,Perth,UK,Singapore,Malaysia dan lain2 tapi tak sempat lah nak address sorang2 sebab masa limited;)Baru lepas masak gulai ayam pencen masak serai,rebus pucuk labu,kerang rebus dan kicap cilipadi limau,ikan sepat masin goreng cili,dah masak laksa asam jugak,kejap lagi nak buka nanti buat pengat pisang mata ikan:) Now boleh lah relax kejap. mengimbau kenangan yang manis di Geneva.

I want to share my cruise to Yvoire (pronounce "Yevouwa).Yvoire by boat from geneva will take you about 2 1/2 hours,it is situated in France.Geneva is border to france so memang banyak pulau2 village2 di sepenjang Geneva termasuk dalam France.and these towns and villages masyAllah cantiknya! They have best combination from both countries..they totally awesome.

The long journey was just awesome too:) Cantik sungguh ciptaan Allah swt,the blue sky and sea,lined up with green treas,charming houses and villas,gorgeous feel like you just want to be on the boat,looking at the sea and dream.The boat was very comfortable too,it costed us 59 per euro for adult while children below 6 travel free. If you take a first class you will be seated at the dining section,we took the second was wonderful too,you have waiter in smart suit come to you with menu for you to order.We ordered hot chocolate and movenpick ice creams:)

After my registration at WIPO and sumptious lunch at Casanova papa bought Cruise tickets for us.

Our boat is coming.

Boarding the boat.

We took a seat by the big window.

We now keaving Geneva to Yvoire! we were so excited.

Di tepi tasik Geneva yang ramai orang sunbathing.

seronok sungguh matsallehs ni semua:)

Geneva lake lighthouse.

Good weather for yachting:)

satu pose untuk kenangan.

Dua org ni happy dapat ice lollies.

Hot chocolate kat sini they bagi you hot milk and the chocolate powder in a packet;)

The mamat enjoying the view from the deck.

We passed by the beautiful Nyon.

We went to Nyon the next day.

Gorgeous Versoix.

Toilet pun ambik gambar:)

the second class.

we finally arrived! Yvoire also known as city of flower!

Kita org pun turun...excited.

Yvoire is a mediavel village by the water.

Blooms welcome us everywhere.

The famous flower is thid red was really red and bright..signature of switzerland balcony.

Most of the building has grapes crawling all over it;) so nice.

Grapes hanging everywhere..macam hiasan ajer sini.

Tak ada orang heran kecuali Tia Mia;)

I love the stone building.

okay lets go meneroka now.

Blooms bloom everywhere;)

This hydrangaes were in somebody garden..kat Yvoire ni ada penduduk tetap..tapi open for public so kita boleh lah menjengok garden dia orang semua.

So cantik..kalau siapa suka bunga memang macam nak pengsan2;)

The gorgeous balcony.

Somebody hiding in hydrangeas.

There's many interesting souvenirs shop here.

And many interesting cafes by the road sides too:)

Then i found shops selling my favourite tablecloths;) I love french village tablecloth,i once ordered it online.

So many beautiful tablecloths in this shop..sampai ai tak tau nak pilah mana satu;) i ended up buying 6 of it;) ikut2 kan will be more;)

relax jap.

Then we found one beautiful shop selling macaroons.

Giant macaroons by the window..the girls ware excited to see this;)

Ada yang dah kena peel off.

Walaupun it says here 'dont touch"..but not "dont eat" heee heee

The shop lovely balcony.

Interesting shop to go in..i love the antique floor.

Eevrywhere here is like fairlytales..macam Alice in wonderland:)

There's also some stalls selling cookies and cakes by the roadside.

I guess this is cake..choclate cake maybe;)

Nice cobblestones street.

We bumped into newlyweds:)

What a romantic place to get married.

Nice unpainted balcony..i just love their balconies;)

Awesome,awesome..i love it.

Shop selling bon bon (candies)

Tia Mia bought her fan wheels here.

And i was so teruja nak beli copper pot tergantung tu..fikir2 macam mana nak bawak naik train ke Paris after this,dengan 4 big bags lagi..tak lah jadi beli but balik ni macam meleleh-leleh jer air liur..tak tau lah kenapa i sangat suka copper pots and cantik tu me..i bought  quite a number from swan valley,WA last time but is should buy at least one or two from europe..surely it will be different..hmmmm..mana tau ada rezki oneday kan;)

Nice shot of Tia Mia.

We found another garden at behind somebody's house.

Don't you dream to wake up to a garden like this..and you have lake and boats infront of you house plus you have to lift up grapes from your door to go out..drooling,drooling;)

The girsl on the small jetty.

Nice picture of the papa and the girls.

Okay lets go and check out dinner..last boat will be at 8.45pm.

Mia sedang perah lemon on her fish and chips.

having dinner at 8.00 at night with sun shining:)

Hello Mr Sun:)

Our boat came at 8.30pm

We reluctantly said goodbye to Yvoire.

Peaceful night on the boat.

It was so lovely to look outside at the lake.

Only a few of us taking the last boat.

We enjoyed our return trip very very much.

We just look outside into the water as we know we will never come back here again..might as well enjoy it now.

Tia enjoyed her fan wheels which she bought at Yvoire.

The water looks smooth and velvety..kebesaran Allah swt..tak langsung ada sesiapa boleh menandingi.

We reached Geneva at 10.30 at night.

When we saw Jet d eau we knew we have arrived;)

Okay Girls jom balik tidur..jgn sibuk nak menengok barang lagi,it's already 11.00pm okay;)


umiyumi said...

Salam Zu..
Subhanallah cantik2nya bunga2 kat situ. hydrangeas mmg my favourite. table cloth, apron sume eee.. copper pots pun ada. hee tgk aje dah mcm nak pengsan. kalau sampai sana taktahulah.. maunye boleh duduk satu hari dok belek tiap2 kedai/rumah orang..kat mana Zu beli copper pot di swan valley tu? teringin nak cari juga la he he.. :)

kasihredha said...

cantiknya bunga...besar2 pulak tu...ya Allah seronoknya..

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

alahaiiii cantiknya. sronok sgt dpt tgk walopun tak dpt pegi...hehehe

annhuzi said...

wow! so cantik!!! syukur tia mia dapat experience beautiful trip. kenangan indah! mama teringat copper pot lagi? hehe takpe boleh jadi motivasi untuk pergi lagi.

susumanis said...

masyaAllah MasyaAllah MasyaAllah tu je leh ckp sambil mulut x benti benti ckp awesome awesome nk g jugakkkk :-):-):-):-)

herlyna said...

cantiknye.....alhamdulillah u dah spai kan.mesti best sesangat sbb i tgk gmbr pun best...if I have been there mesti teruja tahap max. insyallah one day mgkn ada rezki ke sana to see the beautiful place

Amoi Ida said...

MasyaAllah. /me pengsan!!!!

Anonymous said...

super lovely, praise be to Allah! i can see a blend of english, spanish, german and italian influence here and there too, totally european! thanx for thinking of me and cotswolds whilst you visited this beautiful place, and thanx so much for sharing!

dhr said...

subhanallah! cantiknye tempat ni..and u look gorgeous. i like ur style :)

muna mahdzar-fadaaq said...

Gorgeous photos!! Love them all!!
The girls are just adorable.
And, of course, mummy was looking tres chic as well.
Have a blessed Ramadhan

Anonymous said...

Salam dear Zu,cantik...cantik..cantik...semua cantik,you,the grls,scenery and...Azam pun cantik..hehe..really,you looked gorjes with your jackie O shades tu...and besar2nya bunga2 tu...bertuah Zu and family dpt jalan2 menikmati keindahan alam...Alhamdulillah..ok,take care,nanti story lagi ya..

Anonymous said...

Salam dear Zu,cantik...cantik..cantik...semua cantik,you,the grls,scenery and...Azam pun cantik..hehe..really,you looked gorjes with your jackie O shades tu...and besar2nya bunga2 tu...bertuah Zu and family dpt jalan2 menikmati keindahan alam...Alhamdulillah..ok,take care,nanti story lagi ya..

kaezrin said...


lawa nyaaaa nak pegi geneva jugaakk :)

Yattisa Roslan said...

salam perkenalan;

tempting nya ayam roasted tu...boleh bagi resipi...

- silent reader abt one year....

Nur-nba said...

Semuanya cantik.. :)