Thursday, August 2, 2012

Homecooked breakfast,United Nations and Registration Day.

Salam! Harap semua orang sihat2 dan dapat menunaikan puasa dengan baik:)

I am still tired actually if the girls and papa have recovered from jetlag and had more than enough sleep me on the other hands still been deprived of enough sleep:) Hopefully this weekend i can catch some good and sound zzzzz;);)

This entry is meaningful to me as i am very glad that Tia Mia managed to visit United Nations building in Geneva at the tender age of 5 yr old;) Both followed me to register for my meeting and conference at World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and this WIPO building is next to United Nations.

Morning i fixed breakfast for everybody.This is the giant chilli i bought from the market,The garlic was very fresh too,masih belum kering and masih bergetah:)

 I bought halal chicken breast.

Ini gambar kita hantar kat uwan utk tunjuk her cucus cukup makan.

The two enjoying morning pasta.

First pasta in Geneva;)

Happy breakfast everybody:) Makan kenyang2 as after this we going to walk to WIPO and UN.

Bukan lah dekat sangat dari apartment to WIPO and UN but papa said we just walk and see the surrounding,the two building are situated on a hill and we past many historical sites. Boleh tahan jauhnya macam dari Kota Damansara jalan kaki ke Bandar Utama! kalau tak kerana the nice weather mahu jugak terjelir lidah..hee..hee and alhamdulillah the girls were okay.

Finally we reached the United Nation and this is the square infront of United Nations building.

Banyaklah demonstrasi damai kat situ and me pun dah kena suruh menyain petition for human rights in Iraq..kita pun sain lah:)

This is the famous 'Broken Chair" infront of UN,this broken chair commenmorates the written law against landmines.

The huge broken chair.

Before we tour and snap pictures at UN building the two followed mama to registration at WIPO first.

This is the new WIPO building and meeting will be conducted here.

The girls and papa waited in the garden while mama went in.

This way please!

Fisrt day of registration seganlah nak mabik2 gambar dalam tu..tak biasa lagi so i ambik gambar luar ajer,the environment inside was so grand and serious!

Yeayyy i got my pass,the onground staffs at registration counter were so helpful and nice.

Happy lah makcik;)

Banggo pulak tunjuk pass tu..first time attending world meeting:);)

So hari pertama ni ambik gambar kat luar ajerlah ye..lagi pun meeting belum start today,after the brief introduction after this we can go jalan2 naik boat okay.One thing best about summer ni,kalau meeting habis pukul 4.00 atau 5.00 pun masih sempat jalan2 sebab hari tak gelap2 until 9.30pm;)

After my registration and brief introduction we took the girls to United Nations to look at the surrounding.The entrance was so grand and all flags under UN berkibar megah kat situ.

The two 5 yr old infront of UN.There's many people old and young far and near including Vietnam,China etc came here to see this famous place.

Yeayyy we finally made to UN!

Mama and the girls infront UN.

One family photo utk kenangnan.

After that we took tram to go to the lake to have lunch and also to buy tickets to a wonderful countrysides near Geneva,Yess we will be going to Yvoire,one of the most beautiful country sides in France and a 2 1/2 hours boat rides from Geneva..we can't wait.

Tia waiting for tram.

We had a lunch near the lake at an Italian Restaurant called Casanova.

I ordered grilled seabass,the waiter brought out the whole fish and place it on the table next to me,after that dia togelkan semua tulang,buang the head,fin etc and tingglkan me isi only tergolek-golek untuk makan..alaaaa tak thrill lah makan ikan tak der tulang and kepala;) But the fish was very nice and i ate until the last bit.

The nice chocolate mousse for dessert.

Okay girls finish your dessert fast..we gonna be on the boat after this! To be continued...see our Yvoire entry after this..Salam.


umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
wah seronoknya.. mmg cantiklah kat sana kan.. tak sabar nak tunggu next entry :)

kasihredha said...

oh ada conference juga rupanya...sambil menyelam minum air...bagus2.
Caantik le teko tu :)

Anonymous said...

sedapnya nampak ikan tu :)))) tiamia dah sampai ke UN punya building ye..bila agaknya auntie nak sampai ke sana pulak :)


shamsuhada said...

azu...seronoknya TiaMia..kecik2 lagi dah sampai ke UN building ...tak sabar nak tunggu episod seterusnya explore Geneva..

kaezrin said...

seronok tgk tia mia sgt happy.....

and bestnya dh smp UN building ...i vow to go here one fine day insya allah

Hanis Azla said...

Alhamdulillah.. bertuahnya tiamia.. kenit2 lagi dah merasa sampai ke tempat yg menarik tu.. rezeki mereka.. auntie tmpg seronok..


besaunya lado..ingatkan mentimun tadi..ekekeke..jakunis makcikpinat dibueknya

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

jauh tu dr KD ke BU jalan kaki..kalau kat sini mmg berjelir n makan asap keto la yo..

choc mousse is temtpting....ingat kurma...ahahah