Friday, August 10, 2012

World Intellectual Property Organisations (WIPO) Meeting, July 2012,Geneva,Switzerland.

Alhamdulillah selain untuk kenangan kami dapat berkongi pengalaman and the pictures with everybody:)  InsyAllah one day, all of you out there will be able to travel to the place you wished;) To Sham yang tanya ada ke lagi picture..Adaaaa:) but before that just would like to share my experience attending meeting at International level..asyik gambar jalan jer kan..macam tak pergi kerja.hee..hee.

The meeting was very grand and big,representative from each countries were there.Since i am from a private TV station I attended the meeting under Asia Broadcasting Union (ABU) ticket.ABU is the NGO that support the government of each countries.

It was a very serious meeting,some of the meeting ended up at 9.00pm! The purpose of the meeting was to pass a new Treaty(Law) on Intellectual Property to replace the Rome Convention which is nearly 50 years in age already.The Rome Convention has become irrelevant with the development of new technoloy.When it was passed 50 years ago there was no internet,cableTV,IPTV etc.The new treaty was drafted like 10 years ago but every year when it was tabled there will a country objecting to it due to their own ineterest.

I was introduced by ABU Chairman to the representatives. It was not like an ordinary meeting where you just sit down and listen, we have to go around with our proposal,talk to each delegate and try to get them to agree to our proposal.It was a very good experience and exposure.

Each country will fight for their rights,i salute country like Japan and Korea because there's nothing can stop them,with the language barrier they still tried their best to argue and put forward their views.

Among hundred of delegates only me and one lady from Pakistan in Hijab:)

Madam Maloli Espanosia,ABU Chairman,very helpful and nice.

During lunch break i will sit down and browse through my fb/blos as i couldn't join them for lunch since Ramdahan has started.

In between the  meeting in the main meeting room when there was issues crop up,the WIPO Chairman will instruct us to resolve matter in this private meeting room.

The WIPO representative seating as chairman in the private meeting.

Spanish gentleman that sat next to me,he told me that Mont Blanc can be seen from our floor,I told him that i went up Mont Blanc with my children the day before:)

View of United Nations from the 13th Floor.

This is the United Nations building situated by the lake in Geneva.

View of Mont Blanc from our private meeting room.

Gorgeous view.

And finally i would like to share some of my cooking during this Ramadhan.Somebody asked me to post recipe of my grilled chicken, so here it goes..easy peasy one;)

Buy fresh firm chicken wings,wash well and dry it with towel.Place in a large bowl and add the following ingredient inside: few spoons of blended onion,garlic,ginger,kicap masin,kicap pekat hitam,oyster sauce,pepper and honey,if you think that it is not salty enough you may add a dash of salt.Mix well for few minutes after that cover the bowl with cling wrap and keep inside fridge for at least 2 hours. Heat up oven to 180 degrees,place the chicken on aluminium foil on a tray. Let the chicken cook until it sizzles and turns brown a bit, slow down the heat to 120- 150 and cook well until you see no more fluid coming out and the wing swollen.The wings will be so tender and sweet..Tia Mia love it! Happy cooking:)

Yesterday i cooked gulai ikan merah with peria katak and potai for was so yummy:)

This is another dish for uwan, gulai ketam bertomato cherry.

Everybody's favourite- gulai ikan mata besar with rebung manis.

An all N9 people love this- gulai daging salai and masak daun kayu tempoyak.

Oh yeayy i got my baju kurung and baju melayu matching2 with my hb.The artists opened their stalls at our kita membeli belah everyday..nasib baik kalau tak memang tak ada masa.Murah lah jugak,macam linen baju melayu at parkson is priced at RM399 and they are selling at RM190,many nice cotton kurungs are selling at RM100 for 2 also.Today is the last day..seb baik kalau tak mengalir ajer duit:)

And this budak sudah mula main bunga api yang dicucuk kat pelepah pokok yang panjang. Until the next entry Selamat berbuka everybody and to The Singing Pilot..surely i will jerit bilo lalu kampung ibol you yang aman damai tapi jam tu:);)


fiezachommel said...

Salam Kak Zu,

Serious meeting entry ended with yummy lauk kampung.Huih...terliur tengok.
Ada sekali fieza beli rebung dan masak dengan udang.tapi rebung tu rasa pahit sikit.mcm mana nak tahu /beli rebung yang manis ek?

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

ari2 masak lomak yo kak zue...meleleh nengok an...

Anonymous said...

the pakistani lady in hijab is the loveliest! i can't look at your lauk-pauk, my buka puasa at 9pm! (over 7 hours to go yet!)

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
meleleh air liur tgk ketam. :D

bestnye meeting jauh2 kan.. kalau umi la meeting mcm tu mesti hati dok ke lain, tambah2 nampak view mcm tu.. :D

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Aslmkm Azu..
Surrender I tengok lauk pauk you!

Butik Nur Aisyah said...

akakkkk.. I really adored u.. Sya suka travel with my fren. I wish afteR married akan travel dgn husband n kids.. Suka tengok lauk pauk dlm stp entry akak.. :)

susumanis said...

salam mtm, mcm mcm cerita ada, mcm mcm lauk ada, kalah bazar ramadhan u, mmg leleh la nengok nyerr..hehe, tia mia sure seronok baca blog ni bila they both can read kan :))

The Singing Pilot said...

Ohhhh camni ke kalau attend conference. Slama ni I just thought it'll be like presentations frm each delegates and when ur done u just hav to sit down n dgr je. Pastu venue mesti tempat best2 je. Ehhh envious la. Haha tp I prefer workin in the cockpit haha.

Nice shoutout there. Yeah, its a peaceful kampung. Tp kalau mlm trailer lalu dpn uma lantai kayu bleh bergegar. Masak tempoyak daun kayu tu satu!!!

Anonymous said...

oops sorry, i meant you're the loveliest one, ingatkan you said you were the lady from pakistan, i didnt read properly! saw the food pics after berbuka, memang terliur! :)

Nur-nba said...

Kagum dengan akak.. Setiap entri ada kelainan tapi dipenuhi dengan gambar2 menarik.. Bertuah Kak Zu dapat jadi salah seorang yang terlibat dalam meeeting tersebut.

Gambar lauk pauk tu sangatlah menggoda anak tekak kami semua.... :)