Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mangkuk Tingkat Ala Paris!

Salam Semua.

Today my mama is busy and tired so we Tia and Mia  will be taking over:):)

This is the continuation from the previous post.It was a short one day in Paris before we left for Malaysia the next day.Wahhh we had to do so many things that evening,our maklang asked mama to buy the the Jackie O Longchamp sunglasses just like the one mama bought. By the time we had our early dinner it was 4pm already and as you know all shops in Paris close early.Ayaya we had tu rush everything,nanti mama and papa nak bukak puasa pulak.

We walked from Concorde Opera to the shopping area.Ni tempat jalan underground for pedestrians.

Wahhh mama nampak Printemps air liur dia pun mula meleleh-leleh but papa said must go and get apa yang orang pesan dulu sebab kalau mama dah masuk sini..tak tau lah bila dia nak keluar.

Ayaya we love Paris..our hearts beat fast when we were in this town!

Mama said she took a picture at the same spot 12 years ago! mama where were we at that time?

Then we saw this we pun pandai jugak drool over dresses you know:)

It was a good walk in Paris despite the hot temperature..yup it was hot when we arrive in Paris this time.

Wahhh look at this building it was so majestic and they were doing the restoration works on it.

Mama always amaze at the architecture in Paris,she always imagine how did they do it.

We went to Laduree again,mama wanted to pack few boxes to bring back home.

We couldn't help but drool over the sweet and yummy macaroons until we didn't know which one to choose.

syedap syedap we like it very much:)

Ha ha look at my style tak boleh blah punya kan kan kan:)

Okay enough of Laduree lets go walk some more.

Alhamdulillah we managed to get sunglasses for maklang at Longchamp walaupun sales asssitant to terpaksa tanggalkan the last pair from the mannequin:) and mama sempat lah menyambar blouses dari satu shop just few minutes sebelum shop tu close..ishhh cekap betul my mama tak banyak try dia beli blouse:) Sebelum balik hotel since banyak shop dah tutup we had to go to the train station nak beli freshmilk and juice.

While papa masuk supermarket we were wondering outside.

macam2 lah yang we tengok for the last time.

Then we saw this "No plastic bags campaign " cool isn;t it, first we thought it was socks..so banyak and colourful:)

We had to go back hotel by 8pm as Auntie Nur will get somebody to send food for bukak puasa and our luggage yang we tumpang hari tu.Thank You Auntie Nur..we pun boleh tumpang makan!

This is Concorde interior.

Okay jom jom balik bilik;)

he he bagus kan our mama tak banyak shopping pun dia but she got 10 boxes of laduree inside there;)

Then the mangkuk tingkat sampai...wahhhh were so excited because it was all in pink,not only that we had mangkuk tingkat but also the plates,cup they were all in pink!Thank You Auntie Nur we love it!

It was not bukak puasa yet but we tak sabar2 to see what;s inside:)

Auntie Nur kirim some pastries plus buah tamar;)

Yeayyy the moment mama open the mangkuk tingkat seluruh bilik jadi harum dengan briyani..all looked delicious!

Walaupun we tak makan ni sebab we dah kenyang makan pasta tapi mama and papa cakap this briyani was really nice:)semua cukup rasa.

And we like this! The ayam goreng was really sedap tau,it was soft and juicy!

Papa of course lah suka dapat makan curry daging Trengganu kak nur ni:) sangat sedap jugak.

And mama was so happy dapat makan acar jelatah in Paris:)

After the good bukak puasa we went outside to the balcony and saw 'the blinking eiffel" yeayyyy we were so happy..bukan all the time dapat tengok the blinking eiffel and it was really beautiful!

Paris at night by Concorde balcony.

We had a good final night in Paris;)

Ayaya we didn't feel like leaving Paris:)

The next day we took cab and headed to Charles De Gaulle airport..sedih lah we nak tinggalkan Paris ni:(

It was a long story,long que at check in and tax rebate counter..our luggage terlebih nearly 20 kg walaupun dah combined for 4 person..papa was upset with the local MAS staff,mama had to sit down on the floor infront of everybody and distribute our things in hand luggage so that weight for check in will be lesser.It was not an easy thing but mama managed to distribute everything and we didn't have to sacrifice any items.After that mama told papa that she will deal with the MAS staff, we weighted the bag it still exceed about 8 kg but mama explained to the staff bla bla and we managed to bring back everything.Alhamdulillah.

Walaupun penat and macam2 at check in but we had smooth time at the immigration,the immigration staffs love us,they allowed us to bring in drink,or food etc etc and they kept bergurau-guau with us until the end:)

So Paris we finally had to say goodbye to you:)

While waiting for boarding we had funtime too.

It was a long 12 hrs journey,the ride to malaysia was really bumpy,fulled with turbulence,mama was really worried as at one point of time all of us was shaken in our sit...mama was praying non stop she doa to Allah swt that the ride will be smooth when time for bukak puasa comes otherwise the MAS staff cannot serve food.The MAS steward and stewardess were really wonderful too,especiall the guy he offered us many many thing including serunding to mama papa.And syukur tak terhingga by the time bukak puasa the turbulence stopped and mama papa had a peaceful bukak puasa.

Mama said the turbulence continued after that but we were already asleep,mama papa had their sahur on the flight too:) 

Then we pun sampai kat KLIA tercinta with our barang2 yang banyak terhingga:)

Alhamdulillah papa dapat lah bawak balik semua shirts,socks etc etc he bought from H&M sales in Paris! Okay lah we penat dah ni..it is not easy to write...so many things to think and write at the same time..hee..hee Salam and lots of love from Tia and Mia;)


umiyumi said...

Salam Tia and Mia,
bestnye tia dan mia dpt jln2 ke Paris tu. wahh byknya mama dan papa tiamia shopping yer hehe.. nanti ajak mama dan papa dtg jalan2 sini dan shopping2 lg okeh. dtg rumah aunty nanti aunty masak sedap2..:)

Anonymous said...

memang banyak sungguh la barang2 you bawak balik zu hehee...ingat lagi dulu2 masa travel pegi balik malaysia NZ, mmg banyak barang diangkut tapi dah lama2 ni we prefer to travel light...kalau tak nanti husband i mulut pot pet tak henti sbb wife dia ni nak angkut segala mala benda dr malaysia balik NZ hahaha



bestnya Tia Mia dpt pi berjalan....

Anonymous said...

Askum K.zu,

Alhamdullilah for all of u, arriving here with safely although you hv face some complicated situation there.....but anyhow its seem to be very wonderful journey and sweet experiences to share with us.....take care and hv a good

Warm Regards

kakchik@ella said...

pink mangkuk tingkat? cute!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Zu,Tia and Mia...seronok tgk gambar2 ni and sedih also at the same time...Really miss you guys...Bekas2 pink tu semua Kak Lily yg pilih tu,khas for you girls..hehe..And thank you very much for the lovely hair brushes,a nice frame/fridge magnet and that really delicious laduree macs.Ada rezeki,ada jodoh insyaAllah kita jumpa lagi.Sayanggg you all.Take care my dears...

Anonymous said...

lovely entry, paris as beautiful as always, and kak nur really super wonderful, with her delicious food siap with pink picnicware! don't like the bumpy ride back home though, i hate flying because of the awful turbulences, scary!

mamalisa said...

Tia Mia,

You guys damn lucky girl..
remember to be good daughter to ur mum n dad..jadi anak solehah sampai besar dan sentiasa sayangkan mrk sebab they love you guys very much sampai kecik kecik dah bawak ke Paris segala okeh.

remember tau..

ps: pesan kat mama korang, x nak invite blogger dtg beraya umah korang ke? ahakss...

susumanis said...

salam tiamia, best la tiamia citer, lagi best dari mamma citer la..hik hik hik, tqvm for sharing MTM, best sgt baca all yr story, keep writing coz i ll keep reading :))

YaTiNordiN said...

Salam k.zu, remembered last time i went to paris with hubby n stay there for a month. Tgk pic k.zu terigt blk evry weekend terpacak la kmi kt gare st lazare tu pegi blk fr rouen to paris. Mse check in blk pn terlebih 10kg but the french staff sgt baik n tolerate we dpt bw blk all without paying anything. Siap hand luggage kmi pn die check in kn so kmi carry only one. U r lucky tia mia, nnt khalisah dh bsr mcm both of u auntie nk bw jln2 paris jg.

Liney said...

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kasihredha said...

cantiknya mangkuk tingkat paris tu.Baiknya kak nor kan.