Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ouch,ouch hmmm,hmm,krekk,krekk,slurppp,mac,mac!

Salam:) Terimakasih lagi pada kawan2 jauh dan dekat yang berkongsi hati dan kata2;) Thanks Artlover,cinnamonworld of colours berkongsi pengalaman,thanks Mazni:) your castle ghost story is very interesting! I have a few which i heard from Uwan,will share it here when i have time;) may be i share one at the end of this entry,wink wink;) Uwan and us had a good rest and weekend,hope all of you had a same one and to those extending their Salam ukhwah..Alhamdulillah,kami sambut di sini:);)

Yesterday my Fb has the above title post:) I said whoever can guess our activities going to be which will start with 'oucchh,ouchh hmmm hmm' will win 3 days 2 nights stay at Aminah Resort!Ha ha ada lah jugak yang meneka but didn't get all correct;) So the Ouch ouch was my heaven time at Thai Odysessy:) Tia and Mia had piano lesson yesterday,so i asked the papa to wait for them and i checked myself into TO.sakit kacau rendang masa raya and makan2 tak habis lagi.I chose aromatheraphy instead of Thai traditional massage as i couldn't stand kena lipat2 and pijak2.You can choose several aromatheraphy oil such as rose or lavender for relax,lemon and spice for toning etc.I asked for lemon and spice and it was heaven..60 mins is not enough must make appointment for 120 mins!The picit kepala was really nice;)I really recoomend lemon and can see the effect of body toning too:)Anyway tak lah rasa aman sangat masa massage takut Tia Mia dah habis class dan bising2 kat papa dia carik mama)

But after i finish my massage and rushed outside i saw the above scene at the Artclass next to TO;) He he thanks so much papa,they peacefully and happily doing sand art there;) kalau tahu mama sambung jadi 120 mins tau!

Wahh syok main pasir ye:)

As usual in the end papa had to finish for everybody:) I just let the bonding between the papa and the girls:)

We reached home at 4.30 after our lunch and trip to Macbook shop to fix my Mac.The girls fell asleep in the car, i put them in bed,after taking bath etc I went down to make Milo for uwan,while listening to uwan's kampung story,i potong sayur for uwan's dinner.As for Ash yang tanya how to have good feeling in everyday's life? because she feels down and bad lately;( i can't really give a complete answer to it as i pun ada ups and downs but i learn to appreciate things from day to day.The most difficult to control and to listen to us is our heart.Talk slowly to our heart,ask her to make peace with us and everybody,replace all the worries with postive vibes and love.If your heart is happy there will no place for unsatisfaction,when there is no unsatisfaction,small thing will make you happy.So try to do that Sis,start with being happy with smallest thing around you,you are precious,your life is precious,give the best to youself.The best doesn't mean the biggest,the most expansive,the most popular,the best is the thing that brings smile to your face;) My moment with uwan yesterday was precious,it brings smile to my face,no money needed,no big effort just sitting there potong my sayur while listening to her telling stories about people already passed away many many years ago in our kampung;);)

Since the girls didn't have opportunity to play outside our house for one whole day i decided to arrange dinner in our little garden.They girls asked for mushroom soup,garlic bread,fried chicken and fruit salad.

Minyak tanah dah tak ada, so i ganti letak lilin inside the pelita,it makes a nice candle holder:):)

While the girls had bread uwan ate nasi with sayur petola and sup daging.I dah rebus daging siap2 untuk masak kari kari daging dan nasi dagang for the next day's breakfast.I usually do that,kalau nak masak daging i rebus the night before supaya lembut so esok pagi tu cepat lah proses buat kari atau gulainya;)Opsss kita ada pressure cooker tapi phobia nak guna..he he;)

It was a good dinner,we took our time borak2 and ate slowly.Some people will have family dinner at fancy place during sunday night but with senior people and all we feel having dinner at home is the best;) That's the little reward for ourselves:)

I let the girls play for a little while in their cubby house before we went in to sleep.

Today; Sunday Morning is nasi Dagang Day;) I just want to share making a super fast nasi dagang if you dont have time to make double kukus.No need kukus just cook!It is my style,i just buat my cara yang  i rasa senang asalkan sedap:);) Cara i,i  guna beras dagang Faizah,i rendam semalaman,hiris bawang merah,putih,halia,sedikit halba,santan,susu segar,garam dan sedikt gula.

One of the reason we steam the rice is because we want the rice to be nice 'berderai-derai' and 'shiny'.So kalau kita tanak ajer nasi lemak or dagang dia tak lah berderai atau berkilat tu,jadi untuk dapat effect berkilat dan berderai adalah dengan menumis,so bila berminyak nasi pun cantik jugak.I tumis bawang putih,merah dan halia sampai wangi.

After that i put in the rice,coconut milk,fresh milk, a little halba, a pinch of salt and half spoon of sugar.The measurement for santan and milk should be the same as the measurement for cooking plain rice cuma lebih kan sikit ajer the liquid as beras dagang keras a bit.Make sure you masak dalam periuk tebal yang bagus macam periuk kuala pilah i;) The best periuk ni tak lekat,panas sekata etc.Then tanak lah macam biasa,balik a few times,dah kering kacau betul2,kecik api,tutup dan biar lah sampai kembang dan kering.

Hasil..tadaaaa..lagi cantik dan lembut dari di kukus..sangat nyum nyum:):)

I cooked kari daging Trengganu guna rempah kari cap rose yang Ezlin bagi:) Alhamdulillah Ezlin dah dua kali masak kari cap rose ni;) As for kari daging,i dah rebus daging tetel siap2 malam tadi with sebiji bawang besar dan halia.Untuk masak kari i tumis bawang merah dan putih dan halia,masukkan kari cap bunga rose yang dicampur beberapa sudu kari untuk masak daging biasa (campur dgn santan),dah wangi i masukkan daging dan biar berminyak,masuk santan sedikit,garam,gula,asam dan masak sampai pecah minyak.

I made some acar timun yang hanya guna gula,garam dan sedikit perahan asam limau sebab uwan dan the other half tak boleh cuka.

It was a delicious Nasi dagang,i was so happy with the result:) Uwan and the other half liked it very much:) and tips to yang baru berkahwin,walaupun mom's cooking is the best but try to have your own way of cooking surely your husband akan appreciate having the opportunity to try you way;);) I tanya MIL masak nasi dagang ni dulu but i improvised myself:);)

And it was so sedap makan nasi dagang banjir kuah kari di pagi hari yang Nadiah i give a skip to Subaidah roti canai banjir this morning ya;) Will try next time;);)

After menambah lemak we decided to go to Lake garden to burn we just pack the fruits;):)

The girls had a wonderful time..main air was one of the itenaries;)

They dont need to burn any fats actually as they had coco crunch with milk only..yang dewasa ni nak kena burn tapi yang dewasa duduk2 ajer bawah pokok;);)

One of my precious shot today;)

Another favourite shot... I love you emak,very very much;);)

As my sister said " Emak,you are always beautiful in my eyes" and i added 'nasib baik ada peribahasa mana tumpah kuah kalau tak ke nasi";):) he he he,Again, I love you emak;):)

Bougainvilla from my little Olympus lense;) I always love water colour painting since i was small.

My third brother Pashik is  very good at painting and drawing,one of his work hanged on the wall at his house,nice kan;)

Bye bye weekend..Monday is coming,hopefully we have a good week ahead:) InshAllah:)

Before i go just wanna share with all of you this picture:) The Dialogue behind it " Tia Mia make sure you hang your towel properly on the rack okay!" "Okay mama we will"!" :):) Cantiknya my anak2 hang towel:) Bye everybody;):)


Salmi said...

salaam mamatiamia, bunga kertas dah banyak berbunga kat arch lake garden tu..sebelum puasa pergi hari tu masih takde bunga..dah lama tak kesana..bila dah lama stop kena lah start balik morning walk..banyak2 park me selalu suka pergi kat lake garden...walaupun perasan macam ada kurang sikit maintenance dia tapi as compared to tasik titiwangsa better lagi lake garden..kepong lake pun ok juga cumanya banyak pokok2 hijau saja..and sangatlah luas..hehehe..kalau pusing satu tasik tu memang semput :-)

The Singing Pilot said...

The tips I learnt frm my chef in doin stock or rebus daging, let it boil and once it starts to boil, reduce the heat and let it simmer. The natural taste of the meat or tulang ke pebenda will ooze out. Discard the grey foam which is the blood and protein frm the meat. Oh rindu kitchen

susumanis said...

salam mtm, my mum duduk ganu, me suka nasi dagang ganu sbb putih bersih, me never cooked nasi dagang, yr step by step so precious, love u mtm, will cook nasi dagang yr style soon to impress myself, to singing pilot, loves t tips laa, tqsm ya, berkatnya mtm sbb syg uwan very very much, me must polo. must polo, insyaAllah

zullaiha zee said...

salam hai kak zu.saya dah lama baca blog kak zu n i really feel proud of u.even kerja tapi still ade mase berkualiti with ur family. sambil baca blog akak sambil sy berangan nak dapat twin yang cantik mcm tia mia n harap dapat jadi wonderwoman just like u!

Nizs said...

slm kak,

sya tak suka bunga,takde pun kat umah,tapi sejak tengok /baca blog akak yg sweet ni,terus jatuh cinta but taklah tanam(suka pokok hijau2 jer),jadinya sya rajin ke Romantika belek2 n beli mug,botol2 munga munga ala2 enlishhhh gitu...tq kak for the ideas,advices especially tentang our moms(mak sya 73yrs-really love her)n cite2 hantu(my husbnd blh nmpak hantu,dia kta sgtlh buruk rupanya syaitan-betullah firman Allh tentang rupa syaitan yg dilaknat).

*sya 39yrs(taktau adik ke akak to u)


ida said...

Been to TO with hb before..we took couple room and we choose thau massage...memang ada those lipat lipst thing...n hb said it heaven while for me terjerit la sket...but after that rasa nice gonna try the aromatherapy after this...

ida said...

Been to TO with hb before..we took couple room and we choose thau massage...memang ada those lipat lipst thing...n hb said it heaven while for me terjerit la sket...but after that rasa nice gonna try the aromatherapy after this...

Anonymous said...

Asku K.zu,

Hi how are u there, k.zu?I hope & pray u and all at home feel better with Allah swt bless,Uwan not only beauty in her face but in heart too she was pretty,which I can feel it, May Allah swt bless with more pretties health for her to live for more long time and to you too K.zu....muda2ah Allah swt mempermudahkan segala urusan usual I add u & uwan and the rest whom close to ur heart in prays k.zu, niat baik dan ikhlas akan dibalas baik isyAllah, so org baik akan bertemu dgn org yg baik2 juga k.zu...itulah anugerah kehidupan kita.....anyway I hv already send you email K.zu ok.apapun all pixs and eating with uman tia mia, look so sweet and sweeeeettt.
Take care and hv a good day and peaceful nite.


kasihredha said...

sedapnya nasi dagang tu
tapi biasanya akak buat gulai ikan aya/tongkol.
Cantiknya lukisan pashik...memang seni.
dan kreatifnya anak mama mengantung towelnya tu hihi

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

nampak best sgt, berdinner kat luar camtu. sronok tgk umah pn. zu, cantik dan kemas. nasi dagang tu pulak nampak sedappp sgt

umiyumi said...

Salam Zu,
kalau ada tmpt makan yg cozy mcm tu, tak mkn kat kedai pun dah ok. lg bestt..
haha tia mia pun sidai tuala sama je dgn budak 2 org kat rumah ni.. :D

Anonymous said...

Salam Zu....yummmm nasi dagang....need I say more?hehe..
Takpelah Tia and Mia sangkut towel mcm tu,dia org kecik lagi,esok2 dah besar pandailah dia org tu...lagi pulak dpt mama yg pandai mengemas rumah,sure everything will come naturally...
Take care dear sis...

Unaizah said...

Okaylah tu Tia & Mia "sangkut" towel. At least terletak jugak atas penyidai. Hero sulung i lupa sokmo, tinggal towel atas katil. Yg nombor dua pulak letak atas katil sebab tak cukup tinggi nak hang kat hanger & sangkut atas penyidai. Sudahnya jd job scope mama la sangkut towel :-)

kaezrin said...

yippie..kalau akak nak lagi stok rempah bgtau ok...i can be ur supplier takde hal...:)

looking at ur hefty meal i pulak semangat nk bernasik dagang...nk cari ikangggg dulu..

have a good day kak zu

shamsuhada said...

azu..tajuk entry u a bit menghairahkan..hihihi..thanx for the simple recipe buat nasi dagang..must try one.. bukan mama aje ada seni tapi TiaMia pun ada seni utk sidaikan towel mereka...
the singing pilot..thanx for the petua..
fadila from mardi..boleh tak akak contact awak kalau nak ke cameron nanti???

annhuzi said...

comel la style tia mia hang towel!
talented nya your abang. sangat cantik painting drawing! suka sangat! rumah angan2 i :) masih ke dia melukis? boleh draw kan i? berapa upahnya?

betul, uwan is beautifully contented dan betul juga mama dan tia mia beautiful like uwan :)

Hanis Azla said...

what a pleasant weekend.. kira cantik juga tiamia hang towel.. klu anak2 bujang i, hang towel kat atas lantai aje.. he..he.. saja nak buat mama dia naik angin..

Hanis Azla said...

what a pleasant weekend.. kira cantik juga tiamia hang towel.. klu anak2 bujang i, hang towel kat atas lantai aje.. he..he.. saja nak buat mama dia naik angin..

rina mazlan said...

Kakak, apa add fb? Nanti nak add friend bleh? :P

Kniedaz said...

Salam Sis,
Hari tu saya pun makan nasi dagang tapi beli je...takla sesedap mana..tapi bila tengok nasi dagang sis nampak sungguh menyelerakan..maybe one day i'll cook this for the family...baru tau Faiza ada jual beras dagang ni..nanti nak cari di supermarket... ^_^

Shinnaz Ahmad Rasid said...

comelnya gantung towel! hehe

Sara said...

Hmmm.. good idea laa k zue, replace minyak tanah dgn lilin jer kan.

Aduhaii.. same jerr laa patern hang towel TiaMia dgn girls kat umah ni.

anis said...

Salam Mamatiamia,

Kreatif sgt bila tengok Zu recycle pelita raya tu...nasi dagang tu pon nampak aje dah sedap, mesti lah rasanye berlebih2 lagi kesedapannye kan..

Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways..

mamalisa said...

Kak Zue, I pun pegi ouchh ahhh ouchh aahh kat TO last sunday @Empire..bestnya dah lembuh dah urat2 I heehhehe..

Malu weh I org Trg tapi x pandai masak nasi dagang, pandai makan je..kihkih..will try ur method ok.

byk betul dapat berguru psl masak masak dgn you yer.

zuhriyannie said...

Salam Kak Zu. sedap betul tgk nasi dagang tuh. thx for the recipe. kt mn akak beli kuali tuh ekk? dekat dgn pasar basah kolo pilah tu ker? weekend nih, org ingat nak balik kg kt bahau. blh singgah beli..
maybe next time kak zu blh bg petua bgmn nak suh anak2 sidai towel lepas mandi. sobab style anak2 kt rmh nih sama jer dgn tiamia..hehehe
tq kak Zu.

M.U.M.M.Y M.I.Q.H.A.E.L said...

lepas ni nak ikut cara ka zue masak nasi dagang..

my beras dagang dah terperap lame tu, sbbnye nak masak nasi dagang ni bercinta betul dengan cara2 leceh mak nenek tu..nak kukus 2 ke 3 kali naik kuali...tu yang maleh...

penah jugak wat cara kak zue, tapi tak bape nak pandai nak agak air untuk beras it bit lembik macam makan pulot pulak..

thanks kak zue for the simplest way to cook nasi dagang...

daydeck86 said...

Salam kak zue
kalau minyak tanah dah abih leh guna minyak diesel beli jer kt petrol pump tu sket leh masuk dalam pelita tu kak...