Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Cubby House and Budget Wet Kicthen Make Over.

Alhamdulillah it's a beautiful weekend! We had two interesting projects to share here:)

Yes! Our Cubby House is finally here;) mama is equally super excited:):)

We came back from piano class and found the cubby house already in the garden! Wahhh look at our little blue window,we can see the white flower from here.

After much deliberation,imagination,discussion mama has decided to place the cubby house under the tree.Location is important in order to ensure that the cubby house wont' take  much space and decrease our limited garden.

Wahhh we got a cute planter's box:) mama loves it!

Yeahhh our first tea in the cubby house.

Pokya painted the wall pink and we are delighted.

Now we have moved all our favourite toys inside here.

A little white house with blue window and rooster on the roof!

With cute little girl in it:)

Mama said -Enjoy your childhood girls:) I had a wonderful one,wish you the same.

Mama said she loves to see children having fun;) maybe there's still a 'little girl' in her;)

The cubby house is just right there and didn't take so much of our space.

Now mama can have her tea near 'our house".

I love my cubby house;)

Presenting the designer and the contractor Pokya and his lovely daughter:)

Ha ha see who's visiting us at night in our cubby house:) It was uwan! and she took a nap in our litlte house too;)

Papa was excited too:) He bought us dynamo light from ikea:) Do you know whar is dynamo light? It's a light without battery, you just need energy by turning the leaver many many times:) So it is perfect for night time in the cubby house:)

Our sweet papa was so worried that we might get hungry in the cubby house :)he came and fed us with his The Baker's Cottage sandwich:)

Papa we love you very very much!

Yesterday when we played in the cubby house mama and papa left us and went to Ikea;) Hmmm they going to  make over  our wet kitchen today:) This is before the make over ,Heni has put aside all the things.

Mama and Papa called it a "Budget make over" as the cost was very minimal,they just purchased paint and few knick knacks from Ikea.Our wooden wall at the wet kitchen had been painted dark brown since day one!Mama decided to give more colours and make it brighter this time.She was contemplating between country blue or mango green.

She finally decided on mango green which turned out to be good as it makes the wall brighter.

Mama changed the decorative sticker for the tiles.She kept some unused items in the store and threw some old items.

The area is not big and mama spent a lot of her time here so she needs a comfortable space;) When she has time she will change the table cover too.

Mama loves her new wall colour as it makes her things look brighter.

Only things she really use is hang here,no display or unecessay items.

And she has all her spices on the small rack too.She didn't buy the small bottles from ikea but it was door gifts from kenduri and others.

We had extended or dry kitchen to the maximum last time so this is the area left for wet kitchen.The limited area is now use for laundry activities too, mama has to place the things properly so that it won't be cluttered.Mama has to monitor Heni too as she like to store all unecessary things there like dried mango,chili,papaya seeds,bottles,kain buruk etc.

Mama bought this plastic storage for RM9.90 from Ikea,quite cool isn't it.

Mama keeps a pot next to the kitchen too so that any old onion or garlic can be planted in it.

Mama recycled old containers as plant pot and hanged it on the wall.

Even the place is not big but there's some space for Heni to fold clothes or sit down after doing the laundry.

Wahh mama got brighter wet kitcen now and it can be seen from our dining! And that's Heni at the back;)

And you know what? we have decorated our cubby house with some new items too:) mama bought us a pink mirror and we took some stickers from mama kitchen and stick it on our cubby house wall.

Mama used her pareo as our blue curtain and we love it!

Evening mama served ubi kayu rebus,sambal tumis and eggs for tea.All the adult said the ubi were really nice, i saw papa eating 2 plates of it..but we just stick to our coco crunch:) P.s Kak Rose Penang,how to make super nice teh tarik? mama only used condensed and evaporated milk after that she tarik2 in the glass,is that right?:):)

After eating the ubi rebus,mama served uwan hot sup tulang to uwan under the pokok sena in our garden.While seating under the pokok sena uwan pun berpantun- "Buai laju2 sampai pokok sena,apa dalam baju sekuntum bunga cina"

It was a great evening today:) good food and good time with all the people we loved:) Now we understand the term "sanctuary" that mama been talking about,we don't need to go far to fimd happiness as it is just right infront of our eyes;):) Mama said must always thank Allah swt for all the things that Allah gave;) Alhamdulillah!


Anonymous said...

tia mia, your mama is a genius. and with all that demonstrations of creating meaningful spaces of love, mama even succeeded in teaching u girls at a very young age, a very big word..sanctuary..and both of u now understands its deepest meaning and will remember these lessons and pass it on. Syukur. Happiness from uwan to everyone, right in front of our eyes. mama is a great teacher who has learnt from her great teacher, uwan :)

thanks azu, i am learning so much..
but i do struggle with understanding..

Salmi said...

tia and mia dearie,auntie loves your cubby house ! rasa mcm auntie pun nak join uwan baring2 dalam tu jugak :-)..hug and kisses to both of you :-)

Mamasya said...

Wah seronoknya Tiamia ada cubby house...boleh main2 dlm tu...mcm main pondok dulu2...uwanpun boleh tumpang rehat sama....

lemongrass said...

Salam Mama TiaMia,
You are definitely one creative lady making use of all the available space so prettily and usefully. I like all the hanging pots n pans and what nots. The greens really bring out the cheerfulness of that area.
Next time you datang Perth, datang rumah I ye so you can tell me how to organise all the spaces in my kitchen :-D.
But nak tanya...the wet kitchen area, kalau hujan, tak tempias ke? I baru teringat yg kat Msia selalu hujan lebat petang hari so tu yg thinking about the tempias.

Liney said...

berkenan ngan wet kitchen akak... tgh plan nak buat wet kitchen ni n rasa sgt memerlukannya especially selepas kenduri baru2 ni...

kasihredha said...

suka le wet kitchen tu.
Seronok nak masak kalau dah cantikkan.

The Singing Pilot said...

Alamak, we share the common interest. Kitchen is my sanctuary. I like it to be fully functional wit some industrial touch to it. Sy xkan senang ati nk mkn slagi sume periuk dh abes dicuci. I luv myself. Bahahaha

Sara said...

cantek nyer chubby house dah siap.. senyuman anak pokya tu sgt manis...

Mummy Akmal's @ Brunei said...

Salam Zue.. really really envy your punya kreatif mind.. fell in love with your lovely garden and your wet and dry kitchen deco.. definitely two thumbs up from me.. seronok tengok colourful bunga kat garden you.. kat tempat saya susah nak jumpa kedai or tempat yg specialised jual blossom bunga2 macam kat you all and other countries :'(... I betul2 harap one day I boleh create mini garden like the one you have.. betul2 menenangkan fikiran dan mendamaikan hati..

Nur-nba said...

Kak Zu sangat kreatif... beruntung anak2 akak dapat merasai kesemua pengalaman ni. Teringat zaman kecil2 dulu, guna khemah askar abah dan pasang di luar rumah..

Semangat memasak akak tentu berkobar2 bila dapur dah cantik dan ceria.. :)

Anonymous said...

this is truly beautiful…if there was an award for the most aspiring and inspiring malaysian blogger it would definitely be yours! :)

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

berkenan sangat dgn wet kitchen tu. kreatif sgt. tak jemu mata memandang. best

Anonymous said...

Salam Zu,cantik rumah 'tecit' TiaMia tu...Tia and Mia,ada space for Kak Lily and aunty nur tak kat your cubby house tu?booking utk satu mlm in december nanti ya,plus breakfast...hehe..
TQ and take care..

Lasufi said...

Salaam Kak Zu,

First nak tanya camera apa yang Kak Zu pakai.. gambar sungguh sharp dan lawa.

I used to hang all the periuks, kualis mcm Kak Zu buat last time, tetiba teringat rumah lama.. tapi make sure semua benda tergantung kena berkilat.. otherwise nampak hitam daaa...

Anonymous said...



saw you n husband kat IKEA last saturday..laju nyer n muka you kelihatan penat...thought bleh ler nmpk the twins...takde rezeki...

take care k. zuuu...

silent reader...

shamsuhada said...

azu, cantiknye cubby house TiaMia.. Teringat pondok mainan masa kecil dulu yg dibina dgn kayu & daun pokok jadi atap tapi itulah syurga kita dulu.. Beruntung TiaMia, mama nak mereka rasa mcm mama kecil2 dulu. Thanx Azu, u beri aku idea utk cantikkan lagi wet kitchen tapi rasanya take time jugak utk ubahsuai sbb byk brg yg perlu dikemaskan..

ada the baker said...

salam kak zue. awesomenyer. dapur &cubby house so sweet.comel sangat


sweet jer tengok Uwan join main pondok-pondok..

rina mazlan said...

Salam Kak Zu.

So sweet uwan lepak kat cubby tia mia. They're so lucky dapat mummy mcm kak zu... :)

AQisH said...

ya Allah azu..bestnyerrr!! i tgk pon excited hehe..

Rina AVAIL a.k.a Cik Betty said...

as-salam sis,

first time singgah sini dan terpesona dgn entri ni..

suka sgt cubby house tu..brp upah nk buat tu?

wet kitchen tu sangatttt cantiikkk..

dan bunga-bunga kt taman tu sukaaa sgt..kenapala sy fail tanam bunga

ur blog really inspired me :))

coachforme said...

Salam Sis
saya perminat blog Sis ni, tak pernah comment, tapi tiap tiap hari baca :)
best, banyak idea di dalam blog Sis ni.

Nak tanya Sis, berapa kos untuk buat chubby house tu yer, kalau boleh bertanya? :)