Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yang Buat Hati Gembira.

Apart from exploring this world with the loved ones I love staying at home doing simple things. I imagine when i have house with bigger backyard i will have chicken pen,vegetable patch,traditional clothes line and a bench under a big tree. Isn't it nice to feed the chicken in the morning,water your flowers and veges,hang your clothes and be busy at the back just like my emak in the old days.The only thing that might want to add is to go to salon and mani pedi after doing all those things..heee..heee..but seriously i love baking,cooking and work at backyard,i love to hear people or my loved ones say salam or hello at the door so that i can feed them at my kitchen.

This week we didn't go out much except maiden trip to Low Yat Plaza with Tia and Mia,the papa decided to buy Android Tab for them..price quite reasonble below RM1k but capacity quite limited..good enough for the two though.

Tak pergi mana i duduk rumah belek2 almari,bilik air,dapur,masak2 and served the loved ones with food i cook.

Just to share some tips..SKII is the best thing for my skin during need to wear extra skin nourisher skin feel good all the time there.

Cuma kat rumah kadang2 lupa nak taruk kan..the tip put it in your bathroom when you walk in you see it and you will do the routine.

Kemas my almari..jumpa banyak jugak perfume yang tak bukak lagi..lupa terus pun at least i dont have to buy new ones for few current favourite is Usher Raymond..there was sales at Sydney airport so i bought few  bottles.

This is a best buy from inflight shopping- Dr Feel good face helps to maintain your face smooth and supple for hours..i'st just like lipbalm but it gives matte effect.

Sunday night i cooked meal suitable for this monsoon season..curry keeps our body hot.Another tip i would like to share here,if you want to cook local beef, sometimes your need to boil it for hours to make it soft(if you don't have pressure cooker like me:).For fast cooking,cut your beef into cubes and hammer it with wooden hammer or you may use your pestle (anak lesung). The curry turned out to be really nice and the beef was tender,the brinjal goes well with beef too.

Our dinne;r beef curry with brinjal and squid with french beans and dried chillies.

Sunday morning we had homecooked kukus nasi lemak with sambal sotong and gooey way of celebrating Ns V Trengganu ended up with 2-1 yeahhh..

I received many queries through message this morning when i post picture at my fb..ada yang tanya camana nak buat gooey(telur cair) eggs macam dalam gambar atas..well macam2 cara kan..but mine i used non stick pan.kecikkan api..bila panas pecahkan telur and cover the pan with lid..biar lama dah nampak kuning mula cloudy boleh lah angkat...dengan cara ni telur putih tak lah keras sangat...still soft and nice.

Mia couldn't wait to eat:) sangat sedap kan;)

Okay sila makan semua;)

After breakfast,read newspaper..took out this pegaga from fridge.

Tia is merajuk and manja2 with papa..why?

Because this girl is concurring the new Android Tab..

Tu lah kerja dua orang ni sekarang..iphone,tab..

Tia is having her banana split prepared by papa..

We have non stop supply of this mango from our neigbours is sweet walaupun isi tak tebal..kalau kat kampung dulu org panggil mangga pedal ayam.

Selagi tak mandi,tak lunch..bebudak makan tak titbits orang zaman dulu..saja beli uwan and bebudak suka.

Tu dia uwan pun sama keluar masuk dapur..sebab tu i suka duduk dapur;)

What inspires me to be in the kitchen? This pan i bought from Paris 12 years ago..hee..hee..kalau rajin masak one day boleh pergi Paris lagi..kihhh..kihhh

Situ lah pan antique i tergantung..rasa nak tukar plate yang kat tersusun tu.. nak guna pinggan mahal2n hari2 susahlah sebab heni suka pecahkan dan bagi pinggan chips:(

Okay lah pounding time...

Dah masak  gulai udang masak lemak cilipadi with pucuk pegaga..Tia Mia stay with papa at home..mamas need sto go salon now..1/2 hr i come back we have lunch okay..after that we zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...;)


cacah said...

sedapnya.... masak lemak cili padi udang tu... ;)

kari daging campur brinjal... menarik.. tak pernah try lagi... nak suggest kat my mum la... :D

Anonymous said...

yummyyyy !

pegaga tu celur ke tak payah kak zu.


yanizz said...

Thanx akak bg tips utk masak kari n gooey. Nanti bole try. Gulai udang masak lemak cili api sedap nyer. Cdgn sy akak letakkan resepi2 masakakn akak lg ler sedap... hik2x. Masakan akak semua nyer best2x...

4 Kay-E said...

Wah... si kenit sudah ada TAB... dgn Iphone... Kanak2 zaman kini.. sume hi-tech!

Sedapnye tengok buah mangga tu..

Hanis Azla said...

lepas masak sedap2, manjakan diri pula.. bestnya..

Anonymous said...

Hi, been following ur blog for quite sometimes.. i love reading them! esp part masak2 u, mengekurkan!!
Dear, i nak tanye abt the android tab tu? what is the brand n the sizing? tq yea

Nur Raihana Abd Rahim said...

cantiknya rumah akak..suka...:)

twins mom said...

salam,kak... boleh x nak resepi sambal sotong tu? sedap la plak tgkkak masak...