Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The short one Week.

Kringgggg...ehhh kelas minggu ni dah nak tutup lahhh.....

Today picked few things for papa at M&S..he will be flying this weekend..hmm terasa nak ikutnyaaa.. walaupun orang lain dah biasa husband travel for months and they tinggal but mama's overseas trip was alway with papa.Kalau sebelum kahwin dulu selalu lah travel sorang or with friends/officemate but after kahwin tak pernah..ehhh pernah ada sekali..mama kena pergi meeting F1 kat London,papa tak boleh join sebab dia ada upcoming board meeting..masa inbound flight to KL from London mama duduk dengan sorang Malaysian yang memang kenal,young malay guy,good looking but perangai so the tutt..tutt..tutt..dia himpit mama duduk bagai nak rak, badan dia macanm setengah masuk mama punya seat..just imagine the 12 hours flight and bila someone yang kita kenal memang susah nak marah and malas nak create a scene but he was really bad sampai mama siku dia..baru dia faham and duduk diam2 kat seat dia.Masa tu you both tak de lagi..mama duduk Holiday Inn sorang2 kat London,dekat dengan Tube station,mama pergi shopping,shopping mall tak bukak lagi mama duduk tercanguk depan kedai,lepak kat cafe order coffee and baked potato tunggu kedai bukak..kelakar..bila shopping tangan dah penuh ambik tube hantar barang balik hotel,naik tube balik pergi MARA house, masa tu nama Nahar cafe,makan nasik campur dengan teh tarik..wahhh heaven sesungguhnya.Balik singgah Tesco Express beli cherry manis giler setengah kilo balik hotel..duduk atas katil makan sorang2..syiok betul.tapi masa tu teringat papa (bila dah dalam hotel sensorang lah..masa shopping tak langsung..haaa...haaa). Cuba tanya mama beli apa kat papa? Haa..haaa..mama bought Nike Golf Shoes,golf balls and,gloves and many other golf things dari outlet nama Lily White yang murah syok la kenangan.
Tadi kat M&S mama jumpa this cute chocolate lollipop so mama bought for you both..

Then mama went into the VCD shop and get you this Doreamon VCD..kita kan nak kena tinggal so kena ada entertaintment dalam bilik:)

Bawah ni few pictures masa Mia sakit abang Din snapped guna DSLR baru dia..sian betul mama tengok muka Mia..doa biarlah tak sakit2 lagi..

Mia at Damansara Specialist..duduk kat uwan..masa ni risau betul Mia asyik muntah..
Kak ikin cuba pujuk Mia masih tak der mood....
Mia and her uwan.."uwan adik sakit uwan...."
Then nurse masuk satu ubat kat bontot Mia(adik)..adik terus segar and bugar..hee..hee..magic ubat tu yerrrr....tapi adik cakap "adik tak syuka ..masuk ubat kat bontot adik pulakkk...."
Nanti papa sampai lah kat Munchen ni..hmm happy lah papa..jangan lupa kita orang tau papa..sejuk kat sana tau..yesterday was 11 degree..
Tak pe sayang..nanti mama korek tabung kita pergi sini okay..kita gumbira okay..we eat gelato okay..tapi mama tak janji bila:)..kita jangan cakap kat papa ni mana dulu okay..papa kita tinggal ke bawak dia?
Kita gumbira sampai cam ni lahh okay..bak kata orang N9 sampai "golek gelantang..melompek sakan.."..he..heee. Anyway mama tengah gila asyik tengok movie "MamaMia" ni haaa...
Salam maulidur Rasul untuk semua..antara doa pertama supaya semua muslimin dan muslimat diberkati Allah Sbt.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Air Liur Meleleh

Gambar tak de kena mengena dengan cerita..mama bought the new pyjama bottom and shining shoes from Lot 10..dua orang ni tak sabar2 nak pakai..malam tadi lepas mandi terus pakai..kasut pun pakai..hmm malaih nak citer.
Busy,busy..yesterday pergi last minutes Conference kat The Westin since our GMD couldn't make it...tak interesting... okay lah aje..lunch time pergi cuci rambut kat New Wave Saloon Lot 10, a bit pricey RM48 but worth sesungguhnyaaaaaa.. the girl urut tengkuk,kapla and neck..sampai boleh leleh air liuh la..confirm in paradise for one hour ..sangat sedap..tapi jauh la..camana nak pergi lagi. Papa going Munich this Saturday mama menjeles so berangan nak pergi sana sini dalam hati..nanti kita pergi ye girls..tunggu duit datang menjenguk dulu:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Where is this? Paris? La Chateau?


This is mama's favourite pick :) We are cute? Merci,merci.The background : the girls were sick for the past one week,mama was exhausted to the maximum,both vommitted and purged throughout the days,we went hospital several times and adding to the long and tiring week one of family member had to go for operation. Earlier mama had booked 3 days 2 nites stay at Colmar, as everybody was exhausted and the girls had been laying in bed for week we decided to go for breakaway.After the had a slight improvement on Monday we went to Colmar, the stay was cut short to one nite but it was a good one,the girls were happy and that contributed to the speedy recovery.
Mama had been to colmar few times during single days,it was with uwan,maklang and kak ikin. The French Theme Place is a nice place if you appreciate French heritage and all it things. On Monday before heading to the Hotel we stopped at the Rabbit park at the feet of Bukit Tinggi,it was at 2.00pm and due to the Global warming it was really hot but the girls were okay,they were so happy to meet rabbits.

Tia loves rabbit but Mia was a bit scared.

The kind tourist gave us their pet food so we gave it the rabbits.

It was hot but we had a good time

Tia non stopped complaining about the sands that get into her sandal..its okay mama obliged,as long as you feel happy.

They are lovely kan Tia..

It was a good start at Rabbit park,hopefully we will have more fun at Colmar.

We checked into one bedroom suite, all the blocks there are named after the French flower, ours was Gazania.The girls were busy checking the dressing table.

The bathroom was really french classic like the one you can find in old hotel in France.

Some of the furniture and lamp were imported from directly form France..well Berjaya Group got tons of money.

Mama loves their breakfast table..

Especially a detail like this which they have at the back of the chair.

The bedroom was painted in French linen colour,it was bright and cheerful.

The drapes were made from the heavy french material and Mia is checking the room to make sure it conforms to the French standard and the fee we have paid:)

After taking bath in the French bathtub we went down to have fun..

We went to see the swans, both had been reading ' The Ugly Duckling' book and mama been telling them that the ugly duckling is actually the swan's they want to look at the swan.

Yeah.. that's the swan.

We bought the bubble pistols and both had a very very good time with it..they really enjoyed happy to see their smiling and laughing faces after a one difficult week.

We sat at the field next to the swimming pool..the weather was good.

Tia is having big smile on her face.

Colmar has wonderful blooms.

and they made best effort to ensure the garden look and feel like "France".

It was a fun evening..colouful and light,breezy and nice.

The typical french window with planter's box outside the window.

La Blason Resaturant has a very French feel.

After a good evening we went back to Gazania..and both were in happy mood,they continued with drawing at the breakfast table.

Mama loves this wall light, once you turn it on the french linen wall turned into olive green was beautiful.

The wooden bedside lamp is imported from France too.

By 9pm everybody already dreaming in the King size bed..luckily the bed is big enough to fit in 4 of us.

Petit de junour breakfast for petit girls at La Blason.

Nice place to have breakfast.

Wahh the picture is a bit in the scary movie:) it was Tia at the fire place.

The girls at La Blason restaurant.

After we filled our tummies with food we are ready to have more fun.

Sian the girls..they wanted the ducks in the pond behind them,the ducks were not for sale,kena play the fishing the duck game to win the soft toys..hmm mama tried several time tapi tak menang pun:(
Since the ground at colmar are all covered with cobble stones it is better to wear shoes than sandal.

This little French lady is ready to go through " an evening in Paris"

The French man, with the French lady hat and two petit ladies:)

Having more fun at the bridge.

It was drizzling a bit but the girls degil tak nak wear hat.

met Mr Big bear lagi...

mama already broke so you just watch the bear okay girls..

The Colmar Tropicale.. a French lady living in a hot tropical country.
Pretending that we are at the train station in paris..waiting for our train to take us to London:)

Stopped for some reading at the information centre.

Finally we had a break in front of the stage waiting for the day are so cute here Tia

Mia is cute too..

Bye..see you in Paris next time:)