Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purse Alert!Purse Alert!

He..he.e..gumbira minggu ni..walaupun penat walaupun duit habis banyak tapi happy.Lama betul tak pergi shopping2 baju or make up untuk diri sendiri..asyik beli barang untuk rumah atau the the two girls la mula2 mode nak berjimat kan..we need a lot for the new house..everything pun dumb kat sana..but after sometimes tak tahannnnn..nak shopping2 jugak..macam kira berpuasa lah..lamanya rasa macam dah kurus kering jiwa shopping mama,macam dah tak boleh bangun..aduss risau tu..nanti kalau mati jiwa shopping tu macam mana..hihh..hihhh..tak boleh..nanti hilang fun..kena bagi makan jiwa shopping ni.Apart from menghabis duit banyak jugak rezki dapat barang2,kak nur and maklong datang rumah bagi belated anniversary gifts for mama and papa,so nice lah kak nur,mama dapat cyrstal container and papa dapat polo tie,girls dapat books and chocolate and uwan dapat kain batik..thanks so much okay.Last week cuti dua hari mama supervise orang pasang cabinet tapi hari rabu dia datang lambat,after lunch baru datang so pagi mama pun enjoy lah kat One utama,pergi hair saloon buat hair treatment dah tu masuk ZARA,Laura Ashley,Bobbi Brown..suka2..dah lapar duduk makan sorang2 kat Miss Read mama punya favourite Seafood Spaghetti with Olive Oil..nyumm..nyumm.Semalam pulak mama pergi kompleks PKNS Shah Alam carik baju kurung kedah uwan..sian uwan dah lama tak shopping,dah 12 tahun tak pergi kompleks PKNS,masih macam dulu jugak.bila mama list down barang beli minggu ni banyaknya..tu tak masuk shopping baju2 kat mark&spencer lagi..adus memang terkopak,terbarai lah purse and wallet mama and papa tak msuk lagi cheque2 yang dah issue dan akan di issue pada contractor tu...insaf,insaf..hehh..hehh..

seronok bila shopping bag dah penuh kat tangan..macam kenyang jer perut

ni summer tops tia mia from ZARA..cute and ceria

yang ini pun mama suka sweet and cute

bila dah selonggok pi kat cashier..emmm cam terkedu jugak nak bayar..macam boleh beli satu satu kitchen hood yang imported ler.

kalau tengok cardigan kat laura Ashley memang tak boleh tahan..walaupun wool,walaupun panas,walaupun boleh beli satu microwave dengan harga tu..totap nak beli jugak.

papa dapat tie polo from kak nur as anniversary gift..pagi ni mama dah padan kan dengan M&S shirt

tia mia dapat buku dari kak nur and mama beli flashcards and activity box jugak

gelap la pulak gambar ni,..tapi nak tunjuk jugak crytal container kak nur beli kat mama..thanks ye kak nur.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


One of the area that i love most in the house is warm and inviting kitchen.In my present house ,we have one proper kitchen only as the wet kitchen is very simple,just the stove placed on the counter top at the back of the house. For my dry kitchen they all white, i spent a lot on the cabinet,they are of a very good quality, using semangkok wood and was sprayed with white,the cabinet is the combination of everything as i want to have a bit of everthing : lattice doors,wood canopy hood,open shelves for plates,standing shelves for tv and oven and the carpenter had a done a very good job. For my new house i cant spend so much as i have dry and wet kitchen and i have to be careful with budget.I ve done my homeworks on how to save and at the same time to have your dream kitchen. I always dream of having french provencal kitchen,to have the the door cabinets be painted with regal blue,when i told my the cabinet man about the idea he was first sceptical about painting the doors blue as no locals like to have their kitchen in blue but i know what i want. So i have my wet kitchen in blue just like what i always imagined,for my dry kitchen i still like to maintain it white, to extend the feeling of the old kitchen in the new house,the only different is my new dry kitchen is using "barn doors ' design with porcelain door knobs which is handpicked by me. I have small bar top where i can place coffee pot and cakes there,there's a place for everybody especially for tia and mia. How i wish that i don't have to compromise with certain things due to the budget contsraint. My advice to those doing their kitchen cabinet: do your homeworks,know every basic so that you can tell exactly of what you want to your cabinet man ,if you have big budget do spent more on your kitchen as it will last forever and you gonna spend most of your time there,go for all the good quality materials like solid wood,granite or solid surface,good hood/hob and built in oven as these materials bring elegance and comfort. To me house is your foundation of nourishing love,it should be warm and loveable and therefore you should have the best materials.If i can summarize house it will be : wood,rock and clay-these materials are warm and friendly.

Porcelain door knob fixed on the barn door cabinet.

Built in oven is placed at the dry kitchen as i have planned my dry kitchen to be a place for coffee,cakes and magazines only.

Wet kichen in progress, two open shelves are fixed at the left and right side of the hood, the top cabinets will be in white while the base will be in regal blue. I love the tiffany pendant light as the yellow light compliment the blue base doors.

The regal blue doors waiting for door knobs to be fixed.

The men doing their works,they used laser lights to ensure accuracy..i love watching them doing works,so much you can learn from it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roses,ice cream and cake

Yesterday - 25.05.09,we had small celebration at home,actually pakcik had cited doa kesyukuran on Sunday when we had our big makan at Sunterez,Monterez Club.So yesterday evening papa bought mama a bouquet of roses,cake and mama bought cute ice cream cake from baskin Robbins. We had exchanged present earlier,mama had been wearing beautiful set given by papa to office and same goes with papa,yesterday was meaningful thank you from the heart,hug and kisses..that is happiness.(notes; gambar tak clear..battery dah nak kong)

And tomorrow mama will be on leave for two days,we have people coming to new house to install kitchen cabinets and mama has to supervise,hopefully they are fine.Friends,see ya on friday.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


7 Beautiful Years Together
Fulled with Love and Laughter
Dear,I shall not ask for More
This Love i keep in my Heart Forever

25.5.2002-25.5.2009 - Our 7th Anniversay- we celebrate Love. Alhamdulillah.

Love keeps us together-Italy,June 2006- 6 months before more love coming to our hearts.

24.6.2007- Our hands are fulled with love, our hearts are filled with Joy.

Tia Khadeja, Mia Ayesha your are the more love,you are the more joy.

Nothing more mama and papa could ask,just syukur and pray hardly to Allah Sbt.

These smiles are the richest look to our eyes, are the gorgoues paint to our house, are the greatest joy to our hearts.

Seeing you growing in front of our eyes are pleasures beyond description.(ikea outing- Saturday)
May forever love flows in your body and heart

You bring happinest to all people around you (main2 with uwan at ikea)

Our heart and soul.

Through these girls we live our youth,we cherish our live.

A girl's smile is the freshest look that channel energy of love into our body.

making breakfast is now more meaningful.

So great to fill your loves's ones tummies with with your own cooking.

To watch them enjoying it..

lift up your mood and spirit to the highest.

Yes Tia and Mia,mama loves you too..

Pakcik and uwan share their loves with us.

The three generations sharing their loves.

On this great day, mama can only syukur so much to Allah Sbt,may mama be a more humble hamba to Allah Sbt, a more better wife to papa, a more good mama to you.Together we pray that we will have more beautiful years to be cherished together.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shabby Chic and Cottage Decor Craziness

lately ni mama asyik tengok blog orang yang gila shabby chic,cottage,english and french deco ..dasat betul la penuh rumah@shop dia orang..they really work hard for it collecting,importing and searching for the things they like..salute them all.mama pun suka jugak tapi tak suka la rumah jadi terlampau semak atau semua benda senada, other words mesti ikut concept sebab nanti your house will look like a shop, it will loose the warm and cosy feel instead become cluttered and congested (views from unqualified interior decorator:)..what mama likes is for the house to grow by itself..having one thing from one place,the other from another place,no customize look and not restricted to one theme only.having said that mama drools over the things mama saw in these people's mama told papa who shared the same interest with mama (so lucky mama managed to influence papa into liking what mama likes..heh..heehh) that we should pay a visit to this place as mama wants to get one or two thing..papa looked at mama and said " i think you better check your stocks in the storeroom mama..i think we have enough as i didn't see a single thing that we bought from the last trip displayed yet...hehhh..hehhhh..mama ketawa..because that is very true..we bought quite a lot and mama dah pun last nite mama pi check semua barang balik..woooo..banyak rupanya..tapestries,painting,plate.lace,table runner,kitchen glove,candle holder..haaaa...haaaa..thank you papa..mama will start transferring those things to our new house.

these are some of the tapestries mama bought from Florence market,they are really beautiful,the price depends on the thread quality and its making.If the thread is really fine and smooth it will be more expensive..the first one from right in the lower row in the picture is the most expensive..they are very fine and that is why the colour is so soft.
Some of the soveniour and decoupage plates and plaques mama bought from Vienna,Venice and Florence.

At Pitti's Palace in Florence Country Site, this palace is fulled with antique tapestries and Chandeliars.

This is one of the tapestry, so big and grand..they are very old,handmade..we can only admire the art but cannot hang it at our house (as if they are giving it to us..hehh..hehh) because most of the tapestries will have features from Bible.

mama's most favourite market..fulled with all things that mama likes..first day mama came to Florence mama bought 8 tapestries from here plus other things,papa helped mama carried back to hotel,papa lost 2 of the tapestries on the way.mama was upset,the next day we went to the same stall and mama bought another 2 to replace the lost ones..baru satisfied.makcik belakang tu sampai suka kat mama..siap peluk2 lagi:)

another of mama's favourite..ceramic and porcelain..especially with olive and lemon motives.this shop with shy owner is fulled with wonderful plates,they are handmade and quite expensive,the small one can fetch hundreds,mama bought two small plates only.but now when looking at the mama wish mama bought all the big ones..nak..nakkk..nakkkkk..

papa likes we stopped at this shop in venice..the price is quite reasonble..they have original and reproduction paintings..we can only afford the reproduction.

Yeyy..this is the one papa chose..mama have framed it and now waiting it to be hanged at the right place in our new house...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Masa pregnant rupa macam mana yekk?

Semalam ada kawan lama mama called, dah lama betul tak jumpa..dulu2 masa study kawan baik,masa tu rupa pun lain agaknya,sekarang dah lama betul tak tengok agaknya rupa dia macam mana.Masa dulu2 mama memang kurus kering.sekeping kawan mama ni curious betul nak tengok macam mana la rupa mama masa pregnant..mama cakap la..dah lama betul dah 2 tahun pun you all..dari masa pregnant dulu dah gemuk balik la la masa pregnant dulu kurus sebab mama sakit masa early pregnancy dan late pregnancy tak de gambar..early sakit dan dah nak due pun sakit..masa sihat cuma masa 6 bulan pregnant jer.Sakit sejak awal,melepek kat rumah,sihat jer masa 6 bulan,mama ambik surat kat doctor terus fly pi Tokyo dengan papa..masa tu sejuk kat Tokyo you all nyorok2 dalam perut lah saja gambar yang ada untuk kawan mama tengok dan you all jugak masa besar nanti.

masa ni 6 bulan,banyak orang cakap perut mama kecik sebab bawak twins sepatutnya besar..tapi mama rasa besar dan ketat betul perut masa kat blue restaurant kat prince hotel,tokyo..sedap betul semua makanan kat sini.

ini kat NHK,Tokyo..sihat la ni sebab tu boleh posing2..orang2 jepun pun jaga mama dengan baik..kejap2 tanya nak pi toilet tak..

Ni dengan kawan mama dari Indonesia,Zsa Zsa nama dia..jumpa kat Tokyo masa seminar ni..dia jaga mama sungguh2..dulu dia duduk jepun, dia ni dulu celebrity kat Tv Indonesia,sezaman dengan Wan Zaleha Radzi,kawin dengan somebody now.. dia bawak mama pergi 'La La Port" tempat jual baju baby and pregnancy..blouse mama pakai dalam gambar ni beli kat situ la.

nampak gemuk dalam gambar ni kan..pakai berlapis-lapis sebab sejuk,keluar dinner hari malam,nak makan indian food,masa ni suka makan mango pickles dari indian restaurant kat Tokyo ni..waiter tu pun dah tahu tiap malam datang..dia mesti bagi extra mango pickles tu.

Ni pakai dress dari ZARA..mama suka dress ni..pagi2 bersiap nak pergi meeting and seminar..papa tukang ambik gambar.

pakai kimono dalam hotel..ngadap makanan..masa ni dah ada selera dan dah boleh makan selain pasta..kalau tak sebelum tu tak leh makan dan kalau makan pun nak makan pasta jerr..

merayap2 dalam bandar Tokyo yang besar..bawak you all dalam perut..kadang2 senak rasa nak muntah..masa ni determined nak carik restaurant malaysia..akhirnya jumpa kat Ginza area..order macam2..