Sunday, October 18, 2015


Thanks kawan2 yang singgah:)
Not much story- the normal,cooking,cleaning&napping;) The haze was cleared for few days but came back yesterday.
So we were at home- we had a relax weekend walaupun pagi2 kena punggah kain baju kotor ke washing machine- it was not too bad- the husband sidai baju, the wife cooks, the anak2 sepah and main and the uwan berangan atas sofa- and two cats hiburkan hati.
There's some pictures to be shared here- thanks for all the encouraging words- nak suruh Tuan Bloh update ya:)
Saturday night the hb mentioned about having ramen for dinner- but the girls insisted on Italian food- as usual we parents mengalah- yesterday i made Ramen soup noodles for breakfast- i googled the recipe but turned out to cook it my way. Boil the ramen first, ketepikan, in a pot boiled water with chicken stock (in my case i just use tulang2 left over fried chicken),some garlic, soy sauce and oyster sauce plus garlic oil. Leftover fried chicken yg i simpan dalam fridge tu i slice and masuk dalam pan tanpa minyak biar cripsy, dalam soup masukkan soft tofu, dan goreng telur separately- masuk ramen dalm bowl- tuang soup, atur slice fried chicken. telur dan potong kimchi halus2- i rasa wahhh sedap you:):)

This is our breakfast on saturday- on Friday i bought Frozen bagel from Cold Storage- nampak harga macam RM12 - but bila punch RM28- tapi jimat lah lagi dari pi makan Big Breakfast kat Dome- i beli Beed strips,cheddar cheese and i ada rolled butter inside my fridge- tanya the girls nak minum apa- semua voted for hot chocolate- the bagel was really nice- so sedap with the beef and cheese.

Penat masak seharian - dinner after maghrib we bundled uwan into wheelchair and went for dinner at The Italian Kitchen Sunway Giza- food semua sedap and we had a good dinner- uwan pun suka makan Aglio Olio rupanya:)

Selain tu berehat di rumah sajalah- belek2 garden kecik kat belakang sikit;)

An Teacher Claire bought us this cute watering can- we love it:)

Si demok ni pun suka lepak kat sini;)

And Elsa lagi lah best terus check in dalam laundry drawer tak bangun sampai petang;)
Ta taaaaaa... have  anice hazy week;):)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Little Make Over and Updates.

It has been a longggg time! Assalamualaikum!

Masa mencemburui walaupun hati masih di sini:) Busy as usual- without a maid for 5 months already- the last maid that i took- turned out to be a nightmare- she left my two girls and Uwan at home with the gate open-long story- the agent wanted to replace with a new one but i dont want anyone from  his kampung anymore- no more trust- treated them well- helped them and accepted them as part of family- yet they are crude and mean.Whatever it is bersyukur pada Allah Swt- anak2 dan Uwan okay- Tia and Mia was not well and were at home at that time- Tia called me and cried- they were scared- lucky dia ada rumah boleh call me if ony Uwan at home:(

Teacher Claire is back to work- helping me with a lot of things- she helped with my laundry, attended to Uwan and take care the children&my house- as at now I am used to it-i am fully in charge of my own house- i have arranged for a cleaner to come twice a week- i cooked in the morning( woke up at 4.30 or 5.00 am now), put the food in the fridge, give Uwan bath and give her breakfast, Teacher Claire will come at 7.00- by that time, the girls will be at the breakfast table, Uwan already wangi and fresh at her resting sofa and i have  done my   bedroom.Alhamdulillah,so far okay.

So - where was i from the last post?

Yup- this photo- my little backyard that served as my laundry area,wet kitchen and also a place to rest.Many were asking- how big is the area?Tak lah besar sebab my house macam rumah double storey terrace yg lain jugak cuma a bit panjang- 22 x 100- i maximised all area- i like sitting area, nook and corner to rest.

Recently i buat some make over there- a little indoor potted garden:) after sidai kain boleh duduk minum sirap- we were inspired by little cafes at Cameron Highland during the recent visit- semua cafe ada greeneries:) Sebab berkira budget i beli garden set kat tepi sg buluh  yg cost me RM300- walaupun tak berkenan colour dlm hati nanti ada masa boleh cat balik- We called the new sitting as "Cafe Lorong"- cafe ni betul2 ujud di Cameron dekat Brinchang:)

Many were asking also kat my IG- suruh tunjuk the whole area- macam mana buat sitting area kat belakang? laundry kat mana? muat ke nak masak etc- well area memang limited sebab my extra tanah tu kat depan- but i maximised the whole area- barang2 tak boleh banyak- i ada store kecik situ- muat lah my washing machine, tempat sidai,tempat detergent,stove etc.

This is how the whole area look like- my girls suka lepak kat sini bila i masak- and since my maid tak ada my husband pun lepak sini- i masak dia sidai baju:);)

Kecik tapi masih boleh buat benda2 yg teringin- ada rezeki i nak pasang dryer- supaya tak payah sidai2 baju lagi and i will kemas lagi the whole area by putting more outdoor cabinets.

And these two love the new lepak place.

Greeneries always bring calmness and joy to me.

Today i have ada masa lapang i pun paint the garden set jadi biru:)

Added a few garden accesories to make the girls happy.

The girls called this new look " Sky Blue Cafe". Semua potted plants yg senang di jaga dan boleh di tukar2.

The girls were excited- they were thinking about opening a real cafe here:)

And i love their ideas- they are very creative and natural!

Open to pets too.

Ha ha dont forget to wash your hands okay.

Cute food for cats.

And the fury ball love to sit here too:)

Ohh forgot to mention that we have a new family member- Miss Annabelle yang macam bola berbulu.

Elsa is not so happy with her presence- we took Anna from Maklang's house- Elsa canot stand perangai Anna yg gedik and too happy:)

But Anna is too cute and adorable- siapa lah yg tak geram:)

Masa jerebu teruk we went Cameron for 4 days- we went there for resting only:) We checked in at the usual Centrury Pines at Tanah rata- we love Tanah Rata.

We had a great time there- the weather was cold and the food was good.

And I am in love with The Lord's Cafe- the scones and crepes were super duper delicious and they were cheap- scones set cost RM3.50 only.

The scone and cake here are much better than The Bharat Teas.

I came here everyday- it was lovely.The shop is above MaryBrown at Tanah rata- same row with Starbucks.There's a stairs outside MaryBrown and the shop is on the first floor.

What's the latest- well the girls had their concert for the second year- they played as village fairies in "Sleeping Beauty"

Teacher Claire and her girls.

And Alhamdulillah Uwan is okay too- i took her to Absolute Thai today- after that we stopped at Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

Alhamdulillah-That's all folks- got to go to bed now- Ta taaa:)Until next time- which i dont know when:)