Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kitchen Business back as usual!


How i miss cooking and sitting doing nothing in my garden:) 4 days seems like 4 weeks- that's how a woman feels when they are away from their family:) Yong asked how's Tia Mia? They miss me very much Yong:( I saw them at the airport and they just ran and hugged me tight,non stop telling me how much they missed me at night:(

Terima Kasih Mayonniz- that means much to me:):) Thanks Halizza Ghazali and everybody else,those giving some insight on Sri Lanka(kekunang&flying fish):) Sri Langka lambat lagi- next year but i will remember the crab:):) Manado will be next month..hmmm how to leave the girls again- first time ni maybe they tak expect lagi yang 4 days will be long but next trip mesti they dah tahu:) But like many other women, mama has to work and for that we try our best to manage the situation okay:) And yang tanya hotel- i stayed at Grand Mercure Fortune Bangkok- hotel is connected to shopping mall- it was a very long mall-endless,sampai tak larat nak jalan,tapi tak ada outlet clothes or core brands- mostly eating shops,kedai gadgets and one Tesco but across the road there's a big Mall across the road named Rama something with anchor tenants like Robinson, Miss Selfridge,Top Market etc. And to Fadly ha ha ayah mesti risau bersebab tak bagi pi Siam tu:) To Flying Fish thanks so much, hopefully can bump into you when i fly to Sri Langka and to the The Singing Pilot- so true-orang kita ni bengkeng tak bersebab kenkadang:( To ida, Qashmere,Nastyna,nyza,fazaDura Zul,herlyna jom kita manja2 kan diri. And to Zaila of course lah camera trick,camera setting dan segala benda yang pandai menipu2 tu dik,akak manalah rupa semenarik tu tanpa all the tricks *wink*wink*:):) 

All in all- I miss my kitchen very much:):) And i ve been cooking few meals for people at home since i got back:)

Saturday evening i cooked kuay teow goreng for everybody.

I cooked kuey teow kegemaran orang2 kat rumah.

I ve been trying few recipe for kuey teow basah selalu tak kena kat tekak- this is my own olahan yang i rasa sangat kena with tekak even the girls,uwan pun sangat suka. My recipe (for one packet kuey teow)- a spoonful of paste "Prawn noodles" brand Tean, 2 spoonful oyster sauce, 1 spoonful cooking caramel (kicap pekat hitam yang tegak botol pun tak tumpah tu), kalau nak pedas tambah satu sudu cilikering yg dah blend. Tumis bawang putih merah, masuk udang,sawi,tomato, gaul2, masuk paste udang,then oyster sauce,caramel gaul sampai semua wangi, tambah air sikit, masuk kuew teow yang halus, balik2 cepat, kaup ketepi dan pecahkan telur, kacau kejap and angkat-makan dengan cili jeruk sangat sedap:)

Not only i miss cooking i miss my kitchen too:) dapat tukar table cloth pun satu kepuasan:)

And i miss seeing the girls playing in the garden:)

And jambu yang budak dua orang tu tanam with their papa dah pun berbuah:) So happy the two tengok buah merah macam strawberry- jenis ni memang kegemaran budak2 walaupun masam sikit tapi sedap makan dengan kicap gula:) and rajin berbuah- dah pun banyak putik lain yang keluar walaupun pokoknya tak sampai sekaki tinggi dari tanah:)

Ini kepuasan yang tak mahal namanya duduk tanpa buat apa2 tapi rasa sangat happy:)

Dinner i baked Rosemary Chicken with potatoes and gulai for uwan.

Sunday morning i cooked nasi lemak - extra pandan dan serai utk bau menusuk kalbu;)

Sangat sedap makan nasi lemak simple tapi yang wangi dengan halia,pandan,serai dan sambal sotong kering,bilis halus kuantan dan telur rebus omega yang kuningnya cantik:)

Lunch; we took Uwan to Awana Genting for buffet.

Uwan with her dessert.

My plate- buttered rice with beef goulash,roast chicken,chickpea curry,mango pickles and kuah rassam- sedappppp:):)

We stopped at the new Bee farm centre- cantik jugak tempatnya ada bees, butterflies,insects- kegemaran the girls lay tapi i tak masuk tunggu kat luar dengan uwan:)

Ada tempat duduk yang quite cosy:)

Mama and Mia:)

Amboi sorang ni relax habis:)

Ice cream time.

Hmm how time flies- both will be in primary school next year- hopefully their readiness test which the two sat on saturday will turn out okay:) both will be in different classes- i thought of requesting for them to be put in the same class- but they were okay with it- i met one of their future teacher and asked whether twins should be put in a same class- she said depends pada twins tu- ada yg tak boleh berpisah langsung- it's good if they can be independent,sat their own standard without comparing themselves too much with their twin. I will see how it goes next year as at now- both seems okay with separate class. They sat for the readiness test from 9.00am - 11.00am for 3 papers- English,Math and BM- they came out okay- tak complaint pulak tak dapat satu class:)

That's how we end our weekend:) Hope everybody had a good weekend too:)

Tataaa....until next time:)


Friday, April 26, 2013

Me and Bangkok.


I am back:) Opss i had a great time in Bangkok! Despite not going out for more than 100 metres from the Hotel throughout the 4 days ;i had a fabulous time:) Seriously, i didn't go out from the hotel at all! I attended meeting,conference and ate in the hotel, called VIP Massage in my room,went to the connected shopping Mall, did my manicure,pedicure, cut my hair at the salon, shopping, all within the Hotel compound! But i had a great time- Tia Mia should be angry at me:);) I enjoyed my "me time"- after nearly 6 years not knowing what is 'me time"- i found it to be relaxing and refreshing- not that the everyday life with family is stressful, it's just that once a while you need a time of you own,pamper your body and relax you mind;)

So i ve got few pictures to share here but please pardon me with some syok sendiri pictures- tak ada orang nak ambik gambar kan- kena lah snap sendiri:);) And to all ladies out there if you didn't give  time to yourself please do so now- no need to go far- just walk somewhere and enjoy your self- we all deserved it:)

The start of my journey- i posted in my fb- " no fun traveling alone" ha ha at this time was still worried about leaving the girls at home:)

My comfortable companion that made noise when i walked through the sensor gate- but I still love it:):)

One check in and one laptop bag for the journey.

After 2hrs flight i arrived Bangkok- along the way to Hotel nothing much that caught my attention and i still rasa Bangkok macam tak best,tak safe:)ye lah selalu ada bodyguards kan;)

But i found this building next to the Hotel quite interesting and i snapped its picture.

My Deluxe room which was wonderful:)

Complimentary fruits that came with "Sawadikap".

Unique design on the wall- it was a picture of Bangkok roads "Now and Then" by an English artist.

Then snap satu picture of myself;)

Bangkok at night from my window.

Big shopping Mall across the road with Robinson and Top Market- but i didn't go,do you believe it? So good of me:)

It was 4.00pm in the evening after spending 2 hours at the Hotel connected shopping mall- I called for VIP massage from the Hotel Spa:) It was so nice to have massage in the comfort of your own room, unlike at the Spa - the bed was soft, you can watch TV or sleep and no need to walk or drive back dengan badan berminyak after you ve done, just continue sleeping and the lady already filled my bathtub with warm water and orchid petals- so heavennnn:)

After massage and warm bath i called a room service:) I ve ordered Prawn Tom Kha Ghai and egg salad - Tom Kha Ghai is Bangkok style Tom Yam with coconut milk and lots of galangal (lengkuas)

I slept like a baby and woke up early - see tak ada lagi car on the road.

I had a good breakfast at the cafe- my favourite which we can't find here is Smoked Red Snapper- sedapnya makan dengan porridge;) 

Then the meeting pun mula, bila dah mula tak habis2- 8.00am to 5.30pm!.

But we had a good lunch- lunch was hosted by National Broadcasting of Thailand (NBT) and they prepared muslim food for me and fellow muslim brothers from Iran,Turki and Maldives. And nothing like eating Mango with sticky rice in bangkok- so sedappp:)

The tiramisu was equally delicious and i cannot resist every time i went for lunch/dinner.

After the long meeting i went for manicure and pedicure at the shopping Mall next to the hotel- there's so many manipedi,massage and hair salon here- and they are cheaper than Malaysia- if manipedi cost you RM80 and above in Malaysia-here you only pay RM45. After the manipedi- I went to the salon next door and had my hair cut:) I didn't cut my hair for nearly setengah tahun! Totally tak ada masa- the girl at the Saloon cut and styled my hair like Kak Ros- after the long effort i put back my tudung and she look disappointed:) In the entire hotel and mall i was the only one wearing tudung:);) 

After the manipedi and hair cut i went straight to the Dinner in the ballroom hosted by NBT and we had a good dinner there- for muslims we had a special table and they layan us really well:):)

The famous red ruby.

These are the fellow muslim brothers yang share the muslim food with me.They were very nice to me- jaga me like a sister- always bising kalau i tak ada especially kat meja makan because they said i know food very well:) They are lawyers/legal advisers from Iran,Turki and Maldives:):) 

Bangkok girls:)

After kenyang i went back to hotel room and browsed my notes for less than 5 mins and fell asleep- Instead of worrying about chairing the 3 distinguished speakers with thick accent the next day i dreamed about the massage chair..he he:)

Sebab tak pernah dapat orang kalungkan bunga kat leher masa dinner so i snapped few pictures of myself in orchids:)

So malam tu i tidur enak sekali:)

Next day; ready to chair 3 speakers:) let see whether baju kusut tak? sebab tak gosok:)

Okay sudah siap untuk jadi chair and table;);) 

Alhamdulillah the session went well- the organiser (Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union) was  satisfied and "stamped" me as "Our Chair person":);)   the conference next year will be in Sri Langka! Hmm Sri Langka...what can we buy there? Do they have massage&spa? but Maldives is only 45 mins away by Lanka Air..he he..thanks to all the brothers -they been feeding me with all the good information- what to see and do in Turki,Iran,Maldives etc:)

Free advertisement for "Apple":)

The audience from Asia Pacific region.

Our last dinner and it was very nice:) Thank You NBT:)

Tak shopping banyak pun but bought few things for the girls:)

Devils wear Prada, Gwiyomis wear Pink:)

Bought few Thai silk for Uwan,Heni and the rest - but shopping actually sangat menarik di bangkok Airport- they have Tods,Prada,Bally,Chanel,Longchamp- you name it semua ada- memang sangat giler   
bila sampai Airport Bangkok- sampaikan pulut mangga and fresh orchid nak bawak balik pun ada- Between Malaysia and Thailand - our people dua2 Asian- the different they are passionate in doing their works, their service industry is tiptop- they serve you with smile and their nonstop "Sawadikap"- orang kita banyak melayu beragama Islam- tapi nak senyum pun susah,buat kerja half hearted- terkenal dengan "budibahasa" sepatutnnya tapi bahasanya tiada lagi sekarang:(;(

Nite Nite All, may our beautiful country be blessed and we can live in peace and harmony:)

Note : Pictures were taken using my Olympus Camera- some of the pictures were shot using 'softmode' features- which resulted in a nice soft effect. I have taken many pictures using few modes including beauty,panorama, portrait etc,this has been explained in  many of my previous entries. Soft mode will give nice effect to portrait images,like in my pictures above, i don't look that good or even pretty-  (so don't worry ya people-it'just a trick or in other words just a camera setting only laaa:):) )- you can try too and surely the result will be great because you are all younger and prettier:);) But no matter what the most important is the original you- that's what will be reflected in your shadow,picture or even your writing!:):)