Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is 1.11.11

Salam untuk semua dan jugak Cacah,Ija ( pegaga tu tak payah celur ija.basuh elok2..after santan dah mendidih,masukkan biar nampak dah layu,baru masuk udang,jgn lama supaya udang manis),yanizz-nanti akak cuna letak resepi:),ita tulah kerja bebudak sekarang kan,Hanis:):),Zarina Android Tab tu brand CSL local made RM699,you just need an existing line from Maxis,kalau you ada simcard maxis,masuk kat belakang dah boleh online,browse etc..bill bulan just maintain your existing bill,capacity and capability lower than ipad of course but they have all the basic things,if iphone has applestore to download games etc..they have market with thousands of games,the downside banyak adult games jugak..and ads yg they have talking tomcat,angrybirds and many other games,browsing etc all depends on your simcard..the size slightyly smaller than ipad but easy enough to slip in yr handbag and to be held by kids..layout slightly different and not as easy as iphone or ipad but my girls learnt quick..content with bigger size and activities like camcorder,camera needs an sd card..if you ask to me to review okay lah..basic ada and berpadanan with price..but if you dah guna rasa ter downgrade lah pulak..and finally Nor Raihana..thanks;)

Atas permintaan:

Recipe Masak lemak cilipadi Udang dgn Pegaga

10 ekor udang sederhana besar
Seikat pucuk pegaga
Dua gelas santan segar atau sekotak santan brand kara
satu inci kunyit
sepuluh biji cilipadi atau lebih ikut ketahanan mulut
2 biji bawang putih 2 biji bawang merah kecik.
garam secukup rasa
sekeping asam keping


Tumbuk kunyit bersama cilipadi hingga hancur.Masukkan bawang tumbuk hancur dan halus.Potong pegaga,cuci dan toskankan.Masukkan santan dan bahan tumbuk dalam periuk,biar mendidih,masukkan pegaga biar layu dan setengah masak,masuk udang 5 mins,masukkan asam keping dan garam secukup rasa dan angkat dari api.Tips untuk masak lemak udang yang sedap,kuah jangan banyak,cukup2 untuk tenggelamkan udang dan sayur,masak udang jgn lama supaya kekal manis.Selamat mencuba.

Today is a beautiful day with beautiful date.I was and still busy these past few days and didn't have chance to hold my camera but i did take some pictures using iphone:)

This is yesterday's breakie..i ve made giant spiral pasta with beef strips,meatballs and tomato..very easy and quick to do but very delicious too..confirmed by the kids at kindy:) Bring your pasta to boil..dont let it be to soft,drain it. Put some olive oil in a pan,tumis yr bawang,beef dah wangi masuk tomato,two spoon of tomato sauce,1 spoon of pesto and parsley flake,add salt,add in the pasta and gaul until mesra:) Dah siap utk makan:)

Yesterday; lunch time..i spent sometimes with celebrity..Fara Fauzana,she is working under the same company.She drove me and and friend in her new X6..wahhhh sleek and smooth:):) Kita samo asik cakap nogori lah kito:):)

After the dimsum lunch pergi ambik ini budak2 kat kindy..kalau dah tengahari macam ni rupa..comot dan selebet tapi masih ceria..tengok tu;)

Semalam hujan lebat betul kan..balik office terkejar sana sini..rasa sangat nyaman bila dah mandi,dinner,duduk depan tv golek2 dengan budak2 masam yang syusyu ni:)

Today breakie..goreng bee hun singapore yang tak pedas..taruk meatball lagi nak habiskan stock sebelum raya:) Kalau yang berminat nak mencuba sangat senang..rendam bee hun..tumbuk 4 biji bawang merah dan putih,tumbuk sekali 4 biji lada putih dan belacan sebesar ibu jari,,tumis bahan tumbuk bersama hirisan daging dan sawi,biar sampai wangi,masuk garam dan masuk beehun,goreng sampai beehun masak..last masukkan telur goreng pecah yang dah do goreng asing..tadaaaa sangat sodap makan dgn kicap cilipadi bercili.

Pagi ni sangat kecoh mencari make up bag..satu longchamp bag dah hilang..terlangkup seat dalam kereta bagai carik tak jumpa..redho lah dah hilang..kat rumah memang tak ada spare make up..semua dalam bag tu,.cari kat bilik air dapat lah secalit lipstick dari bekas lama:) So pergi lah office tanpa make up..singgah cafe kat office saja tanya kot ada tertinggal situ..tak ada..keluar lift jumpa cleaner..tanya jugak..Alhamdulillah she said ada org jumpa kat dapat lah balik bag make up ..sangat kecoh..tapi saya dah tak der mood nak taruk bedak atau blusher hari hari ni hari tanpa make up selain lipstick yang di colek guna cotton bud:).

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yang Buat Hati Gembira.

Apart from exploring this world with the loved ones I love staying at home doing simple things. I imagine when i have house with bigger backyard i will have chicken pen,vegetable patch,traditional clothes line and a bench under a big tree. Isn't it nice to feed the chicken in the morning,water your flowers and veges,hang your clothes and be busy at the back just like my emak in the old days.The only thing that might want to add is to go to salon and mani pedi after doing all those things..heee..heee..but seriously i love baking,cooking and work at backyard,i love to hear people or my loved ones say salam or hello at the door so that i can feed them at my kitchen.

This week we didn't go out much except maiden trip to Low Yat Plaza with Tia and Mia,the papa decided to buy Android Tab for them..price quite reasonble below RM1k but capacity quite limited..good enough for the two though.

Tak pergi mana i duduk rumah belek2 almari,bilik air,dapur,masak2 and served the loved ones with food i cook.

Just to share some tips..SKII is the best thing for my skin during need to wear extra skin nourisher skin feel good all the time there.

Cuma kat rumah kadang2 lupa nak taruk kan..the tip put it in your bathroom when you walk in you see it and you will do the routine.

Kemas my almari..jumpa banyak jugak perfume yang tak bukak lagi..lupa terus pun at least i dont have to buy new ones for few current favourite is Usher Raymond..there was sales at Sydney airport so i bought few  bottles.

This is a best buy from inflight shopping- Dr Feel good face helps to maintain your face smooth and supple for hours..i'st just like lipbalm but it gives matte effect.

Sunday night i cooked meal suitable for this monsoon season..curry keeps our body hot.Another tip i would like to share here,if you want to cook local beef, sometimes your need to boil it for hours to make it soft(if you don't have pressure cooker like me:).For fast cooking,cut your beef into cubes and hammer it with wooden hammer or you may use your pestle (anak lesung). The curry turned out to be really nice and the beef was tender,the brinjal goes well with beef too.

Our dinne;r beef curry with brinjal and squid with french beans and dried chillies.

Sunday morning we had homecooked kukus nasi lemak with sambal sotong and gooey way of celebrating Ns V Trengganu ended up with 2-1 yeahhh..

I received many queries through message this morning when i post picture at my fb..ada yang tanya camana nak buat gooey(telur cair) eggs macam dalam gambar atas..well macam2 cara kan..but mine i used non stick pan.kecikkan api..bila panas pecahkan telur and cover the pan with lid..biar lama dah nampak kuning mula cloudy boleh lah angkat...dengan cara ni telur putih tak lah keras sangat...still soft and nice.

Mia couldn't wait to eat:) sangat sedap kan;)

Okay sila makan semua;)

After breakfast,read newspaper..took out this pegaga from fridge.

Tia is merajuk and manja2 with papa..why?

Because this girl is concurring the new Android Tab..

Tu lah kerja dua orang ni sekarang..iphone,tab..

Tia is having her banana split prepared by papa..

We have non stop supply of this mango from our neigbours is sweet walaupun isi tak tebal..kalau kat kampung dulu org panggil mangga pedal ayam.

Selagi tak mandi,tak lunch..bebudak makan tak titbits orang zaman dulu..saja beli uwan and bebudak suka.

Tu dia uwan pun sama keluar masuk dapur..sebab tu i suka duduk dapur;)

What inspires me to be in the kitchen? This pan i bought from Paris 12 years ago..hee..hee..kalau rajin masak one day boleh pergi Paris lagi..kihhh..kihhh

Situ lah pan antique i tergantung..rasa nak tukar plate yang kat tersusun tu.. nak guna pinggan mahal2n hari2 susahlah sebab heni suka pecahkan dan bagi pinggan chips:(

Okay lah pounding time...

Dah masak  gulai udang masak lemak cilipadi with pucuk pegaga..Tia Mia stay with papa at home..mamas need sto go salon now..1/2 hr i come back we have lunch okay..after that we zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...;)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Baraqallah Friday .

Food in action again:):)

Last night dinner- Masak lemak cilipadi ketam withh terung telunjuk,uwan's favourite.

The chef however is having bad cough and sore throat so she had to opt for non oily dishes-soup petola & singgang ikan.

Egg business for morning-cute things from Mudgee:):)

Toasty,soupy,eggy made you happy and dreamy:):)

Yeahhh this is how you eat it..drizzle the salt on open egg..scoop and slurrppppp..Tia with her funny headgear,she is having small party at school today.

Then i dream again..dream of this beautiful place in Switzerland..masa tu camera cabuk:):)

Gambar bergegar..but can still see the beauty:)

On the train with snow falling outside very dreamyyyyy....snow capped mountain in Switzerland, journey from Zurich to Luzerne.

He..heee gambar tak boleh blahhhh..4 yrs ago..where is Tia,where is Mia? they were 7 months at that time and was left behind for the sake of mama's we wont leave you behind girls..wherever we go we go together:)

What are you eating papa? soupy,toasty,eggy..dreamy..dreamy..hee..hee..dream will not go away..


People might think that i am too much..just got back from holiday and still thinking about travelling*wink*wink* .Actually teringat tu ada kena mengena dgn kerja di office hari ni;);)

Europe definitley sangat menarik..dulu2 travel husband and wife banyak gambar2 tapi dah lama jugak berhenti print kat pro and con nya simpan gambar kat laptop ni..dulu uploaded semua kat pc rumah..pc tu crash kena kilat banyaknya gambar hilang..nak kena carik balik buat kenangan tunjuk kat anak2.Baru2 ni my niece introude service yang boleh request utk print online..we just pilih gambar and the send to the company online,they will print and deliver to your doorstep..menarik kan..maybe i should do that.

Anyway ada a few gambar2 yang tak berapa lama dulu di laptop i di office...masa ni camera pun yang tebal dan gedabak and hb jad good time at Luzerne,Switzerland..sangat cantik.

Muka yang letih sampai di Frankfurt..terus ke train station untuk catch train to Luzerne.

Dapat coffee panas atas train sangat heaven...

Boutique hotel di Luzerne yang comel,kecik tapi cantik dan sangat romantis.

Musim sejuk yang menggigit..not sure whether Tia or Mia can stand the cold and snow..kalau snow kat Genting they okay..cukup lah teringat-ingat dan berangan;);)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sydney- Departure Day.

 Salam:) Our departure was on Saturday, 2.00pm at Kingsford International Airport Sydney. We woke up early morning to have last breakfast in the beautiful city by the Harbour.We managed to visit the Saturday market! Not enough time to shop though:):) next time wehn we travel must make sure to depart on either Sunday or Monday otherwise sure leleh airliur to miss Saturday market:)

Last night at Shang we ordered room service, grill baramundi (again? yeap we love it very much) and seafood fried rice indonesian style.

Tia had to finish all the juice we brought from Mudgee:)

Morning- we had great walk from our hotel to a cafe not far from harbour..we need to eat the delicious pancakes one last time before we go back.

The Cafe is nice and sat next to hop on and hop off bus..the girls loved looking at the buses.

Okay..are you hungry? ready to order?

Papa ordered cappucino and this how it looked like...petit,thick and creamy..umphhhhh

I ve ordered two of the girls favourite..strawberry milkshakes and non other than lemonade:)

The pancakes was really i am writing now i can feel the softness and sweetness in my goes well with the wildberries and banana too.

and this is a winner too..muffin with smoke salmon,poached eggs and tarragon delicious.

Mia loved both pancakes and the muffin with salmon and eggs.

Tia nd her favourite lemonade.

after the good and sumptious breakfast we walked around The Rocks area.

Picture with local cabs.

Then we walked to the old area of The Rocks and found the Saturday market.

The saturday market was selling food and bric bracs.

middle east foods.

we found one charming souvenir shop.

a lot of beautiful things inside.

we found teh black and white painting on the wall..this is how The Rocks look in the old days.

It all started with the rock.

This is one of the original rock which the city preserves...but the two on top are not the rock:):)..but,but they can rock and rolls.

Come on,come on it was already near 11 and we rushed back to our room.

papa drove to the rental car company to return the car..know what happened? we had big luggages at the back and also infront that papa had to stay at the reantal car office and the man from the office drove just me and the girls to airport first. After we were dropped at the airport the man went and pick papa..huishhh..lucky it was a friendly country if we are in Moscow i surely worried very very much:)

Waiting to go through immigration and check up.

fast,fast last mins shopping..i can see may cute opal necklace around...also perfume on sales:)

We finally in the aeroplane..the girls tried be as comfortable as they could.

games time..they were quite good at it.

Tried to strectch out;)

Since they ca't sleep the crews brought some biscuits and warm milk..

they had good layanan on aeroplane..everything also extra..thanks MAS!

Well..that is the end of our story to NSW Australia..if di izinkan Allah we surely would like to go for another holiday next year:) Where? not sure yet..but we have something in mind:):) i think we still not tired of Australia..and the owner of rental home from Perth sent us message and asked us to come back fast to Perth! haa..haaa..taaa..we go back kampung raya haji dulu ya..taaa..taaaa.