Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things I like and love:):)

Salam semua:) Thank You,Thank You,doas received doas given back:):) InsyAllah.Amin.

It's a wonderful Saturday for all of us today,simple things around me made happy. I want to make the most from this weekend,not going anywhere or hang at the mall but just be in my home, garden, kitchen and be with the people i loved:):)Lets see some picture,i have quite a number because i m trying my new Olympus. I discovered few modes and I love them:):)

My morning glory by Olympus soft mode.

My beautiful Miss White always with blooms:)

I like miniature mode too (blurrish around the picture)

I ve added new colours to my little garden:)

What did i cook for breakfast this morning? I ve promised the girls to cook pulut kuning so i fulfilled it:):) Uwan ,papa and the girls love my pulut kuning,kadang2 masa i tengah campur santan dalam dulang uwan dan the girls dah start makan:)

I made sambal sotong kering, hardboiled eggs and added beef serunding to the pulut sweet and thai basil fresh from my garden.

Uwan buat apa tu..mari makannnn:):)

I bought few pots of basil from the nursery.This is sweet basil,i love eating it as ulam very much.

This is Thai basil,you can eat it raw or add into your cooking.

I am in the mood to show my potted plants for this entry.This is my daun pandan yang berjasa,kejap2 kena potong:)

Heni pun rajin jugak menanam macam2 kat dalam pot ni..kadang2 keledek dah tumbuh,kentang or bawang. I always love herb garden,one day when i ada rezki to build house on my land i will have my herb garden:):)

After breakfast, we went to Maxis to activate my roaming then to the piano class.After the class we went to Madam Kwan for lunch but the girls were so hungry that they asked for 1901 hotdogs first.Budak perempuan dua orang ni tengah sedap selera makan sekarang..nak makan ajer kerjanya..but i am more than happy to cook for them:)

Cheeky Tia:)

One of the girls all time favorite here,deep fried fish in supreme soy sauce.

Nowadays i cut down candy intake by the girls:) Whenever they ask for candy i will replace with fresh fruits:):) So far so good.Today we bought strawberries and blueberries for dessert.

The two enjoying their fruits.

Mia a big fan of strawberry:)

Potrait of Tia Khadeja in a serious mood.

Potrat of Mia Ayesha in comot mode;)

Pin hole mode from Olympus.

Pencil sketch by Olympus.

Water colour mode from Olympus.

Miniature mode.

By 5.30pm the papa and girls were stilled sleeping  soundly in the room,i went down and took out the pumpkin to cook.

Uwan accompanied me by having her minum petang outside.

Daun kunyit from my garden.

My gulai lemak labu with daun kunyit:)

Sambal kedondong muda with ikan bilis.

I grilled some lamb and potatoes for the papa and i fried chicken wings for the girls.

I bought chicken bones from village grocer to make stock. Tapi Village grocer punya chicken bones banyak meat:)

Chicken stock in the making:)

I got 2 jars of chicken stock and tomorrow i will try the new fish head noodles recipe using this chicken stock:)

Happy eating girls..may we have a great day tomorrow.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Death Do Us Part.

Salam buat semua.Thank You for all the inspiring words:) 

Life and death are not in our hands but with doa we can try our best to make it good. Thank You LG for sharing the same views with me:) I always kagum with those living abroad for their courage and hardwork,living far apart from family is always not easy. But bumi Allah Swt is for you to explore ,if you grow seeds insyAllah you have the fruits,if you spread love insyAllah you ll be embrace by it.

It is so true also that when you want to look up please also look down,when you want to look at your less please look also at those lesser than you.If you feel sad for losing your car,your money there are people who just lost their loved ones that they been depending all the while,a child that lost a mother, a wife that lost a husband.

I want to share a sad love story here as yesterday was a sad day for a special lady.That lady is my niece,we are of the same age..dia mengalami 3 kehilangan besar dalam hidup,first she lost her father (my eldest brother) about 7 years ago, she lost her marriage not long after that and yesterday she lost her fiancé whom she supposed to marry on 17/6/2012 (Israq Mikraj)

Alfatihah. Looking at this picture posted by my niece's daughter at her fb i remember this song entitled "Selimut Putih"

Ya Izrail datang memanggil jasad terbujur di pembaringan,
Seluruh tubuh akan menggigil,terkujur badan dan kedinginan.

Sangat sedih dan menginsafkan bait2 lagu ini.

My niece got a second chance in love&marriage after the first one was a failure, a fine,very nice gentleman managed to open her heart after it had been broken badly. Before they got engaged 2 years ago the arwah sent my niece and her mother (my sister in law) to Mekah as he wanted her to be really sure,he wanted her to berdoa there and their relationship be blessed.After my niece came back from Mekah they got engaged,i attended the ceremony,it was a lovely one,arwah was so happy to become part of our family even his sons from the first marriage gave blessing and  were there hugging his father and talked to us all the time with smile on their faces.Arwah came to my house for dinner,he sat next to Uwan,squeezed Uwan's hands and asked her to stay healthy and strong so that Uwan can attend the wedding.

Since last year they been making preparation for their wedding this year,all baju etc sudah di tempah.When Uwan was hospitalized early this year, arwah came with my niece, he consoled Uwan and my niece cried she asked  Uwan to be strong and get better fast,i stilled remember she said between her tears " uwan mesti sembuh cepat,nanti Uwan kena datang Idah kawin,Uwan duduk di baris depan sekali untuk tengok Idah" Last month about 3 weeks before they got married arwah told my niece he wants to send my niece and her mother to Mekah again, he want my niece to have no doubt,to tenangkan hati etc..this time my sister in law was not well so arwah arranged for better class,he arranged everything infact and according to my niece when he sent her off at KLIA he told my niece many many times "don;t worry i ll be here waiting for you when you come back..i ll be right here,you don't worry,go and do your ibadah..remember i ll be right here waiting for you when you come back"

One week at Mekah; she received news that arwah was found coma in his bathroom, bomba had to break the bathroom door and it seems that he fell outside the bath tub and went into coma for two days before he was found by is son.He had silent stroke,arwah lived alone in his house as his two grown up children are in the University already.My niece prayed days and nights in Mekah to Allah Swt to be given opportunity to see him.My niece completed her umrah,came back and found his fiancĂ©  in coma,he was motionless and the doctor said he was braindead,the doctor had to make two holes in his head to drain out the bleeding. The amazing thing was;even he was in coma all the while but when my niece came to see him, tears will stream down his cheeks non stop and his hands will make a slow movement as if he was crying deeply. My niece spent the last one month reciting Quran and Yassin in hospital,she commuted between Johor and KL to be with him in the hospital.And during that time whenever my niece came arwah will have tears streaming down his both cheeks.

Finally, yesterday night arwah pun pergi meninggalkan semua yang dikasihi buat selamanya. My niece is a very strong lady but for sure she is in a deep sorrow now; looking at the wedding gown,remembering his words to wait for her:( Dari Allah kita datang kepada Allah kita kembali.Kita boleh merancang tapi tak dapat menjangka walau sedikit mana pun apa yang akan berlaku.May she be tabah as always.Amin.

My niece is a single mother with 4 children, she managed to bring up her children well.Her eldest is doing very well in Uni,he is a respectable student leader, excel in Scout,been appointed as leader for the Country and he travels around the world on these two position.

My niece's son (my cucu) is a very talented photographer too and i am proud to share some of his shots  he took from his travel when he was just 18. 

On a different note,today i had lunch with few friends.We went to a friend house in Denai Alam,kawan ni dulu asalnya kenal masa fotopages,ikut ke blog after that we jumpa2,she then ikut her husband to Riyadh,now she balik Malaysia.So we had great time chatting and eating in her beautiful house.

Today's lunch trip reminds me of my house i sold not far from there.

Wonder how is she doing with the new owner;)

Managed to spend few weekends there;):)

It is  a busy week and i look forward to the upcoming weekend and have "Me and You" time with my husband.I always treasure our time together at the bookstore while the two attending their piano class.

 Picture of budak nomok masa kecik:):)

And i want to share this with everybody as Uwan told me the same thing when i was small. She said her father told her that api neraka is so panas hinggakan jika jatuh walau sebesar zarah pun di atas dunia ni,dunia akan terbakar sekelip mata.Oleh itu my arwah atuk told my mom kalau nak buat satu dosa cuba ambik mancis api dan bakar satu jari,tengok tahan tak kepanasanya yang cuma nothing kalau nak dibandingkan api neraka.

Finally good night everybody ..May Allah Swt merahmati kita semua.