Wednesday, February 25, 2009


uwan & us
rocking girl checking make up stuffs in magazine

Alahai cucu nak jadi Elbes presley ni haaa....yeap uwan Tia rocks!

"one a clock,two a clock haaa rocking Mia"

The little "Elvis Presley" with uwan.

both love to lepak at family area kat luar bilik uwan..sambil tunggu peluang bilik uwan terbukak and attack the room.

Mia main2 with uwan..suka pakai tutup kepala uwan,tarik sana sini sejadah uwan dan berjoget atas katil uwan.

The girls love to fool around with uwan, playing with papa's songkok,uwan's tutup kepala and mess uwan's room..they had so much fun doing can see them smile from cheek to cheek.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Girls watching pocoyo in bedroom.

Mama was on leave for two days..our kak ikin had an operation at Hospital Pantai,we went to visit her yesterday..sian kak ikin..she still sakit,the cut masih baru but Alhamdulillah semua dah selamat..both very happy kat Hospital..macam jalan2..kak ikin warded at International level..they have nice lounge for patients's family..drinks,foods,internet,magazine, and the most important cartoon Channel are both enjoy lari sana sini..mama didn't snap picture..tak ingat..sebab risau jugak kat kak ikin.Now dah ok..we doa kak ikin cepat keluar hospital

Both chubby girls love to eat.

happy Tia

Pakcik,kakikin&hubby,maklang lang,kak nur & kak nurul came to our house on Friday for makan2..kak ikin nak jumpa the girls before dia masuk hospital.

many lauks..gulai rebung with ikan bilis,asam pedas pari,ikan bakar,sambal udang with petai,ulams,cencaluk,belacan..yumm..yummm..kampung food semua

Asam boi jambu batu and pisang goreng..after the lunch

maklang has new kitchen aid..she now seriously into baking,she brought us delicious and beautiful cup cakes..the strawberry jam on the top are homemade too..gegirls love them.

Tia with maklang..relax after the lunch.

Tia with kak ikin..manja2 makan jagung.

kak nur and kak nurul tak nampak orang makan ni..kak nur make sure you brush your teeth after the walloping the petai..otherwise nanti orang office pengsan.

Tia pun syebok2 jugak..nak buat itu ini.

semua relax after the lunch..all guys sembahyang jumaat..ladies and gegirls..duduk2 borak..before we went upstairs,switch on aircond..and take a nap pulak.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Morning To Ciabata

yummylicious ciabata toast,family's favourite..girls,papa even uwan love to dip ciabata into mama's rich mushroom soup.Mama bought ciabata from delifrance,cut them into pieces,spread butter as base and you can add other things to your liking.Like us,for papa, mama will put pesto and cheese on top,for the girls just ciabata with cheese or butter.Once the butter and cheese melted on the crusty outside soft inside ciabata..its really yummy..try it!

Fragrant,yummy ciabata's toast hot from oven..sometimes mama will add tomato,cheese and scramble egg on top or you may also add mince meat and tomato puree..either way,they are just delicious.

Hmmm..yummy..yummy dua2 sekali nak makan..ciabata and mini sausage.

Mama..why mine is not toasted to golden brown? i like it to be crunchy..

Yey..yey..2 dah masuk dalam tinggal satu baru ingat nak doa..doalah lah jugak..hee..heee

The breakfast scene in the morning..tussle hairs,naked body.....

Let me have some of tak habis kan Mia... kenyang already..happy..what shall we have for breakfast tomorrow mama?

Nite time..papa asked both girls to draw..lets draw...

Draw..draw..draw..don't conteng the mattres girls.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We have special Doa for our beloved Kak Ikin yang nak undergoing some procedurs kat Pantai Hospital nanti..we love you kak ikin..see Tia ia praying for you,she put on songkok and says 'Allah kobat " (Allah HuAkbar).

Tia Said " Kak Ikin don't worry you'll be are brave just like our ll be like a brand new after that can bake yummy choco cakes for us"

Mia said " kak ikin,kak doa for you too..don't be scared..hold my bam bam hand and you ll feel good ..i ll promise sayang you"

Our new house is now undergoing painting works..all handrails,doors,door frames are being painted white..hmmmm..hopefully both girls can behave as white is not easy to good ok girls.

The 2 engineers are checking the works done.." i think this gutter needs to be replaced..hmmm the stairs look big enough to play up and down,up and down..lets go and check the rest first..ok assistant come follow me"

Engineers taking rest...hmm we have a place to do barbeque..make sure you do it mama..we will help you..bring in the big table with bench so that we can dine here...

Engineers are tired..siap bawak bekal air..checking the laundry and wet kitchen area.."hmm not clean yet..can't really see the colour of the kitchen' s tiles..we think the butterfly and rabbit wall tiles at laundry area are nice...much nicer if you add small fountain there that we can mess it up while heni hang the clothes!"

"i like this batik dress kak ikin thank you..unfortuntely i can't sit like a lady..hmm i m an engineer right? its ok"

" Vrooomm..vroomm batik girl is here to rock the nak lalu"

Dinner for our kak lului(2nd cousin) and kak nur..asam pedas ikan pari,sayur manis lemak with potato,paru bercili and ayam masak lemak cili padi berserai.

Kak Nur and Mia..kaka nur baru balik office..singgah rumah kita.Nanti datang lagi yekkk..kita shuke...

This is kak lului or her full name is nurul atikah..from JB..we love her very nice to us..she is sweet and cute.

both girls sayang kak lului very much..semua benda nak buat dengan kak lului..pagi tu bila kak lului dah balik..both tercarik-carik...sedih..bila tak nak makan..mama said "kak lului said Tia pandai"..terus nak makan.
many things happenned this week..we hope for the best..semua berjalan lancar and may Allah Sbt bless us in whatever we are doing.
p/ cute thing..since Tia and Mia spent most of her time with uwan yang speaks N9's slang they can pick up one or two now..they can say ubek(ubat)..but the funniest was..yesterday Tia was trying to pull the sticker from the paper..she couldn't do it so she said "ishhh pek ni..(ishh tak dapek ni...) ..a complete sentence in N9 's slang..quite an achievement for a 20 months old baby!..ha...haaaaa...haaaaa..again darling "ishhhh pek ni".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ni la Tia Khadeja yang suka berposing..sampai hilang mata

Mia and papa at Borders

Tia sekarang ambik gambar suka posing camni

Last week mama and papa took the two girls to Borders..wahhh seronoknya dua-dua..bukan nak baca buku tapi menyepah buku..dua2 angkut semua buku dari satu rack dan letak kat rack lain..hmm penat mama papa mengawal.Dah tu tiba2 terbau satu bau "asam"..alahai kena bawak cik mia masuk toilet la pulak..main air jugak dia kejap.Dah tu kita orang pun we carik the nearest cafe..berhenti la kat "rojak-Rojak"..mama order chicken rice and tahu sumbat,papa pulak chicken set with vege..both mama supa macaroni sup yang bawak dari rumah..makan sikit dah buat bising2..rupanya both mengantuk..langsung tertidur..aman la mama papa nak makan sikit.

Bangun tidur terus nampak animal ride..nak naik both naik and enjoyed so much until Tia nangis tak nak turun..mama geram mama cakap kalau perangai banyak next time jangan keluar..stay at home jerr..pandai lak dia dia terdiam tu.

Monday cuti Thaipusam kak ikin and abang din datang..they bawak ole-ole banyak for us..both baru balik dari kenduri kawan kawin kat Trengganung,so both kenits dapat lovely batik dresses,mama pun.uwan dapat kain batik and telekung..dah tu ada keropok lekor yang sedap jugak..thanks so much kak ikin and abang din.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Place to hang pots and pans, a place to grow loves hands in hands.

this is not our house but one of the semi d houses not far from us, mama loves their white fences,tudor style house and lots of greenery.Monterez have two type of semi d only-the old one is this tudor style and the new one is our house which is more to mexican/mediteranean concept.

Our Alfresco dining area in the making- mama loves alfresco dining concept,trying to create one at our new house,we can have many activities here-we have big cobble stones stairs too.

mama loves this spanish tiles,mama used it as decorative tiles at our kitchen,wanted to create a provencal feel at the kitchen but difficult to find tiles with provence elements,so mama found these lovely mediteranean spanish tiles- mama quite happy with it.

ni papa tengah sibuk2 depan rumah,renovation tak habis lagi

mama dreaming inside the car while waiting for papa
Mama thanks papa so much for getting us this house. Interesting story to tell you how we ended up buying this house. It was like 3 years ago before both of you ada, mama and papa just moved to our new house in seri utama,kota damansara from papa's condo in kelana jaya. Mama thought we will settle down there, mama loves our house in seri utama,we have spent every single cents on renovation,on the kitchen cabinets etc..and mama is not the type of person suka nak pindah2..penat.At seri Utama masa tu we did most of the works our selves, mama masih remember it was fasting month, mama and papa bought grass from Sg buluh we tanam sendiri sampai habis and nearly pengsan2..mama planted all the flowers in the garden.Pendek cerita situlah our paradise,no other place..furthermore it is near to ikea,ikano,one utama..easy access to shopping:)
The story goes like this : one fine morning,mama merajauk besar with papa,couldn't remember the cause, as usual since only two of us mama selalu la merajuk that particular morning was big, mama refused to go breakfast with papa but knowing papa memang suka dia paksa jugak mama bersiap utk pergi half heartedly mama sarung track bottom lusuh with worn t shirt, he wanted to take us to one of mama's favourite place near nursery at sg buluh (why mama suka this place?dekat dengan tempat bunga boleh melencong there after that).But that morning the kedai was closed so papa settled for kedai mamak next to it..lagi lah mama bengang,tak berapa suka we sit downed made our order and mama stilled refused to talk to papa..nak ambik hati mama,papa pun beli the STAR news paper,papa normally tak bagi mama beli STAR sebab kat rumah we langgan and NST and mama's office provides mama STAR everytime kedai papa selalu tak bagi mama beli STAR..salah satu sebab bergaduh jugak..but that morning dia beli la,nak pujuk mama.So papa jer la yang buat the talking that morning mama duduk diam..tengok STAR pun tak nak..jadi papa kenalah dia selak2 the pages then he said.." see here,they are selling semi d with free golf membership,nampak interesting la..we go see the place after this, not far from here"..mama just diam tak minat pun..mama fikir semi d mesti mahal,baru habiskan duit..dan papa selalunya everthing dia nak rancang always cakap kat mama cannot simply made just because dia nampak rumah tu dalam golf course dia terbeliak mata..mentang2 dia gila golf..mama tak nak layan dia.
To cut story short..we pergi la jugak there..tengok the show unit..rupanya ada limited semi d jerr..14 units..the last semi d yang dia org they just selling bunglows/lots..yang tinggal masa tu pun 4 bijik jerr..tak banyak choice..that's why iklan pun kecik jer kat STAR..the house the complete masa.Tengok the show unit memang cantik la..yang buat mama attracted was the concept- the house bukan lah semi d yang besar sangat..standard size jer 45 X 85 but the best part dia split level- ada 4 levels..banyak nooks and corners- so the envoirenment is warm and cosy- ada resort mama suka..bila masuk at the first level ada living room jer..naik secondfloor kitchen with garden,guest and maid room,third floor masterbedroom and study room and fourth floor two bedrooms with family area..papa pulak paling suka the master bedroom yang boleh nampak padang golf.So masa tu tak la ada duit.tapi papa pulak terus cakap kat the girl yang jaga dia nak satu..masa tu jugak pilih2 the unit and decided on 114,the only unit left with extra land sikit (sikit jerr)..terus pergi admin office and papa paid the deposit..sampai budak yang jaga tu rasa macam papa main2.
Itulah rezki beli rumah masa duit tak der and dalam masa 1 jam..after that papa arranged the bank loan etc..ada lah jugak masa kita hampir nak jual rumah tu..because after sometimes kita tak buat apa pun..rumah sendiri dah ada..nak buat renovation pun tak der duit..lagi pun just mama and papa,mama stilled remember masa bawak maklang tengok maklang cakap.."banyak sangat bilik dan level ni zu,kau dua orang jer..puas kau berkejar dengan azam nanti"..Now you all dah ada..ada rezki di beri Allah syukur..dapat mama papa melakar impian our new house. Moga impian kita diberkati dan dapat kita pindah kat sini.Thanks to our papa..he got a place for mama to hang pots and pans and for us to grow our loves hands in hands.