Monday, February 2, 2009

Laugh, Giggle and Wiggle

Papa and the girls..sian papa so "tired" balik golf

We had a wonderful weekend depsite tha fact that we spent most of the time inside the house..why?..hmm on sunday evening our papa went to play golf far,far away at sandfields, kajang and we had to stay at home with mama...and know what he didn't bring back satay kajang la.

We had our usual Shichida Class on Saturday, Sunday morning papa and mama took us and uwan to Kelana Jaya Park, mama prepared macaroni with butter for us so we had our breakfast at home, mama,papa and uwan had breakfast at the cafe near the lake at kelana jaya. This time,the outing at the park was different, mama didn't bring us to the playground side but took us to the area where they have equipments for we try la.

Monday, pakcik and makcik came for lunch at our house,banyak lauk pakcik bawak for uwan,gulai asam pedas terubuk, sup tulang, pajeri nenas and terung,gulai lemak fucuk with petola and all the ulams, mama pulak prepared gulai ikan masak lemak cilipadi with belimbing and asam keladi. After lunch we had fun with pakcik and makcik,we laugh,gigle and much fun..after that we were so tired and we slept through the whole evening.

Mama had visitors at 5.00pm..the contractor Alvin and his Mrs Irene came to our house and brought us honey mandarin,almond biscuit and peanut..wahh uncle Alvin wants to start a project at Kuala pilah,planting "special tree" this tree can help our envoirenment, if you plant a tree near your house you can get away all mosquitos,pest and you have healthy and pure oxygen..hmm sounds good to us..because we hate mosquitos. So uncle Alvin needs a land..uwan has unused land at kampung and she might be able to rent it out to uncle Alvin.Uwan going back kampung either this week or next week with pakcik its gonna be a day trip..she wants to check her house and do banking transaction..we heard uwan's montly pension dah naik la..wahh uwan can belanja us after this:)..but uwan always belanja us ..thank you uwan:)


annhuzi said...

that green project is reali wonderful and gd that u n uwan can be a part of it. yeah our young children need good trees for their tomorrows. i need a land tooo for my dream home :)i wanna it to b green tooo

4 Kay-E said...

best laa nak tanam pokok :)

budak tenit2 tu exercise ke? mesti funny. hehe...

*manjang ada cili padi

Anonymous said...

mak aiiii... link pun dah ker blog ni jer
sungguh2 tul ni kak =)
sib baik ler id saya leh pkai klau tak takder saya comment kat sini dah lepas ni... khi3

saya kawin lmbat lg kot
saper tu saya tak berkira sgt, samer2 suka sudah
saper saya nk memilih sgt kan... khi3