Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Make Over To make you&me happy.

I love make over area/room in the house- sejak kecik lagi:) I spent few hours in the house when i was small and few hours in the garden:):) May be because i was left alone by all my siblings at kampung and i had nothing else to do:):) No money or budget was not a problem to me at that time. Bringing flower pots into the house or rearranging furnitures or throwing the things you dont like wont cost money.

However dah ada family and own house ni sometimes time is very limited and selain tu yg besar limit dia budget jugak- with children in school etc etc- money cannot be spent without thinking wisely. I didnt do anything to Tia Mia's room for a long time and let them stay in our room- separation anxiety is conquering me more than them- as they grow big they keep talking about having pink room etc etc- so i told them Inshallah after we come back from Umrah if we have extra rezeki i will do a proper pink room for them. We came back from umrah feeling so happy, feeling so good- syukur tak terhingga dan diberi rezeki untuk menunaikan janji to the two girls.

We went to see wallpaper at the shop- habislah bila pergi dengan dia orang- the lady showed them all the barbie wallpapers and they cant look at other things anymore. I couldnt stand crowded wallpaper penuh barbie- I am very old fashion i like classic wallpaper macam hotel2 eropah yang suram dan lama:) I suka Laura Ashley jugak and the most modern i could go is southern style with white and blue or white and yellow decor.

After giving reason bla bla, i managed to compromise with the girls to have a feature wall with barbie wallpaper while the rest i will choose- pfuhhhh- lega they agreed to it.

First we pasang laminate flooring. I chose light colour- sebab nak cepat i couldnt get many  quotation- and our price is at the higher side as they cakap ada nano, anti bacteria etc etc.But we are happy with the result- it is not easy to pick laminate flooring sometimes bila dah pasang satu bilik lain effect dia- but this one look just nice to us. 

Bilik kosong lagi the two tak sabar dah:)

Then came the beds - wallpaper belum pasang - we bought bed, mattress and the set from Ikea- mana lagi itu lah yang paling senang especially bila you rushing everything nak soap before CNY- sebab cuti lama CNY boleh berkemas. Sebab bilik kosong lagi boleh lah letak bed arrangement macam ni- nanti built in wardrobe masuk we see how.

The wall paper that i pilih together with the Roman blind.

Yes tu dia barbie wall paper dia, nasib baik buat feature wall saja kalau tak sure i pening barbie penuh satu bilik:)

They love this design very much:)

We will put study table dekat window ni nanti so hari siang senang ada natural light.

Ishh siapa yang Princess ni:) Dia lah yang paling suka datang melepak:)

See:) rela duduk dalam kotak:)

Bedside table.

happy girl.

We bought tempered glass study table- nak jimat i tak beli separate legs hanya guna table lama- letak atas tu- guna glass senang sikit boleh wipe ajer apa yg kotor.

One table to be shared by two.

Weekend we brought up their toy shelves from ground floor.

happy lah sedara mara dah satu bilik sekarang.

Everything must either pink or purple-including the broom:)

Doing homework in 'new room"

Then came the wardrobe and it occupies some space.

I isntalled mirror in the wardrobe senang tak payah ada kat luar jimat space sikit sambil suruh keep it clean by keeping all combs, powder etc in the wardrobe drawer.

Not much space so kena tukar bed arrangement to L Shape.

So ada lah ruang tengah untuk lepak2 sikit.

Now baru tukar bedsheets pilihan dia orang.

They know which one is more comfortable- bed sheet with more threadcount is nicer and the pricer is nicer too:)


Since i am in the mood of make over i bought fabrics  to make over my old sofa in my bedroom. The sofa is 12 years old- we bought

 when we baru kahwin- cushion tempat sandar macam dah rosak- but i like the frame- beli kat FRC (Fella Reject Centre). I love this fabric yg design dia macam French Toile- dulu2 kalau travel southern France- apartment dia orang guna fabric macm ni buat langsir dan bedsheet sedondon.

Oh lupa nak tunjuk jugak tempat towel Tia Mia- since bilik air tak besar sangat we bubuh hook kat the door tempat sangkut towel- jimat space sedikit dari pasang rack:)

So i cuba2 the material to the sofa to have alas Laura Ashley punya look:)

Weekend i asked my hb to install another curtain rod below the old rail- curtain yang ada guna ring rails and kena tempah - so mahal lah sikit- so I bubuh Ikea punya rod- senang sebab ikea punya very affordable- kalau ada duit lebih bila tempah proper curtain rail lama ada lagi.

I guna fabric baru untuk cover tempat duduk- cushion sandar belakang i buang semua- supaya lebih spacious- lagi pun dah rosak.

I ganti dengan throw cushion saja- dengan cara ni kita boleh tukar bila dah boring- just tukar fabric tempat duduk dan cover cushion kat belakang- tiap bulan pun boleh tukar utk match bed sheet.

I letak 3 layers of ikea's curtains- belakang natural colour as sun block while depan maroon- nanti dah tak suka maroon boleh tukar lain sebab belakang natural colour boleh match apa colour pun.

Ada lah ruang yg nampak baru untuk bersantai untuk dapat mood- nak make over semua mana ada budget kan.

And bila buat tukar2 sikit ni- mood pun ceria- walaupun hanya ada sepasu bunga baru:)

Now i am thinking and berangan nak makeover laundry area:) berangan dulu tak kena duit pun:)Sungguh inspired tengok video lady kat FB yang make over laundry area dia tu- rasa macam nak tidur kat laundry area kalau macam tu punya best- maybe i jadi rajin menggosok.

That's the story for this entry- until the next one ta taaaaa.


Friday, February 5, 2016

Hello and make over.

Salam and hello from us.
Alhamdulillah kami sihat:)

Did make over for Tia Mia's room.

Who is the Princess here???

A lot of stories to be shared..until we meet again- happy long holiday!