Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Dream,Small Dream

In the mood of talking about dream here:):) Yesterday we went to see our land again (he..hee..may be this is the 50th trips :):)) Our future neighbour opposite our lot has their house constructed there already and dah nak siap. The lady was there yesterday outside her house with her camera taking picture here and there,my husband said "go tegur her,can ask her few things about the house"..Myself not so good at starting a conversation,credit must be given to my sister,she is very natural in saying hi to stranger, i sometimes lupa umur dah berapa masih rasa macam malu2 kat orang..tapi kalau dah baik susah pulak nak berenti..but yesterday demi sibuk nak tengok rumah orang pergi lah bagi senyuman and tegur, lucky she was really friendly,i thought we just borak2, instead she invited us twice to go inside her incompleted house and have  a look.I was so happy as at this moment this is my biggest build my dream house..cuma now tunggu duit berkembang and in the mean time i really happy dapat tengok rumah orang:) Her house was big, we might not be able to build a house that big but i will be more than happy if i can build  a small cottage but with ample backyard for tia mia to run around and also to have one or two veggie patch;) Last night, i sembang2 with hb and was telling him about my "smaller dream" for this year,which is to travel outside Malaysia again,hb told me to hold the smaller dream first as we have big one to concentrate on..fully understood but I told him building a house is not a small deal in between we still need to have a little fun.We work hard and we both tired,especially my hb,he forever with his paperworks..we need to give ourselves a break as small dream like that can make your heart jump and leap.In the end he agrees ( well i will make him agree anyway..heee..hee), he said go have  look at AirAsia but i told him it would be leceh with Tiamia,so he said look at MAS during Matta Fair..aything lah considered done deal..i now have a small dream while waiting for a big dream to come true and i am now smiling from ear to ear.

 Impian kecik tertunai..staff tolong cari kan colour lipstick yg suit me but susah nak dapat, she bought two using her own money first..thank you so much Moon:)

 Ini purse saya dah 4 tahun umurnya..dulu beli kat Frankfurt Airport,sungguh lasak burberry ni..campak,pijak semua tak rosak..saya ada impian nak menukarnya kalau ada rezki..tapi sayang lah pulak:)

 Another impian kecik saya dah tunaikan..beli bag besar gedabak ni di Debenhams Curve,walaupun tak mahal tapi boleh campak byk benda kat dalam..buat masa ni sangat suka padanyaa...

 Inilah impain kecik saya tahun ni.. a house by the beach in Australia..dah berpuluh kali mencari vacation home..ini lah paling suka..cantik kaan..walaupun jauh lagi nak pergi bulan September tunggu Spring..tapi hati sangat suka dahhh..tak tercapai pun tak apa yang penting pasang impian dan berusaha dulu..

 I love the is a bit modern but there are few thinsg i like when i browsed their website;)Boleh nampak ada slides for children outside kannn..

 I love the master bedroom and the ceiling..Aussies guna banyak kayu dalam pembinaan rumah..i really like that.

 and you can walk to the beach..they have ferris wheels,waterslides for children etc..kalau tercapai tahun ni Alhamdulillah..

 This is the Big Dream...we have to work hard for this, kena berjimat cermat..tiamia pun dah kena suruh berenti pakai diapers..both are diaperless 24 hours already..jimat duit sikit:)

 I want big a outdoor oven, I really missed mine yg dah jual di MGCR....aduhh sangat rinduuu...

 I wantbackyard nak sidai kain,cadar,tikar etc..macam zaman dulu2 kat kampung masa kecik..

Dan mengimpikan outdoor setting yg cantik macam ni......

 Still want to put this picture again..ini lah lelaki yg berkongsi impian dengan saya..Thank You very much..apa saya suka dia pun suka..sekarang dia dah pandai sebut "french kitchen","country curtain" etc..

We sangat happy lah..walaupun baru membina impian..itu lah guna impian..without dream your life will be colourless..TiaMia teruskan tak pakai diaper okayyy...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Alhamdulillah..itu pembuka kata minggu ini,syukur pada rezeki lebih diberi Allah Sbt,everybody at the Company really happy,good bonus this year,hopefully we can maintain our performance nexy year:)

 After the bonus on Friday,everbody was talking about spending,buying nice thing and taking family out for extra special dinner.While driving back I was thinking what shud i get for special people at home,the most special person at home of course "Yang Melahirkan,Yang membesarkan"..without her i wont have whatever i got today.At this age my emak wont fancy going out much,wont look forward to grand dinner outside but i know what she likes best..simple thing like this can bring happiness to her..i know nothing compared to her pengorbanan and as anak if we still have our mom to share a lil bit of our happiness today,we are the most lucky people on earth.
 So I cancelled my plan to call pizza and looked for her is not musim but she has rezki, i managed to find the good ones,the flesh was really sweet and brings back old memory whenever we had durian at kampung last time,she will open it and asked us to eat first..anything also for anak2..yang dalam mulut pun diberi pada anak2..tak kan boleh kita buat yang sama..hopefully kita dapat berbuat sedikit yang baik,tidak menyakiti atau mengecilkan hatinya..Alhamdulillah.

 So I hampar paper just like the old days...

 Budak2 kenits ni penghibur uwan ajer bukan nak makan pun....tapi uwan suka lah rebut dgn dia org..

 I prepared another of her favourite,santan durian mentah buat lauk nasik..uwan memang berselera makan kalau ada ni..sedap katanya..

 Another of her favourite last nite..gulai perut dgn nangka...;)

 Sunday i prepared breakfast untuk semua orang istimewa dalam rumah..the new sandwich maker makes beautifull pita toast:)

 Golden and smells delicious....

 Oatmeal pita toast with cheese,mince meat and onion filling...

 Serve it hot with baked potato and cream cheese..wallaaaa you can 5 star hotel breakfast at home;)

 Evening took TiaMia to petrosains KLCC.

 Both had fun but were scared in the beginning when we had to go for dark ride in the gondola in order to go in.

 Treat for them after petrosains..both had to choose the cuppies they like..

 Good time..where's Mia? She must be in either MiuMiu,Gucci or LV..oh my oh my heart thumping and jumping upon mentioning these delicious places..i shall returnnnnnn..haaa..haa

 Saturday our office had good and super sedap lunch at "Rebung" Bangsar,a restaurant owned by Chef Ismail..sedap lah semua lauk especially daging salaimasak lemak cillipadi,pulut durian..double thumbs up..

 Goreng sukun makan dgn rendang sangat sedap...

 One of the winner pulut durian..

 Last Thursady we had this wonderful otak2..really good i tell you..

 I cooked gulai udang with tomato..sodappp

 The special pulut mangga..exotic.

Finally..talking about anakdara pandai dah serve drink kat mama bila balik kerja..darlinggggg i love you both very muchhhhh..remember when i am old please cook for me gulai asam pedas ikan parang with jeruk sawi as that is one of my top favourite..good weekend everybody;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Things In Life

Just an update for today's entry; I went and get a copy of InTrend (first time buying it;):),TiaMia were excited to see their faces in the magazine,they keep asking "why we have our picture in the magazine?".Thanks InTrend for the little excitement;):)

 InTrend March 2011.

 The happy faces;);) TiaMia with their gumboots at Genting:):)

Mamatiamia blog chosen under cahayamata section;):)Thanks!

News Update:):)..Haa..haa sounds like 11pm Night Buletin yaa..just a few stories to colour the beautiful Monday..yeaapp Monday got to be beautiful Tia Mia,early in the morning they sang their hearts out..just imagine feeling great about going to kindy in Monday morning..that was really great..boost up my mood;) First news a new follower at our blog Miss Intan informed me that our blog is featured in In Trend Magazine..reallyyy?..must go and check it out hopefully they said good things about us.Also this month i received many calls from head hunters,offers with a very very good figures..not easy to say no..but again in life you have got to make a decision..the most important thing is "what will make you happy?".yeap money is very important but it is not number one,so many things cannot be bought by money. At this stage i need to sacrife many things,family comes in first, i ve got to send and pick my twins from kindy,unfortunately most of the offers tu office dia jauh.It is okay,it means the rezeki is here..i never regret letting go opportunities to travel around the world,to be of of the most important person in big corporate organisation, I have my happiness now,right infront of my eyes,i am embracing it every day and nights,for that I thank Allah Sbt so much;)
Last but not least i received many personal emails thanking me for making their hearts happy..they said they are inpsired by my cooking and the my perspective in makes them feel happy..Alhamdulillah,i feel honoured and great :) I have my Facebook,sometimes i spent my times there but blogging is the best way to share your feeling:) Okay enough about the news let see the pictures,we had great weekend and hope that everybody share the same feel:)

 I ve tried my new toaster,it makes beautiful toast..i love it.

 The toast goes well with mushroom/cauliflower soup..quick receipe for delicious soup : Blend any shitake or buttonmushroom with cauliflower,simmer in a pot, add a can of campbell mushroom soup,onec boil add the frsh milk,drizzle with black pepper and garnish with ll have yummy soup just like the expensive restaurant.

 Good breakfast on Saturday morning..oh yaaa..we had delicious lemang with rendang too plus the baked meatballs with cheese.

 Good food..happy tummy;)

 Sunday started with good bubbles bath from Tia..

 I prepared traditional pancake or known as lempeng ,for the girls i gave an urban twist by adding butter and sugar:)

 My beautiful lempeng;):)

 Perfect Sunday with lempeng,chicken curry and pedas sambal sardines..yummehhh..

Ohhh ya i wanna show my yummy asam rebus kampung style mushroom was really niceee..

After all the cooking..we went out and had fun at Genting..look at the girsl..too happy isn't it..

Everybody were happy;);)Bye peeps till the next entry,take care;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Gadget,Foodie& Teringat-ingat"

 Ha..haaa like what you see? terlampau ehh...where are they going? Not fancy dress party ya..but kindy..hmmm:):) One funny 18 SX conversation by both last nite : I was having bad stomachache and 3 of them including papa was busy rubbing oil to my feet,neck and tummy.Mia asked " are you going to die? you too young to die mama?"..Tia said " Noooo..she's not going to die,drink,drink first mama..who did this to you mama?".I lied and told her slowly "papaaa.".Tia looked at papa and said "bad, is okay Doctor will check now".Instead of saying "breath in, breath out",She said " take your breast out,take your breast out!!!!"..Aiyaaa Doctor mana ajar niii??

 And... i got a new kitchen gadget..wahhh very happy.. i always want griller that can toast long bread like panini,pocket bread etc..the normal sandwich maker is too small to my liking, you can't put much filling inside and it will shape yr bread into triangle. Now i can have the beautiful toast without cutting the long bread:)

 Very affordable too..the Professional griller/toaster for panini etc cost you Rm1700..while this one is below RM500..

 and..a day cannot past without blogging about food..hee..hee.. i cooked laksa lemak for Monday morning.

 Grilled Salmon strips and bones..papa and the girls's favourite..crispy and lemak..sangat sedap..

 Then we had lunch at The Italiannies again:) the usual toast with artichoke formaggio..yummyy;)

 Kids eat for free..Magharita Pizza for Tia Mia..

 My all time favourite..Aglio Olia Spaghetti with shrimp,olive,tomato and artichoke..

 Last Friday..the new owner to our house at MG&CR called she said she has moved in this month..alaaaa terus teringat kat the house..tempat jatuh lagi di kenang...

 Dulu Tia Mia selalu ikut mama papa pergi is a lovely house..i put my heart and soul into has the best inside..

 My white picket fences..cantikkan...

 And teringat my outdoor oven..bersusah carik material owner please jaga ya..

The house has sweet memories..walaupun we tak sempat move in..cuma tempat bertandang masa Tia Mia buat birthday kat club situ..hopefully our decision to stay at the current place  is right and soon we can build our dream home here...more green grass and blue sky ..:):)