Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Cool Gondola Rides with Curly Murly On A Cold Hill

We have uploaded all raya pictures,uwan has settled down in our house,laughing again with the tricks and funs brought by mama's girls. The 'lega feeling' is bigger when you both also settling down nicely,no more drama everytime mama goes to work,you can wave, kiss mama's hands both cheek again and again until it becomes wet.So today is the happy story,story of your maiden Gondola Rides,not in Venice Canal but up on a cold Hill!

3rd Raya mama and papa was thinking about taking you both somewhere,first we thought of going to the zoo,thinking about the hot weather etc we opted for a cold place..Genting, the nearest to our place.Indeed it was a good choice,both had a blast there.

We were lucky because the weather was cold that day,mama papa wanted you both to experience cold weather,something similar to "kong,kong' girls.We bought Chicken Burger for you at MC D Genting sempah and once we reached genting's peak at 12.00 pm we stopped at the garden for your lunch.

Both love the cold weather,the wild breeze,the fog .."cold,coldnyerrrr..wear jacket,wear jacket..said both.

Okay girls..strike cute pose please...

Tia likes flower very much, she admires them too much that she will kutil until semua habis..grrrrr..grrrrr..then mama will admire her effort very much and kutil her montot in return..ha..haaa..

uhhhh..uhhhhhh ..cold mama,cold....

Mama with the over excited girls..sian anak mama,dapat pergi genting excited gilerr dah ni.

Both trying their luck..checking wether mama would allow them to jump into the fountain..sorry girls..get out from there now!!!

The sweet Tia with the lovely bushes.

warming up before going for the rides..

wahh these pebbles stuck so hard on the floor mama,we couldn't take it out..

The lovely view..papa with Mia in his hand..

Then..the other one come and kacau2...

Wonderful view..lovely earth,lovely fatherhood...

Time for mamapapa to eat..penang cafe,papa's favourite is "penang prawn noodles"..Tia nak kacau jugak..
While papa enjoying his noodles mama brought both outside the shop for them to show people their antiques:).."hello eberybudy' that's waht they said.

We went to see Bear and the Gang singing Selamat hari raya.

Both nak naik lagi.."nak touch bear laaaa"

Then they saw Carousel..tak sabar2 nak naik..there were thousands people and the q for tickets were really long...

Finally dapat naik carousel ni...

After the carousel rides and mama's head spinning like a drunken master, we when outside to eat our popcorn and corn in a cup in the fresh and lovely air.The sun came up and the girls felt warm...

The Fog came and wild breeze attacked the curly murly hairs...

See the perangai..they really enjoy their trip..

Nobody can share our popcorn "Tia dukut(kedekut)" that's her exact words.

Okay girls pretend that we are at the Gondola station in Venice..

Papa bought tickets for 4 of us and we hailed the Gondola..

The Frozen Gondola Man..too cold here okayyyy....

Happy in Gondala..this is a good start before a real Gondola ride in venice (one fine day la..really nak pergi lagi to that place with the girls)

Quite a pretty site..Genting made some handsome efforts.

Lover Bridge..like in venice,people toss shillings into the water here too..quite desperate..ha,haa..

Imagine we are at Disneyland girls..so mama told them the nice things that they can experience in Disneyland..
After 8 hours in Genting,Tia can still take it..she refused to be carried and insisted on walking on her own,she said "Tia nak jog"..mia dah surrender in papa's arm..finally we stopped at Awana Rajawali cafe for dinner,tempat our favourite maso mudo2..

The girls dah dapat cat from genting lovely lace..it cost us double from what we should pay kat bawah..biarlah..not because we banyak duit but because Tia Mia paid on their own using raya money..yeyyyy..

Bye genting..after dua2 berak kat Awana..makan chicken rice..banyak2 and banyak..kita pun balik..on the way back mama asked wether they want to go "kongkong" now..both said "yey nak go kongkong,nak go London"..wahhhh..pandai dah..seronok yer..mama papa pun seronok.

That's the end of Genting story..mama now feel hungry..teringat lauk mama masak petang semalam..tak ssempat makan..papa said the black pepper beef is nice..

The beef was sliced thinly,blend well with the black pepper..yumm..yumm to go with hot steamed white rice..nicer if it in Genting.

Clear mushroom and french beans soup is a match made in heaven for black pepper beef..he..hehh..mama selalu lebih2..happy lunch for everbody..tak jadi Ayam Penyet lah today..mama had asam pedas ikan bawal and goreng tempe instead.Next week diet as Office Open House is nearing and baju kebaya might end up hanging in the closet forever..Teringat mama's Curly Murly..muarghhhhhh..kuat2 and kuat:)

Monday, September 28, 2009

AIDILFITRI 2009 - Cerita 3 - It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye

It ain't easy to say goodbye
Leaving behind the things you love
But believe me we'll meet again by and by
If not always there then somewhere in our heart

Yeap its not easy to say goodbye to the place you loved most,closing the windows that had been opened with love during the raya,shutting up the doors that house the merrier for days and days. To the hearts that had been devastated : hold up the memories close to our heart,we shall come back again,we shall be merrier and love shall be greater.To the beloved place we call kampung wait us for Raya Qurban.

We had our breakfast outdoor before we go back to KL on 2nd day of raya.It is cold in the morning at uwan's kampung,when you open the window you 'll see fog and the cold breeze will brush your face, a very perfect place for a mug of hot coffee and toast.

When lemang and rendang is no longer effective to your tongue,this is the perfect food,maggie goreng and the best brand is the "original mee goreng" from Indomie,serve it with sumptous of scramble eggs,you may take it with chiliflakes if you need additional umppph..guarantee you that you can't stop bringing the spoon to you mouth.Note : "the puting" is not part of garnishing:)

The big and fat hotdog with cheese inside is very delicious to be munched in a wet and cold morning.How to cook a perfect hotdog in a kampung without a good quality pan? Boil it first, after it has been half cook,transfer into an old pan with butter then it won't take long to cook and the hotdog will look great and yummy too.

Combine you western dishes with the antique "bunga rose" plate and off course a "puting" to whet the twins appetite.

See..Mia is trying her best to put one whole big fat hotdog into her petite mouth..be patient girl.

The Perfect Morning Breakfast on a Hill of Uwan's Kampung is better than "Breakfast At Tiffany" or " A Perfect Motning Walk in Tuscany" (remember our walk at Tuscany papa:)

Tousled hair,non bath condition is not a matter to come for breakfast here..a non match pyjama,non slippered feets is always welcome.

Admist the greenery on a cold Hill,surrounded with love,good food,good laughter..whatelse can you ask for..oh i hate goodbye..it's never been easy.

On the way back to KL we stopped at our favourite cafe at Port Dickson for lunch..Tanjung Tuan Resort- Coconut Groove.

The broken hearted uwan is trying to mend her sorrow with the girls..

Not so successful..she still got the longing look,the looking for lost love gesture..sian uwan she is not ready to leave kampung.

The active girls "take five" for while,looking deep into the ocean..they must have missed the kampung too,miss the happiness,the fun.

Tia with her 'cononut tree'..

Papa with his favourite "cononut drinks"..the girls love the umbrella.

We had good raya,Alhamdulillah..we have love surrounding us.