Monday, September 7, 2009

Dah Beli Baju Raya and Kaboommm..bunga api menipu la.

Tia Mia nak baju raya.."nak raya,nak raya"mama is not sure whether they really understand "raya" or not but one thing for sure they are really excited when mama told them about raya.Mama told them about "puasa" too,even they are just 2 years old as Shichida (their school)taught us they can understand many things at this age,true enough after mama told them that mama,papa,uwan cannot eat day time and when uwan asked to share their chocolate they said " cannot uwan posha".Both are like chatterbox now,talking non stop and they are not just talking nothing but real things like everytime papa drives Mia will say " carful (carefull) papa,carful papa,laju,tak nak laju",they tease each other too, everytime Mia sits at the dark corner Tia will scream "lizarddddd" or " allakobar (allahhuakbar)" and when Tia is in a good mood Mia will say " Mama go ofish (office),kerja" and Tia will feel sad:). Saturday mamapapa took both to buy baju kurung at Curve,we visited our usual shop,they opened booth at the ground floor "Little Haven" this shop sells good quality cotton kurung,they are a bit pricey but the workmanship is good, so mama pilih a ' yellow and ceria" baju kurung for both.To expose both to puasa and environment of raya beside allowing them to sit at the table for buka puasa,listen to quran reading, mama pasang pelita at our house and bought simple bunga api,sukanya both looking at pelita,lampu lip lap.Sunday we went to pakcik's house for buka puasa,both were really excited and non stop talking about pakcik's "marble" (the cat),upon reaching there,both terus carik marble,we had fun there with Kak ikin and company and the luxurious food,maklang,maklong pun join tak banyak picture sebab mama was really busy.The peak at pakcik house is when both waiting for kak ikin to bakar bunga api..after the usual bunga api kak ikin took out a fountain firework, supposed to be really nice,both waited and suddenly.."tum tam..tum tammmmmm..." aiyaaa it was firework plus mercun la and both really takut..nasib baik after sometimes ok..and Mia keeps saying " no more,no more"..sian both. Overall it was a wonderful weekend and we are now counting days to balik kampung..hmm mama so rindu,to gather at the old house,we gonna have more activities there, besides cooking,hias2 rumah we normally parade our new bajus at nite..wear our new pyjamas..memang seronok for girls..we check out each other bag,tengok new brooch,new sandal,new bag,perfume..and we made the owner pakai the baju baru that nite,do fashion show style normally a girls session and this year Tia Mia can join too.

Both having fun at the Curve.

Suka jumpa Mr Cow..Moo..Mooo

Bergaya at the raya booths area..tak ramai orang..may be we are too early..

Checking the booth and stall selling kueh the end both beli small packets of "biskut bawang" and nyum,nyum there while waiting for mama to pilih baju.

Green la this cow why is it not brown?

Hmm its not moving mama..Mr cow Mr Cow "how are youuuu"

Papa penat dah..Mia pulak insisted on riding the bear and she had fun..Tia suddenly takut pulak.

Mama pasang pelita at our house..seronoknyaaa..both really suka..

Tia having fun with bunga api

Both like the "lip lap stars" and they will sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" everytime mama switch it on
At Pakcik's house on Sunday..pakcik favourite area to pray and baca Al Quran,mama pun sembahyang here.

Makcik's delicious gulai masak lemak cilipadi udang galah..

The sweet la laaa...

kak ikin and the girls nak main bunga api..

Masa ni okay lagi..after this "tammmmm....tammmmmm...." "Tia tak syuke la"


bellanabel said...

happy tia mia dpt play ngan bunga api n c all those pelita n beautiful lip lap lite..terasa semangat raya bila baca blog akak;)suka3..

spt biasa..sgt la teruja melihat makanan dlm blog akak..nyum nyum..

selamat soping raya k.zue!

Ikin said...

Wahhh...meriahnya rumahhh. Best la. ada lip lap lip lap.

Haha...sowi...sowi. Bunga api tiba2 transform jadi mercun. Nanti kita pasang jauh2 ek.Tak pun kita main bunga api kecik je la...suruh mama potong pelepah pisang.Yeye...countdown nak raya dah...
Best, kat radio pun dah start pasang lagu raya.Balik kampung ooo balik kampung...

MamaTiaMia said...

raya ni kita kena potong daging banyak ler kak ikin..abang din kena jaga lemang ..yeyy..yeyy..nanti bawak balik biskut raya yang best yerr...tak sabar nak makan sup tulang ler ngan sambal kicap ler.