Monday, May 30, 2011

My Girls.

Children sometimes you can never guess what is inside their minds! They seems very innocent,ignorant but the fact is they know lots of things.Sebab tu kadang2 we said darndest things,not so good things and these will stay in their minds,got to be carefull with what we are going to say, cannot underestimate them.

Today,mama wanna share our "backbenchers conversation"..the conversation that we always have when mama sent you both to kindy or you called "club" in the morning..without fail we always have the conversation.You both sat at the back,while mama the driver sat infront that is why mama called it "backbenchers conversation".Today's conversation is special,mama wants you to remember when you are big, it is special to mama when it comes from from my 4yr old girls..very sweet and touching.

When mama sent you to Club we will pass rows of beautiful bungalows in TTDI,mama really loves one of them,belong to the rich Dato',the design is very English,with fish scales tiling roof ,attic and columns..but mama can always dream as mama knows it is far beyond our reach.It is impossible but there's nothing wrong with dreaming..dreaming tak payah pakai duit everytime we pass by mama will say " Mama loves that house" then you both will say "that big house with small windows on top mama? we love it too mama" So today mama just tanya you both "Tia when you are big and have lots of monies what will you buy for mama?" Tia said " Mama i will buy you bricks!"..Mama said " bricks? why do you want to buy me bricks?what for?" Tia said " I want to build house for you mama,like the one in TTDI..bricks make strong house like 3 Little Pigs story...i huff and i puff said the wolf but i can't blow you house down"..Mama is so touch, that is very sweet of you Tia..hopefully you remember that..mama will not ask you to build a house because i ve already have a castle in my heart for  you and Mia.talking about Mia when mama asked her "how about you Mia,what do you want to buy mama when you have lots of monies?" Mia said " I want to buy you heartshape as present when you marry papa!"..Adoiiii so sweet my girls.. i love you both very very much..and you must love your papa too..he loves you very very much too..remember what he said when we sat under the blanket during the thunder and storm ,he said " we are lucky to have you both and you are lucky to have us..because we love you very very much". Don't forget to love uwan too sayang..she is very old but she keeps going on strong because of you are her sunshines,old people like her will not ask for much..they just want your love,your touch,your present inside her room brighten up her day,you kiss in the morning is like a fresh air to her..keep loving her okay.

We doa for everybody's happiness..we love everybody,so many special people around that we cannot mention it one by one, we keep them in our hearts and doas.Amin.

P.s..picture above is the "gladiator sandals" kak ikin bought from London for you both..terbesar the size but both love it very much..he..hee..this morning both pakai to club and showed their "hengland" friend in school:):)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Marking the 9th Years.

Today kak ikin came to our house,dia baru balik Paris/London,hantar goodies kat kita,mama kirim another Longchamp,the new design,mama really suka.Kak ikin bought cantik trench coat and sandal for you both,uwan got beautiful scarf and classic brooch from Portobello market.Thank You kak ikin we love all the things.Tanya kak ikin mana gambar sikit ajer letak kat Facebook..she said FB susahlah nak letak gambar banyak2 macam2 comment nanti..very true ni walaupun ada problem kadang2 tapi still the best place to record your life..viewers pun our berhemah,we write they come and read..the left good comments..sometimes we become good friends..dapat good doas..rasa terharu pulak.FB on the other hands kadang2 letak update kita boleh jadi sensasi lah masing2 macam2 we continue telling our stories at this blog.

Papa sent tiger lilies and carnation to mama at office..the smell really sedap..thanks papa, really appreciate it.

Anniversary kalau tak ada cake cutting macam tak best we got ourselves small baskin robbins cake..cream cookies with chocolate cakes.

Blow and doa..moga terus di berkati..Amin.

Dua orang ni tak sabar nak terkam..they really love the pink cake.

Yang tua cahaya hati,yang muda permata hati..cahaya dan permata dua2 perlengkap hidup..Alhamdulillah.

Happy daughter and papa.

Hari  dapat trenchcoat from London dari kak ikin..cantik,,mama suka nanti kenits boleh pakai September.

Mama loves this Longchamp..casual,roomy with many compartment,banyak boleh taruk barang..and very much cheaper from the online pricelist...sgt sesuai utk lasak2..jatuh atas taik kuda pun boleh cuci..hee..hee

After lunch we went out..papa has promised to buy mama a wedding anniversary gift..first we eat this yummy treat first.

It is a special has nine diamonds,one solitaire in the middle with eight little ones around it.. just perfect to mark our nine anniversary.

Mama is very glad papa likes it too..actually mama dah tengok a week before,really like it..tadi bila sampai kedai carik2 tak jumpa,the salesman pun cari2..ingat dah ada org beli..nasib baik dia ada menunngu lagi kat situ;):)..thank you papa..

So today is a happy day dapat LC dan Miss Nine stones:);)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feel Like Just Married!

25.5 - Feel like Just Married! We had blessed and fantabulous 9 years together! Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah,Syukur,Syukur..nothing else match these expressions..Thank You Allah.

We had advanced dinner the night before as the other half will be stucked in a meeting on 25.5,we went to everybody's favourite "The Italiannies".

The naked face on 9th Anniversary..few years back before we have the tomel2..every anniversary full make up,new lucky to have lipstick on..hee..hee..but we promised each other to take care of ourselves,our health,our look as we grow older..dengan izin Allah sbt we shall hold hands always..selagi bernafas..haaa..haaa extreme;):)

Two small significant gifts for kenits..they are our teddy bears..we want to cuddle and hug them forever..Alhamdulillah,thank you Allah..looking at them is like looking at the globe,dreamy and full of happiness.

Papa.. got his gift..while myself supposed to walk into the bling,bling shop after dinner..tapi after dinner kedai dah hb said weekendlah ya.."tak pe lah dear" lah tu..sabar menunggu weekend..hee..hee moga penantian berbaloi..Amin;)

Titanium watch good for papa..very light..papa has sensitive skin..hope you ll like it sila tengok jam selalu,jangan asyik stuck dalam meeting and lambat pulang..the watch will bite you if you are late;);)

My girls Tia...i have another one looks exactly like this and she is Mia..haaa..haaaa..

Apa i suka makan dia pun suka..lemonade was my favourite drink when i was pregnant with both really like lemonade and anything yang ada lemon:) bukan ikut perangai mama lahhhh...

10 years ago..down the memory lane- was engaged for few weeks at this time,was travelling alon to Amsterdam..ada small kebakaran kat Schipol Airport,the other half in mesia masa tu so worried,he siap email Schipol Airport punya management..and he stills keep the email;);)

Muka sedih kononya travel ke sedih.. ni kat Grasse,southern france dalam cubaan memborong perfume;) p.s itulah first LV beli dengan duit gaji;):)

One of my favourite;s day we go together ya papa,tia and mia;) Finally Alhamdulillah again;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oppsss.. girls why did you crash the boy? husband was a lil bit worried when he saw this.He said" how to control?"...ha..haaaaa...haaaa..don't worry pa they are just kids..Ryan is their  bestfriend,they are pioneer at the kindy since day one..Ryan going for 5 months leave until September to his hometown in Maldives..they girls miss him so much.The last day before takeoff to Maldives the mother rushed to kindy just to pick up gift given by TiaMia,we bought him Ben10 bag. Tia Mia lost 4 bestfriends when the 3 Aussie girls entered International school and Shalom the Korean girl went back to Korea.They are still small but they value friendship very much,Teacher Claire told me Ryan was supposed to enroll into school in Maldives and stay with his  father, only the mother will comeback here and continue her study but the 4 yr old told his mum" why should i stay in Maldives and leave you here,who is going to help you fold the clothes?who is going to help you cut the veggies? who is going to read book to you at nite?I have my friends here..i love them!" So touching and sweet Ryan will be back in September..until then penat lah mama nak menjawab bila Ryan nak balik;);)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Baking Class Graduation Day!

I ve 'graduated' finally:):) Got certificate from Wilton now..i will not open any bakery but the konwledge is valuable,it is a self satisfaction.Many asked whether they can come and learn from me..hee..hee wait until i get myself a sophisticated mixer,oven and if possible a new kitchen with pantry and dough counter haa..haaa.Let see the photos.

This week my sister@maklang replaced my niece(ikin) as ikin now already in Paris..wahh syiokk.

Sisters Act

Two genoise..will have chocolate ganache filling inside.

maklang looks like gurubesar.hee..hee

My beautiful genoise

The young chef showed how to put the two genoise together and ganache in the middle.

My genoise with chocolate ganache inside and covered with fresh whipped cream..macam christmas cake pulak;)

Maklang's cake

simple and nice

this one the owner called it alaskan snow:)

Take 5

My sponge..we prepared lemon curd as topping but i didn't spread ontop nanti uwan tak suka.

Finally..wahhh mokcik banggo


the class

Yummylicious genoise with ganache filling

simple and sedap chiffon

Below are pictures at Bukit Tinggi.. i am too tired to put any comments..penat baking..happy holiday everybody.