Wednesday, February 27, 2013



Very much occupied this week, not much time to do other things:( the good news is i managed to finish one paper for my upcoming conference:) I feel like updating this blog,writing&telling stories is like a theraphy to me;):) 

I have some random pictures from old album that i loved , uploading it again here- it made me feel good. May it bring peace and tranquility to mind:)

(psssttt: yang tanya mana beli rendang dan lemang N9 dalam my previous entry too, kalau from Tanjong Ipoh nak sampai Ampang Tinggi, sebelum sampai traffic light nak ke Melang - Pilah road ada kedai jual lemang depan rumah on the left, kena alert sebab immediately before the traffic light- among all stalls along the road, this is the best, the rendang is original,as good as mom's cook and lemang pun,sebab betul2 bakar kat api dan bukan jenis rebus dalam tin:):)- those asking for N9 rendang resepi In Sha Allah ada masa saya tulis okay, i have one itik salai sleeping in my fridge, i have to make rendang for the girls- will share with all after i made it)

Tranquility at Towoon Beach New South Wales (NSW)2011- i kinda miss it- cruising on the road with papa and the girls and stop where ever we wish:)

Stepping into 18th century at Gulgong- NSW 2011

You need AU10 only to stay in this motel..well long long time ago only:)

Collections that bring us back to the old days.I ingat sentel tembakau erinmore cap nenas tu:)

1071 Bakery store- surely no Kitchen Aid inside:)

Beca roda tiga with Malay words on it- "Satu Hati".

"Sun on My head"- Private Garden, NSW.

Me &Colours- Botanical Garden- Sydney.

" I love airport so much untill all free duty chocolates stuck in my teeth!"- Sydney Airport.

That's it everybody- below are my wishlists for today:)

I wish my keyboard turns into chocolate and i will eat space bar first:)

This is the 4th day of me puasa- i feel like eating Golden wrap chicken- never fancy KFC before until this comes along:)

Oraittt- peace from Tia Mia! Doa for all- may we be blessed with happiness and showered with barakah.Amin!

Thank You to all leaving comments in the previous entry- Assalamualaikum:)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meaningful Journey.

Assalamulaikum and Alhamdulillah:)

It's Monday and I hope everybody had a good weekend.Thank You for all the comments, especially one special one from a lady who share a same dream like me (her first time leaving comment-thanks:):)

Alhamdulillah one more time, we made an impromptu journey back to my hometown yesterday, it is  definitely worth spending time on the road travelling back to visit the family of our Kampung Imam. Our kampung iman passed away, I might not be closed to the family but he and his family actually played important roles in our lifes.They were closed to my arwah father, dulu2 when anak2 imam still muda2 they invited my father to their homes in KL,took my arwah father to places, they loved him. My emak likes the wife too, she's a lady with a kind heart, unlike many women in the kampung yang semuanya bossy he he (yup many of them ,bila kenduri all these yang garang2 akan cekak pinggang marah kat budak2,kat orang lelaki dan duduk mengarah orang..he he) never fail to pack goodies for me whenever my emak went to their house. Anak2 imam,semua pandai2,my emak always asked imam to sembahyang hajat and doa for me whenever i was going to sit for my exam.My emak also sent me to learn mathematic with his daughter Kak Tipah, i tak suka dulu,malu dan takut but I obliged with my emak's request. My emak pandai rupanya menilai kebijaksanaan orang,I met Kak Tipah yesterday she now holds a Master in Public Finance and Phd in International Finance from prestigious U in US. So it was a good gathering, they were so happy and touched to see my emak,me and my family- despite the sadness they layan us really2 well,Kak Lang the eldest daughter whispered to me " you jaga your mom kan..very good of you,you ll be blessed..but surely not easy kan" I told her " She's a wonderful emak Kak Lang, very pleasant, no complaint, so easy to be with her, hanya ada dugaan kecik last year bila dia sakit,apart from that it was a breeze,Alhamdulillah" Then Kak Lang said' yup she's a very nice lady, we always love her". So lots of loves been strengthened and enhanced yesterday.Thank You very much for my other half for taking us back home and made Uwan very very happy.

I have some pictures from Saturday to Sunday to be shared here.

These past few weeks i had hectic days- so many things in the office, so Friday was a bliss,balik rumah hari jumaat petang,minum teh dan sepotong cake sangatlah seronok:)

Somebody in the office belanja special Nasi Bukhara from Shah Alam ,makan sedap kat office i surely teringat orang kat rumah,so kirim tapau another 2 boxes for home.Balik panaskan dalam oven and added some garnishing dalam effort membuat selera sedap lagi;)

The super sedap nasi Bukhara with dalca and acar.

Saturday morning the other half had golf with the Alumni club so i took the girls and Uwan to Mr Kentucky and ordered blueberry pancakes for the girls and porridge for Uwan.

Balik rumah kemas- staurday lah masa nak menjemur segala ke benda.

Wild orchid from Cameron dah pernah bebunga.

Musim hujan orchid pun berbunga indah.

After piano class 3 of us without the papa went to The Italian Kitchen for pizza. I ordered Pizza De Manzo,it was good.

It was raining in the evening and everybody lapar plus papa yang baru balik golf,so i cooked kuey teow goreng basah for everybody. 

Sunday night, i sat dowm and tried to al least complete half of my presentation.

Sunday Morning Ustazah came and as usual we ngaji together.

We then made impromptu journey back home after received a call about our kampung imam passed away.

We stopped at Seremban R&R had daging salai for lunch, tapau kacang rebus and continue our journey.

Alhamdulillah sampai rumah yang di tuju, tak jauh dari rumah uwan pun, isteri imam kak Apon on the right.

The two girls sibuk mengambil gambar bunga2 keliling rumah Kak Apon.

They captured many2 flowers pictures.

While we bersembang they had a good time running around.

After that we balik rumah uwan for a while, dah balik tak plan,rumah pun tak ada orang bersihkan,so boleh balik mandikan the girls aje, uwan pun melepas rindu mandi kat bilik air dia.

The two happy girls at kampung sweet kampung:)

On the way back we beli macam2, there's one stall selling super sedap lemang and rendang ayam kampung with daun puding. We stopped at that stall plus another stop at Ulu Bendul to buy itik salai. Very nice itik salai using sabut kelapa, i tak makan itik but my two girls love my rendang itik,last time buat siap semangkuk sorang meratah:)

To make the girls happy papa took us to Rabbit farm in Broga,Semenyih. It was RM5 per entry per person and situated about 15 minutes drive after University of Nottinghill,Semenyih.Opening hours Thurday to Sunday from 10.30 to 6.30 pm.

Many healthy rabbit running around in the farm.Yang kecik dan senior semua happy.

Super cute.

Miss White.

Tia somehow became so close to one Rabbit,she just sat there with "Miss Rosie(she called it), she sat nearly one hour with this rabbit;)

Mia was a bit geli with the rabbit,but she took it as a challenge;)

The two enjoying their time with the bunnies.

There's few other types of animals here including deer.

They have pony rides too.

Fuyooo my emak super sexy pulak... he he.

Balik rumah, penat.lapar sejuk..Phuhhhh nasib baik ada super sedap rendang ayam kampung with daun puding ni. Truly sedap,sampai tulang pun sedap:)

So i pun tambah masak sup labu air,potong timun, hidang lemang and nasik panas berasap,with Mirinda orange ,rasa macam hari raya pulak.It was a very delicious dinner last night- all from Nogori;)

That's it..ta taaaa taaa..bye bye - that's the lifesized dolls- both made it at their art and craft session at school:)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Busy Bee;)

Salam All!

Busy terlebih sikit minggu ni..dah start pening2 lalat to finish the presentation:( I have agreed to give 2 presentation at the Copyright conference, one will be here in KL and another one will be in Bangkok.The one in KL is nearing,they have asked for title and slides- i have to focus in order to complete it, participants will be from Asia Pacific Countries,they will ask a lot of questions..tak boleh main2. 

Apa pun nak jawab  few queries from the last entry- 1) Kak Zu mana beli nachos tu? Kak Zu beli kat Cold Storage Supermarket:);) Any Cold storage would have it, i bought mine from CS at Ikano,there's a dedicated section for Mexican Food there- they have nachos,burritos, tortillas,tacos, sour cream,canned salsa, beans,sauce etc. 2) Liney asked- macam mana nak bagi anak (her 7 yr old daughter) dengar cakap kita? Well I am not the best person to give advice as my two girls bukanlah the perfect one, they ada jugak perangai, degil sometimes etc but to me those are the normal traits of growing up children-kalau dah tak degil,buat semua kita cakap,listen,listen,listen instead of ask,ask and ask i would be worried. Apa pun Alhamdulillah they are under control:) I think slightly better than myself when i was small..he he:) Through trial and error,observation and experience i learnt few tips in bringing up children.Budak2 tak suka kena arah,they suka "participate", they tak suka kena paksa-they suka di ajak 'berbincang",they tak suka kena kritik tapi suka kena puji.At this tender age they see us the mother as an idol,mother knows best so take this opportunity to show what they think is true- kepimpinan melalui teladan lah senang cakap.If we want them to listen to us, listen to them first, explain things to them,kita betulkan mana yang salah dan explain lagi, kita nak dia kemas rumah kita kena tunjukkan kita sangat pentingkan kebersihan, dia sepah kita pungut, lepas makan kita make sure dia nampak kita basuh pinggan, kita kemas tempat tidur,kita sapu halaman- jadi dia tahu that kebersihan penting buat her mother,she pun akan buat mula2nya to please us lama2 routine. Next time nak suruh dia kemas dah senang,now my two girls berebut-rebut lah nak menyapu halaman then datang tanya" you like it mama?" Ada orang cakap susah nyer nak bagi anak2 makan,tak nak makan sayur, tak nak daging,hanya nak ikan goreng with kicap etc- normally at meja makan i gave them a portion of rice/pasta,veges and fish/chicken then i told them rezki datang from Allah swt,not all are lucky to have food like us,we have to syukur and cannot bazir the food,then i cakap rice good untuk apa,veges untuk apa dan ikan untuk apa.I cakap kalau nak bijak pandai,kulit nak cantik,gigi tak nak gugur we have to eat the varieties- bila they habiskan food on the plate we tepuk tangan and i cakap " wahhh you are very good,you are like big girl already, mama will let you wash your own plate okay" So happy lah dua orang tu sebab bila basuh boleh main2 sabun sikit..bagi lah peluang walaupun simen dapur basah:)

Pasal degil,melawan i sangat pantang jugak- when i was small my arwah father akan naik minyak kalau dia marah kita tenung dia balik,dia expect us to tengok lantai sebab kalau tenung dia tandanya melawan dalam hati.Kat sekolah macam2 lah yang positive dan negative they dapat.Anak kita yang tak pernah tendang orang, kat sekolah kena tendang so dia belajar menyepak jugak.Tia once pernah angkat kaki dia nak sepak- teruk kena with me,selain balik kena rotan kaki i lectured dia kenapa berdosa menyepak dan sangat berdosa besar kalau sepak ibu bapa.I cerita kat dia cerita yang Uwan selalu cerita kat i dari kecik dan terkesan di hati- Kisah budak yang mak nya nak sembahyang kena suruh tutup pintu reban ayam,dia marah masa emaknya sedang rukuk sembahyang dia tendang emaknya dari belakang,tiba2 keluar besi yang besar dari bumi dan menjerut kakinya ketika dia turun ke tanah,siapa pun tak boleh menolong dia.Now kalau adik ada nak marah dengan i sikit Tia akan cakap "Mia you remember mama told us about the boy who kicked his mama? His feet was cuffed by big and ugly metal that came out from the ground?"

Selain tu treat they just like adult when you want to give them advice- pagi2 bila tak nak bangun kita jangan leter2 dia ajer, i told them "mama is going to tell you this- you can wake up now,go to school,learn,become smart,can do things you like in your life or you can stay at home,wake up late,play all day long,help heni wash toilet,clean the drain etc- so you decide which one do you want?" terus bingkas dua2 tu cakap "school, we want to go to school!".Then banyak lah benda2 kecik2 tapi penting yang tak mahu dengar cakap kita mula2,kadang2 they bertengkar dengan uwan sebab budak2 kan,uwan leter dan tak ingat,budak2 main lego uwan suruh simpan kadan2g tu uwan kemaskan,they  marah lah, first i ask them, they sayang i ke tak? what if i tak ada,tak duduk rumah and all, so i told them i sayang uwan very much because she is my mother. I told them old people cannot remember things not because they like it that way or purposely do it but because of their brain has stored so many things- like uwan she has lived for 90 years surely her brain is fulled.Because of that she cannot remember things- we should feel sorry for uwan and help her to remember things.I also said everybody including me and them will be old one day and cannot remember everything. Do we like people to be upset and angry at us?

Like it or not we need to explain and explain non stop to them- give exmple,show to them the right way.Last week in a car Tia asked why old people feel cold easily ?because she always see i bubuh air panas dalam baldi mandi uwan.I told her when you are old there;s no more fat under your skin,fat is like a blanket it wraps you body to keep you warm and when there is no more fat; it is like sleeping without a blanket- you feel cold easily.Sambil2 tu kita tazkirah lah jugak i asked them whether they will also boil hot water for me when i am old etc etc.Small children will always ask,they asked me why i tolong uwan shampoo rambut in the morning? why i gosok gigi palsu uwan? she cannot do it herself? they asked? i said uwan can do it herself but i just want to help her so that uwan's hair will smell nice,her denture will be clean,lama2 that things dah become part of their life.

Itu lah antara tips yang i boleh share,lain orang lain caranya, kadang2 i tengok anak2 orang yang really berdisplin,datang rumah duduk diam tak bergerak,makan kat meja pun sangat tertib, my anak2 tak lah macam tu,meloncat  tak berhenti,but they can listen and they can follow what you said..itu pun Alhamdulillah besar to me, nak jadi apa bila besar kita tak tahu,yang dapat di lakukan adalah memberi bimbingan dan berdoa sentiasa semoga Allah Swt melindungi,melembutkan hati, memberi hidayah dan petunjuk.

Last Monday i baked plain and hotdog croissant using frozen pastry for breakfast.Upload gambar kat fb bising lah orang cakap 'wahhh rajinnya,sempat ker?- actually buat ni lagi cepat dan senang dari buat nasi goreng yang kena tumbuk bahan2 bagai.Dua budak rambut serabai tu terus bangun and datang makan croissant panas2;)

Lepas tu kawan2 tanya lagi..kau kan Zu asyik masak.dah tu lauk lomak2 lomak tak habis2 tapi kau tak pulak gemuk,macam mana? sebabnya gemuk saya pandai sembunyi..he he cuba lepas nafas..haaa..baru tahu.Actually i masak segala benda,bake macam2 i tak makan semua cuma lepas keinginan segigit dua- pergi office i bawak breafast yang lain untuk i:) Wuishhh terus teringat soft boiled eggs tabur garam dan black pepper..nyummmm:):)

Dua orang kenits yang kadang2 nakal kadang2 tak nakal:) Uwan dah jadi macam kawan2 kadang2 baik kadang2 ada jugak gaduh2 manja:):) Tapi Uwan sangat sayang them and they sayang Uwan:)

Nak tunjuk hasil melukis Tia Mia yang Pashik frame kan kat rumah dia..Pashik appreciates hasil seni:)

Busy macam mana pun masak totap kena buat..hari tu melepaskan keinginan membara terhadap asam pedas ,so i masak ikan talapia merah dengan kubis jeruk dan tomato..puassss:);)

Itu ajer lah cerita moga,semua baik2 ajer untuk kita,keluarga,kawan2 dan muslimin dan muslimat semuanya:)